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{Sweet} Surprise Box (LPS sneaky preview) & template

Edited to Add: ACK in my sugar rush, I almost neglected to let you know that you could win this set; just visit the Little Paper Shop blog here & read all about it (winner will be announced tomorrow: Monday)

I'm in love with the newest delectable stamp set from Little Paper Shop (available in just 2 days!) Makes me feel like a kid in a Candy Shop! ynuk ynuk ynuk. This is the first time I've made a box with a window. Let me tell you, they are as addictive as sugar!

When this window box is chock full of sugah (like me--i drank a rock star. Bad hopped up stamper! Those energy drinks just cannot be good for ya. Gotta stay awake somehow though! LOL) Well anywho, when the box is full, the candies hide the gumball machine...and then it's a nice little surprise when everything is all gobbled up! :O)

1-New & Nifty: sneak peek at the new LPS set {Sweet}!
2-Stamping 3 kinds of 3D candies
3-Creating a surprise box (template & tutorial)

{Sweet} from LPS

This is a wee sneak peek of the newest set from Little Paper Shop
It's called {Sweet}
It's being released on Tuesday May 26th!

I can see myself using this set over and over and over. It lets ya play with lots of colour & all the glittery shiny goodies that you have in your stash! YUMMY!


...make 3D candies

Stamp: {Sweet} from LPS (releases on Tuesday May 26!)

Gumball machine:

A) Stamp 2 gumball machines

B) Colour the top of one & the bottom of the other

C) Start with the gum ball machine with the bottom coloured and adhere punched out circles to the globe part of it for dimension. (These are 1 inch in diameter) It makes it like a chipboard embellishment--nice & sturdy.

D) Cut out the globe with the gumballs that you coloured & adhere it. Add sakura glitter pen & Crystal lacquer to it:

Wrapped Candies :

A) Stamp 2 of each candy (4 all together: 2 small & 2 large) These are embossed in black.

B) colour one (I used Copics so the colours wouldn't bleed when lacquered.

C) Cut the ends off of the coloured one

D) Stick the coloured candy ends onto the uncoloured candy

E) Cut little bits of clear plastic for the 3D candy wrapper (this is just a clear envelope, or it was a clear envelope in a former life, teehee)

F) Adhere clear plastic to the uncoloured candy middles

G) Stick Coloured center on top of the clear plastic

H) Finally, add Crystal lacquer & glitter. Then eat 'em!<--or maybe not. ;o)

A) Stamp Lollipops & colour (I used Copics so the colour wouldn't bleed)

B) Glue sticks to the Lollipops (I stuck 'em on with Crystal lacquer & these sticks are cut from the bottom of wooden handles Qtips. toothpicks or squewers would work well.)

Cover the to the lollipop with Crystal lacquer

D) Add glitter (this is Dazzling Diamonds)


...make a box with a sweet surprise inside

A bit of chatter about the Template:

When I started to use this template, I was confused as to why the bottom tabs were designed the way they are (it's an old SU template that I took the dotted lines out of.) The tabs left a strange portions sticking up inside at the bottom of the box, huh?...

But then I thought 'why not stick a sweet little gumball machine on those strange tabs & when the candy is all eaten out of the box, there'll be a surprise! GRIN! (I am still 5 years old at heart) hehehe

Maybe that's why it was designed like this, not sure...There's the original template here as well (with the dotted lines) to use as a score guide, if you like.

Click to Download the Template PDFs
(or click the pictures for the JPG versions) :O)

Step 1) Create the box:

A) Print box template
B) Roughly cut it out & score lines (where the little ticks indicate--or use the score guide as an indication if you prefer.)
C) Score the window, line up ruler with the score line & measure in 3-8 of an inch

Step 2)
Score gently around each side of front to make a guide for cutting the window (I'm using a paper piercer for a thin score line.

Step 3) Cut the window. The score line acts as a nice groove for your blade. I treated myself to a fresh blade replacement. What a HUGE difference that makes.

Step 4) Use cut out cardstock scrap from window as a guide to cut a piece of acetate. This is a card box cut up. I love the sturdiness of them.

Step 5) Dry fit window & trim if necessary. Add adhesive to the window. (This is Oh So Sticky Tape)

Cut the box out in detail & crease the folds...

Step 6) Stick window inside the front of the box

Step 7) Pierce & stitch around the window, if you like

Step 8) Add a scrap stamped gum ball machine to stick to the back of the fancy one

Step 9) Adhere fancy gumball machine to the scrap one (so that it will show through the window when the box is assembled)

Step 10) Adhere the two large flaps together as shown & assemble the box (the small flaps should be on the outside--I realized after I took this photo, sorry)

Step 11) Attach candies with Foam tape or dimensionals

Step 12) Add a box (just loop a bunch of that really affordable skiny satin ribbon & tie it in a knot & cut the ends then add a candy

and...that's all she wrote! (the sugar wore off) ;o)

or did the sugar wear off???...

Two kinds of Inspiration
options for Ya:

1. Inspire your creative spirit: more sweet projects with this sugary set by my Fabulous LPS Peeps ---> Icons in the sidebar at right. :O)

2. Inspire your giving spirit: Stamping for a great cause! It costs $5.00 to register; there are challenges & giveaways, but most inspirational of all: raising money for the Alzheimer's Association.

'Jen Tapler and Susanna Boyd have been hard at work organizing "Stamping Out Alzheimers": an amazing event that you won't want to miss!! For a mere $5 donation you will have access to exclusive challenges and fun prizes from numerous different companies. And the best part..... 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Alzheimer's Association!

Little Paper Shop is hosting a sketch challenge on the Stampin' out Alzheimers forum and would love for you to join us. At the end of the event we will be drawing one name from all the entries to win 4 - 4x6 stamp sets. That's over $60 in value! But the only way to enter is on the Stampin' out Alzheimer's forum! Hope to see you there!'

LINKS up there offer a spot to sign up. :O)
Here's the sketch, if you'd like to register & play along:

Cute sketch, huh? No need to have LPS stamps to play,
but if you've got 'em feel free to ink 'em!!! ;O)

Hope your day is sweet as honey
& rich with creativity!

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Dawn said...

too FUN! love the stitched window

Anonymous said...

Mornin' Sugah!!
This is another excellent project. So fun for those of us who are still young at heart :-) The colouring on the gum ball machine is astounding!! I was looking at to see if it was real and I thought it was because it really looks 3-D!!! Nicely done.
Beth Greco

Bonnie said...

Love your "sweet" treat box and love your colouring!

Jamie said...

How fun! This is fantastic. I have a similiar stamp set, thanks for the inspiration. :D

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is absolutely delicious, Mel! I adore this and can only HOPE I'll find some time to make something similar for the kiddos-they would LOVE something like this! Love all the bling and sparkle too! FABULOUS!

lisa808 said...

Another amazing 'Mel' project! The candies look good enough to eat! Thanks for the box template.

Unknown said...

3:30 in the morning...who are you, me?

Another super project! Love the realism of your candy (at least that's what I want them to look like in my reality!). Yummers!

Julie said...

Beautiful Mel! WOW this is such an awesome idea! I'm always WOWed when I stop by here! :)

Barb said...

Rock star! Another awesome project, Mel.

Becky said...

Girl you rock :), you come up with the most unusual gorgeous projects.. What is LPS stamps??

Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

Mel I am always amazed by your creativity and talent!!! I love your ideas, the box is AMAZING!

Kim Etherington said...

Love love love this sweet sugary creation! I love how you did the swirly lollipops. Great great great!

Anonymous said...

You are so talented and so generous with your sharing! I look forward to seeing your work each time.

Emily said...

This is just so, so, so cute Mel! Thanks for the great tutorial showing us all your secrets:))) Love that gumball surprise inside the clever!

Creations by Patti said...
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Creations by Patti said...

OK - I had to delete my previous comment because there were so many would have sounded liked I was drunk!

So here are my REAL comments:
Wow Mel - you continue to amaze me with your projects and enthusiasm. I love one. The instructions are way easy and clear. WOW - girl, you GO! I know how long it takes to make such an intensive post - Thank you so much for always sharing and having such a great library of inspiration on your blog. I have been a fan for a while and this project is yet another to put on the list. Love this stamp set. BTW: thank you for your kind comments on my blog......xoxo

Cindy Haffner said...

Girl I get tired just looking at all you do. You are me hero. Love your work. Hugs Cindy

Anonymous said...

fanatastic thank you

Margaret McDonald said...

so sweet! (hehehe)
love unemployed-and-lovin'-it Auntie

Elena said...

Wow! What a cute box! The candy look like real! Thank you for sharing template and tutorial!!!

Lydia Fiedler said...

ACK!! Woman - how do you DO this?? This is amazing!! And that set is freaking adorable!

Deepa Gopal said...

Beautiful , Patient work!

Very Sweet indeed:)

Sue from Oregon said...

What a great and fun of your best!

Leigh said...

Mel, this is really cute. I love the box, it feels like a total party all by itself. Great job.