Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a Digi Easter: LPS Chick card & scallop box

This is for the latest Little Paper Shop challenge (to create a monochromatic card.) All the pink "DP" here is a whack of digital papers from some drawings that I scanned & altered.

I've been obsessively lurvin' the flexibility of digital images lately, especially how you can make them any size & print them on any paper (with no stampy mistakes, which I often make.) Haven't seen the LPS digis yet? You can find 'em here.

Embossing digital images gives them such a lovely texture & lets you colour however you want. Mary asked about embossing (and I realized that I hadn't added any directions for it on here.)

To Emboss a Digital Image:

Step 1) Have all supplies ready (I use clear detail embossing powder and as an embossing tray (to catch all the powder) I use a cookie tray (baking sheet) that I reserve for crafting. You want to have it on hand so that when your printing is out of the printer you can emboss asap while the ink is still wet.

Edited to add: So sorry, I forgot to mention the most important part here: that this only works on certain papers. It works wonderfully on Vellum cardstock (used vellum here.)

NB: The main requirement is that the paper resists the ink for a bit so that the ink stays wet enough to take the embossing powder. :O)

Other favorite papers for this:

The Glimmer cardstock family
(see an example of a pencil sketch embossed on this cs here.)

Mica or Metallic cardstock (such vibrant colours!)

Step 2) Set up your print settings. Set printer to print the size you want & I like the standard setting (not too fast that the quality will be compromised & not too slow...highest quality printing takes so long that the ink can dry before you have a chance to emboss.)

Step 3) Print the image out

Step 4) Sprinkle embossing powder on the image as soon as you can & heat set it.

Step 5) Finish it up with colouring etc... Since the embossing powder seals the ink, it prevents smudging, so you can colour with whatever you like. I love to use Copics on em (especially on vellum cardstock; it goes on like butter!) ;O)

It might sound tricksy if you've never tried it, but it really is as easy as 123:

print image on the cardstock,
2) sprinkle embossing powder on it asap,
3) heat-set the embossing powder with a heat gun.

I actually like it better than stamping now! :O) gasp!

Sorry no deets yet. I'm not feeling all that hot, so I'll be back with the templates & other details later today.

Happy Monday to You, :O)

P.S. For the box templates and tutorial, please visit this post:


Norine said...

this is so cute and thanks for the tips going to try that since I am having trouble with the ink smearing when I try to color it
Hope you feel better

Cindy Haffner said...

Hope you are feeling better, love your card.

eggette said...

Fabulous Mel! And great directions on embossing those digi's!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I bought 3 of the digi's and am going to try this challenge too :) Thanks for the embossing info.

Anita said...

Cute card!

Mary said...

First things first...feel better!! That's an order! Secondly, these instructions are an A++++. I am computer challenged, however, I used this tutorial and the product was absolutely perfect. And such fun to have a new avenue for stamping. It's the little "hints" that you so generously share that make all the difference. Mel is the quintessential teacher, always looking after her pupils. Thanks Mel!

Libby Hickson said...

So cute!! Hope you feel better soon!

Holly said...

I have to chime in and say that for anyone having trouble with digital images smearing, even if you don't emboss your image you can still color with any medium if you heat set with your heat gun, and if it still smears spray with a matte fixative. I've even water colored using this method. There's a great freebie at if anyone wants to just "try it out"!

Elena said...

Thank you for sharing these tips, Mel!
I should try embossing too!

Beth Norman said...

Now this is what I was talking about in my private e-mail. You have talent to think way outside the box. I work with digi images with the Odd Bird Planet and often regretted not having that particular stamp because I wanted to watercolour. Now I can watercolour with my digital images thanks to you!



Shirley said...

What real works of art, Mel. Your tutorials are wonderful as always too! I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What an amazing blog you have!! Thanks for popping over to visit me!! I'll be back!! :)

Maria said...

Ooh, Mel! Thank you for sharing the template! Love digi images too! It's a great space saver! LOL! Love your card and box. . I do need to try that embossing technique with digi images! Your chickie is so adorable.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


Tracy said...

You rock Mel.....have only just recently found you and now receive your updates via email. I am slowly going through your webpage (so much detail!!!!) and am going to give those digi images a go. Not very good with all of it but want to know what program you find best to use for it all (ie. resizing, etc.)