Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miniature Carrot Tutorial (and 30+ Carrot Craft Links)

Of course the first thing every crafter needs to know if how to make miniscule carrots, right? We hafta feed those bunnies! hehehe. No? Well, here's a strange little tutorial anyway, on how to make very tiny carrots (These ones are 1 inch long.) They're small enough & light enough to use as an embellishment.

Isn't it so much fun to make something out of nothing? And just what is it that's so irresistible about things in miniature? Charles even asked if he could have one, LOL. I'm looking forward to adding these lil' wegitables to my wabbity Easter cards.

Oh, and there's some Links with lots of beta carrotene down below too...

Carrot Making Supplies:

Carpet tape (big roll of 2" wide double-sided tape I got at my local hardware store.)
Embroidery thread (orange & green)
Tombow monomulti
Straight pin/ other pointy tool

Wee Carrots:

Step 1) Cut a wedge shape piece of carpet tape.

You can try other double-sided tape of course, but I'm not sure how it might work for such a wee job. Alternatively, you could use a roll of paper with good adhesive. Too sticky may not let you get the layers (shown in the steps below)...

Step 2) Roll the piece of carpet tape so that it is cone-shaped.

Step 3) Cut a sharper point into it

Step 4) Add a bit of adhesive in the groove created at the bottom by the cut & along the other side (all around the point (I use Tombow Monomulti, because it gives enough working time but also sets up quickly & firmly.)

Step 5) Lay the end of orange embroidery thread into the groove

Step 6) Wind the embroidery thread around the point & then up the cone to form a carrot. You may find the first bit of winding needs a twist put in the thread to get it to lay nicely at the carrot tip.

Step 7) Put a bit of adhesive at the top of the carrot to secure the last of the thread

Step 8) Snip the end of the thread (adhere the thread a little more, if need be.)

Carrot tops:

Step 1) Cut a piece of green embroidery floss to measure 14 inches.

Step 2) Fold it in half, fold that in half & tie a nice tight knot in the middle.

Step 3) Snip the ends (getting rid of the loop) Trim if you like.

Step 4) Put adhesive in the hole in the top of the carrot.


Step 5) push the knot of the carrot top in there:

a few LINKS

Recently added:
  1. Gorgeous Fabric carrots by Jenny (& for some reason I wanna make fabric radishes! lol)
  2. Simple Kid's Crafts paper carrot video
  3. Chopped up Felt carrot ( free template / pattern) and tutorial by Andie (TOO fun!)
  4. Perfect Marzipan carrot tutorial by the Recipe Girl (found thanks to Craft Gossip<--i love this site!)
  5. Deena's how to felt a carrot tutorial (with PDF & free template) Simply Adorable!
  6. Jana's stunning cone-shaped carrot treat holder tutorial (WOW!)
  7. Bunny Cakes felt carrot pouch tutorial (sweet Easter treat)
  8. Wendi's yummy Carrot Candy bag tutorial (PDF & free pattern)
  9. Vickie's oh so cute Quilted Fabric Carrot tutorial
  10. Olivia's Chenille Carrot tutorial (love the texture!)
  11. Pink's clever carrot video (a cute fabric carrot)
  12. Carrot eyeshadow tutorial by ShimmeringDelight (crack me up--so fun!)
  13. Another TOO cute Felt Carrot PDF & free pattern from Kym
  14. Polymer clay carrot tutorial by Garden of Imagination (love the moss top and the kid banter and sound effects are the best!)
  15. and a random cabbage link: Polymer Clay Cabbage by Garden of Imagination CUTE!
  16. Carrot Card & Tree crafts for kids (little or big!)
  17. Giant paper Carrots
Carrot templates & Tutorials:
  1. Short & stout carrot box by Kris
  2. Jessica's gorgeous carrot boxes using Ruthann's Icicle Box template
  3. Lauren's AWEsome carrot candy garden
  4. Jelly bean carrots (in pastry bags) Martha
  5. Carrot fun from urbandebris
  6. Carrot shape from

For Kids (or Big Kid inspiration):
  1. Carrot tree! :O)
  2. The carrot patch
  3. Carrot cutie for kids
  4. ETA: Pipe Cleaner Carrot from One Minute Crafts (CUTE!)
  5. & Video for a One Minute chocolate bunny (from pom poms!)
  6. One Minute Crafts' Video list is here (pipe cleaner carrot video there under Baby Carrot)
  7. Wooly Bullies Carrot (and Cukes + other yummies) instructions at CraftZine

  1. Carrot pin cushion by Lucy
  2. Kwoozy's carrot & bunny stuffy tutorial You can find her amazing templates on her blog here; They would translate wonderfully to paper

  1. Carrot cake cookies from Muffin Top (mmmmm)
  2. Etsy Carrot search

Hope you are having a great day! =:O-):

P.S. For some reason, I can't wait to make a miniature radish, LOL.


Francien said...

These are so cute!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial...Happy Easter!!
greetings Francien.

Kim Etherington said...

These are too funny cute! Can you make some for the bunny we have in our backyard? ;o)
Have a good Easter hon! Talk when I'm back!

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I can only imagine what is yet to come...very fun stuff!

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hahahahha That is brilliant Mel!

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WOW I love it .. so cute .. will have to have a go at this, lol

Emily said...

Mel, these tiny carrots are soooo adorable! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm adding it to my blog so I have it when I need it:)))

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What cute little carrots. Mel you never cease to amaze me with your creativeness. Thanks and have a wonderful Easter

Mada said...

OMG! You're killing me with your creativity. :)
Thank you for being so generous with it and for sharing with us.


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You are amazing!!

SparkofWhimsy said...

This is an awesome idea, Mel. LOL before I read how you did it, I was trying to remember all my needlework stitches to think of what might work.

Very creative! I love it!


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Mel my god your good this is so adorable!

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Those are darling....You have the greatest tutorials

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hehe, those floss carrots are just super cute!

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Hi Mel,
These are supper cute! Thanks for sharing your awesome creations!

Elaine A said...

Mel Dahlink -

You are ingenious, or is that Mad Genius? However you put it - you rock girl! What cute little carrots - thanks so much for the tutorial. Hoppy Easter!

Elaine Allen

Jamie Wilcox said...

Well, if these aren't the cutest things ever!!!! Adorable!

lisa808 said...

Too cute! How perfect for a card or scrapbook page.

huntla1 said...

So I have bookmarked and starred and whatever else so many of the things you share with us, but I have to say these are so darn cute! Now I'm not sure I will ever have the patients to actually make some, but I will dream about making them!

liannallama said...

Oh, those are the most adorable thing ever! Thanks for the tutorial!

Judy said...

Mel, these are so adorable!! You keep coming up with such amazing your creative mind and your generous heart for sharing it all with us! These baby carrots...well...I just love them and I'm going to get me some carpet tape to give them a try! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Pam said...

Mel, I love your blog - so many wonderful things to see and learn! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog :)

Christy Farneth-Kerr said...

You frekin ROCK. I am so glad I found your blog .
How inspiring you are :)

Elena said...

Oh, my godness! I am speechless! That is fabulous idea!!! Thank you so much Mel for sharing this tutorial!!!
And for the links too!

Dawn said...

Mel, Mel, Mel.. just too CUTE!!!

Donna Baker said...

oh my goodness - leave it to you to think of a way to make a real 3-D carrot! I love it!! I suppose I need to go & get more thread colors so I can play along with you!

Donna said...

These are so adorable!!!! I didn't have any embroidery floss nor any double sided carpet tape, but I made them nonetheless. I used crewel embroidery thread and masking tape rolled up with the sticky side out. Adorable! Thanks so much for the tutorial! said...

Oh these are ADORABLE! I'm loving your many fun projects! I would love to link to you if you didn't mind!

jules p said...

Yes! i needed some little carrots. Fabulous. thanks for showing us how you made them!

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Oh soooooooo cute! Thanks for the tutorial.

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So clever! Thanks for sharing your genius with us! I love all your tutorials. I can really tell that you have a lot of heart.


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You witty one you! These are the cutest!