Monday, March 23, 2009

Scallop Box (Templates & Details)

Edited to Add: Just wanted to give y'all a head's up that I'm going to take a wee bit of a blog break. I'm still ill, feelin' really zapped, & it's giving me the big bad blues. See you all in a week's time & I'll miss you 'til then.

A little non-traditional Easter colours... Sorry for the double post today, I just needed to break up the computer time. Think i might needs me some glasses for these ol' peepers (everythin' is blurry all the time), but eye exams etc. aren't covered on the bloggin-for-a-living medical plan nor on my BC MSP.... hehehe. I really need ta get my ducks in a row (or should that be chicks in a row?)

This is da box from my last post with the top off to give you an idea of how it goes together. Here's the box all put together:

and here's all of the usual yadda-yadda for ya... ;O)

The Templates:

Click to Download the PDFs HERE.

& here are the jpg versions in case you prefer them...

This is a great new SU template called Scallop Box. It has the sweetest lid too. As usual, I've included a template with the score lines removed so you can print directly & it can look all nice & tidy.

Here's how I used the template:

Step 1) PRINT: I wanted a digital patterned paper, so I print my digital pattern on the box & on the other side of that, print the template with no score-lines on borderless printing.

Step 2) SCORE: Scoring where the dotted lines indicate. I've left some tick lines on the altered template for easier scoring.)

Step 3) ROUGH CUT: I find this really helps to get straigher cuts with scissors: just rough cut around the lines (makes for easier fine cutting in corners etc.)

Step 4) FINE CUT: Fine tune the lines (making the black outlines disappear & cutting the slits.)

Step 5) CREATE SCALLOP: You can cut the scallop free hand or use a scallop punch. I wanted the scallop to stand out from the main box (when it was pattern against pattern it was lost, so I added a strip of black cardstock. It hid the template lines from the scallop since they don't match the punch I have.

To add the wire ribbon handle:

Step 1) Pierce a pilot hole in each side of box

Step 2) make hole larger to fit ribbon (scissors will work)

Step 3) Twist wire ribbon (or you can use a needle with a large eye, or melt some ribbons a little with a lighter flame, or wrap with tape if you have trouble threading it in there.)

Step 4) stick ribbon into the hole

Step 5) Adhere inside & put square of cardstock over it

An easy way to add a bow:

I admit, I'm ribbon challenged (that's a PC way of saying that I don't have a danged clue when it comes to bow-tying, hehehe) BUT...Wire ribbon makes it super easy to tie & shape a bow, even for me... makes life way easier.

A) Add a band of ribbon (stuck to a strip of cardstock. Since this is sheer wire ribbon, I added the adhesive on the back only.)

B) Tie the bow Love shaping that wire ribbon the most!

C) Stick it on. Adhere the bow with something really strong. I used a big ol glue dot.

Glittering the LPS Digi:

This sweet little chick from the Little Paper Shop digital collection was just cheep-cheepin away for a glittery egg!

Step 1) Emboss the image: I started by embossing this wee digital fella (read all about that embossing digi jazzola here) See that yellow bit of adhesive under the vellum? That's cuz I used a bit of double-sided tape to adhere the vellum to a piece of white cardstock so I could stitch it together....

Step 2) Stitchin is one of my favourite ways to adhere vellum without mess

Step 3) Colourin the lil' fella. (I used a mix of Copic & watercolour markers. Love that you can just pick up some scribbled watercolour marker with your Copics. This uses just two ppinks and a bit of grey to shade the chickie birdie.

Step 4) Glue him all over the egg. I can't say enough about this Sakura Quickie glue pen. It is THE best way to add glitter. Colour over your image (Copic makers rock for this, since there's no blurring when you add glue even on the vellum)

Step 5) Glitter him up! Don't ya just LURVE glitter?

Me thinks, that the mostest funnest thing about digis is that you can make a wee matching buddy for your images:

for how to make the glittery button on the box,
please see this post. :O)

Happy Stampin' to Ya,