Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miss Anya Fashionista (+ embossed vellum glass flower)

These Miss Anya stamps I got from Paper Garden Projects are sheer bliss to colour. I never used to really like colouring all that much (as a rule), but with these lil' ladies I can't get enough of it! Seriously I can't stop wanting to add another little touch. They're too cute! :O)

-1-Colour Miss Anya & add fun fashion details to her
-2-Create custom embossed vellum sentiment (Coloured)
-3-Make & embellish homemade label shapes
-4-Imitate the embossing paste style of the fabulous E.T. (Glitter!) :O)
-5-Make a beaded flower stem & Embossed vellum glass flower
-6-Dye thread with markers

...colour Miss Anya

I'm no colouring pro, but I am enjoying it more & more. I thought these two things were something that might be handy for somebody somewhere ;O)...
  1. Neenah White Cardstock &
  2. Beginners Copic marker colouring with only a couple of markers
I am mad for Neenah White Cardstock. I had promised to give my friend Kimmy a piece to try, but now I wanna hog it all for myself! muahahaaha! ;o) (Just kiddin' Kimmy.) It is seriously nifty with Copics but holds up to watercolour pencils nicely as well.

Copics idea for beginners: I only have just under 2 dozen copic markers, so I need to do weird things when it comes to colouring. I colour with another favourite medium (like watercolour pencils & then add Copics to deepen the colour. You're not limited to the colours you have in Copics since you can use your other colouring tools.

To mix it up with Copics:

Step 1) Pick your colours for your image from your Copic selection (if you buy a few Copics in your favourite shades it's handy to pick from them first and match your other medium to them)

Step 2) Match up with other colours of colouring media that you have: watercolour pencils, painting with reinkers or markers using blender pens or brushes....

Step 3) Colour as you normally would

Step 4) Add Copic marker details to deepen the shaded areas


...add fun fashion details to Miss Anya

Adding hair baubles made this my favourite stamp of all time. I giggle everytime I look at them. Weirdly fun how perfect the scale of seed beads are for her hair ties, teeheehee

I also had fun stitching a quick line of red thread along her headband...

click the pic if you'd like a closer look:

To make her purse
(to match a purse box I've made)...
(box coming soon to a blog post near you) ;O)

Step 1) Stamp image, colour & cut it out (with a band around it to of about 2/8")

To colour her purse (to match the fabric I made the box with), I filled it in with black, & added details with Sakura Souffle pens, then went over top of the pastel souffle pen with a Copic Multiliner to make the fine fine lines. (I also stitched around the purse in turquoise before cutting out...)

Step 2) Cut a slit at the bottom of the purse (with an exacto knife/hobby blade) Step 3) On the back of Miss Anya, stick a piece of Oh So Sticky tape

Step 3) Stick black embroidery thread on the tape

Step 4) Trim the ends of the fringe

...make a custom embossed vellum sentiment (Coloured)

  • Vellum Cardstock
  • Sentiment printed from computer & embossed (or stamped)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Copic markers (and/or other markers)

Step 1) Print a sentiment on Vellum Cardstock & emboss it with clear embossing powder (or stamp on vellum and emboss or not, may require Stazon or other solvent ink.)

Step 2) Cut the words out of your sentiment (or leave it in one piece, if you like)

Step 3) Add a strip of good double-sided tape to the back of your mat/image

Step 4) Adhere the words to the tape (facing front-ways of course; hey, I've done stupider things, hehe)

Step 5) Flip the sentiment over & colour the backs of the vellum words (Copics will not make the vellum curl; water-based markers will give you a bit of curl but should flatten out--going easy with water-based markers helps) :O)


...make & embellish homemade label shapes

More curviness-sorry, can't stop with that shape! ;o)

  • Papers
  • Any shape template
  • Paper piercer
  • Needle & thread
  • Beads
  • Copic or other markers

Step 1) Create shape by tracing a template on back of patterned paper.

Step 2) To make piercing line, shift & trace it anew.

the papers I used are Patterned paper from Basic Grey Urban Prairie 6x6 Paper Pack and a black & white patterned paper from sweet Maria (sorry not sure of name, but I love it!)

Step 3) Pierce from the back, following your 2nd line
. If the holes are raised on the front (and that bothers ya), you can flatten them with a bone folder; I like to use my Scor-Pal tool since it leaves no shine but my bonefolder does.)

Step 4) Embellish

The pic above shows omitting the edge with a black marker (outside of stitches or beading):

I beaded and stitched this, nothin' new (red beads & red thread alternated with white stitches) but the thing I can't stop doing lately is omitting the area outside stitches with a marker. I used a black Copic marker here, trying to draw your eye to the stitches & finish off the look a lil' bit


..imitate the embossing paste style of the fabulous E.T.

Erum (a.k.a. E.T.) was my inspiration for this detail. She is one incredible card artist! Erum draws the greater part of her gorgeous creations and adds so many intricate creative details. One of her signature elements is gorgeous embossing paste. I wanted to try and caputure the glittery natural lines she achieves, so I tried this technique below. (Now I just wish I could draw like her, and cut swirls like her, and use sequins the way she does... and...and....)

Step 1) Cover the edge in Tombow Monomulti

Step 2) Cover Tombow in glitter (this is Martha Stewart glitter)


...make a beaded flower stem

The look of two kinds of cuttlebug embossing is so cute. I'd never tried it before, and I wanted to break up the embossing (Swiss dots & Birds n Swirls) with something kinda different, so enter this beaded flower stem. Here's how it was made...

Step 1) Emboss your paper in

Step 2) Pierce along the line where you want your stem & pierce the shape of your leaf (and in the leaf center

Step 3) Stitch & add a bead to each stitch

Step 4) If you want to tint the beads (I wanted them more green) you can use Copic markers.


Create an embossed Vellum glass flower

Step 1) Punch, die cut, or free hand cut a flower. This is from SU's Sizzix "birds & blooms" die cut & trimmed to separate the petals more

Step 2) Deboss the flower to shape it (I use a fun foam mat --with 4 layers--and a stylus. For how to shape vellum flowers, please see Valita's fabulous tutorial.

Step 3) Emboss the flower in a Cuttlebug folder (or other dry embossing method)

Step 4) Reshape it gently by debossing (but not enough to get rid of your Cuttlebug pattern.)

Step 5) Use as is or cover with Crystal Lacquer to make it look like glass (you can tint the embossing with a Copic marker if you like. I've tinted this with Skin White E00

Step 6) Use Tombow to glue beads in the center (or gems, or glitter, or....)


Dying thread with markers

I like to bead with the same colour thread as the beads or sometimes need a hue I don't have. If you don't have the colour of thread you want, for whatever use, you can die it quickly with any markers. Copics will dry right away; water-based markers may need a little drying time.

1. Having the colour that you want to match next to you while you work, so you can compare can help to get a good match

2. Sometimes it can take two or more markers to get the shade exactly how you want it... and sometimes it can be a weird colour! For instance, if you're making red thread, you might want to add a light blue to it to match a shade that has more blue (like Riding Hood red.) For a warm red you might need an orange. It's fun to expreriment (but if you're a purist you should know it might put a little wear on water-based markers.)

and that's it in a nutshell...

Need a shape template for something like this?

You can find some templates in this post:

Thank you so very much for stoppin in
& I
hope life is treating you most wonderfully.
Hope to see you Saturday,

P.S. Want to see some REALLY creative Anya creations? Check out the Club Anya Blog.


Marcea said...

Holy cow, this is one fabulous card!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such an ispiration. Your attention to details is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing this beauty!!

Annie said...

oh Mel this is just wow and so many brilliant tips and ideas that my head is spinning thank you so much.

Ann xxx

Erum Tasneem said...

oh my! I AM honored! Seriously, Thank you! The colour just pops up by lining the edge with glitter right?! :o)
Again, you have put so much effort in your card...the details... god no one can beat you THERE!
It's interesting how easily you get away by colouring the the hair black... cuz i have read so many times that it is very very hard to colour the hair black... but you have done an excellent job. and i wouldn't call your colouring mediocre! Please!
I absolutely love the image and the colours that you have used.
"coco chanel"?! LOL
Thank you again.

Neasa said...

I started following your blog last week and I cannot get over how generous you are with your ideas. Every day I'm thinking "Wow, I have to try that" Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful blog. You are one talented lady. Neasa in Ireland.

Unknown said...

awesome colouring! did you learn that in kindergarten?
silly Auntie

Anonymous said...

So adorable!! Love the fun touches you've added to it!! TFS!! :)

Jessica Diedrich said...

WOMAN! You are KILLING me with cuteness over here! Wow, Mel this is AMAZING and I just can't STAND how beautiful this came out! Your coloring is fantastical :) and the tabs are just toooooo cute! Thanks for sharing such a beauty w/ us!

Dawn said...

I'm so casing this Mel!! genius once again =)

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Mel,

Beautiful card and so many different details, thanks so much for sharing all the tips and techniques.

I love your blog, there are so many helpful and inspiring ideas and tutorials'



Maria said...

Oh my gosh, Mel! Your Ms. Anya is one fashion diva!! I love your card and all the pretty details!! That shape border is gorgeous!! Love your coloring too. . so pretty!! Thanks for all the tips! Hey, I used your flower template that you posted yesterday. I'll post my card tomorrow. It was fun using the flower!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Mari said...

Holy Cow, woman! Talk about WORK! Fabulous job - amazing finished card - but, whew, it must've taken you DAYS! Amazing!

Kim Etherington said...

Wow, what details on this card. Love her headband stitches and baubles. Great colouring. Love the coloured vellum sentiment. You're so talented!

adeline said...

Once again you amazed me! This card is awesome.
thank you so much for this great job and tutorials you're adding everyday, giving us the chance to learn so many things and "try" to do as best as you!! Your blog is my evening sunshine, i can't wait for a new post with a beautiful amazing gorgeous card!! Please go on with shapes, we LOVE them ;)

Christy Farneth-Kerr said...

I love the colors you picked for this card. It is so darn cute:)
You are so inspiring.

Elena said...

Wow! Mel! This project is AWESOME! I love the beaded hair baubles! And trim on the bag! Wow! So creative!
Thank you for sharing all of your tips and techniques!

Susie M. said...

Hi mel WOW! this is fabulous!! and you went to such detail and instruction with this. How wonderful!! TFS! Please come visit my blog when you get a chance. I have a gift for you there. Thankyou for your kind words and encouragement with your comments. I truly appreciate it. Have a great wknd!!

Elizabeth *^..^* said...

You've got crazy mad skillzzzz! Awesomeness oozes from all your pores....doesn't it?!

Emily said...

Holy freakin' cow Mel! This is just way to cute and such an awesome tutorial! I have a hard time getting my head around all the nifty details you add to your cards and projects. You are simply amazing and sooooo creative!
I am in awe of your talent and so thankful that you love to share with such detail.

Unknown said...

Hello goddess...everything is perfect with this card. You make me sick...JK!

Maureen said...

Another awesome creation!! LOVE all the special details, but especially the ponytail holders and fringe on the purse. I need to look more closely at my stamps to see where I can add those kinds of extra special details!!