Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Girl Bunny Paper Pieces & Small version

Hello Dahlinks,

Sorry to post so late today, bad flu bug. Here is the girl bunny & paper pieces in JPGs and then again in small version (LARGE prints at 6/7 inches & the SMALL prints at 3 2/8 inches tall. All the little pieces are scaled to fit.) I'll post the PDFs on SCS when Mr. Flu takes a hike.

On resizing & printing:

Repeating myself here, but it seems to be that it's always best to scale down (making a smaller print from a larger digital image file. WAY better quality that way.) :O) Wonderful people (SCSers Alma a1r601 & Jane troopersma) were sweet enough to write out instructions on how to resize these in the SCS thread here.

Word to the wise on resizing and paper piecing:
of course, when/if you resize, just make sure to write down the percentage you've used, so you can resize the paper pieces to scale.

Two Versions of the Girl Bunny:

This was my least favourite of the bunnies & I tried to fix her posture (putting her leg up), but I included both versions here (leg down too), since a couple of you mentioned she was your fave. Thanks for liking the bunnies! =:O-):


Number 1. LARGE Bunny Girl (LEG UP):

Number 2.
LARGE Bunny Girl Clothes Paper Piece (LEG UP:)

PAPER PIECES for both LARGE Bunny Girls:

These following fit whichever LARGE version of the girl bunny you like (leg up or down):

Number 3. LARGE Parachute & Girl Bunny Head Paper Piece:

Number 4.
LARGE Flower Basket paper piece:

(prints 3 2/8" tall)

Number 5. SMALL Bunny Girl (LEG UP):

Number 6.
SMALL Bunny Girl Clothes Paper Piece (LEG UP:)

PAPER PIECES for both SMALL Bunny Girls:
These fit whichever SMALL version of the girl bunny you like (leg up or down):

Number 7. SMALL Parachute & Girl Bunny Head Paper Piece:

Number 8.
SMALL Flower Basket paper piece:


Number 9. LARGE Bunny Girl (LEG DOWN):

Number 10. LARGE Bunny Girl Clothes Paper Piece (LEG UP:)

(Please see the first set (Number 3 & 4) for these paper pieces: basket, bunny head, and parachute.)


Number 11. SMALL Bunny Girl (LEG DOWN):

Number 12.
SMALL Bunny Girl Clothes Paper Piece (LEG DOWN:)

Please see the small set above (Number 7 & 8. ) for these small paper pieces: parachute, girl bunny head, & flower Basket

Hope your Easter crafting is just hopping with excitement!

P.S. (Having trouble? Please feel free to email me at melstampz@gmail.com It may take me a little while, but I'll get them to ya) :O)

P.P.S. Copyright jazz: These are intended for use just like any other angel policy image. You can use them for personal use & feel free to use them to make any handmade items that you'd like to sell. The images themselves, however, are copyright... (not that they're all that, but they're made with the intention that they be shared for free.)


Elizabeth said...

These are so cute Mel. Thanks for sharing your talent

Elena said...

You are amazing, Mel! Thank you so much for doing it!
Hope that your flu bug will fly away very soon!

Stamping Mutt said...

Hope you feel better soon! It's not fun having the flu. Thanks for the honorable mention in your post! You have done alot of work adding all the extras. You are the bestest ever!

Alma =)

Jennifer Scull said...

thank you so much for sharing these super fun bunnies with all of us! I just finished my first bunny card and happened to use the girl with flowers, which IS my fave! ;) will post it on my blog tomorrow as I have lots of stuff to finish stamping for desing projects........ oh the horrors of HAVING to stamp. :D

please feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

This is so much fun!! And I am learning all about resizing and paper piecing in the process. Get well quick. Thanks for all you do.