Friday, June 5, 2009

Caardvarks 3D challenge: Club Scrap 5x7 File Box

finally, a post! Hope there's still a handful of my blog buddies out there after my long absence. Sorry for being gone; I kept longing to post & then getting half way through writing some, but I've been so ill and exhausted.

I'm still struggling to keep up with email requests, so please forgive me & please kindly email me again if I've missed replying to you (I am so sorry. I feel terribly guilty, but I'm just finding it impossible to catch up.) I'm hoping to get back to regular posts & business as usual around here.

On a more personal note, the weirdest part is that my thinking is in a majorly fuzzy state. My sweet C is most worried about how long I've been feeling like this, but especially my inability to remember things or think clearly at all. Maybe it's early senility? Feels like it! Thankfully, brain scans have found nothing, so in the words of the Governor of California "It's not a tumour!"

enough of that and onto a stamping project already!

This is a 5x7 file box from Club Scraps for the latest Caardvarks challenge. When you open it, there's a little surprise....

flowers! :O)

1- Caardvarks challenge (3D!) Sponsored by Club Scrap
2-curvy template for the file section
3- making embroidered flowers
4-...fashioning a beaded wire handle:


Caardvarks 3D!

3D challenge

The Caardvarks crew has made a whole variety of stunning 3D projects. Can't wait to see what You All make.

The Prize is... a huge assortment of Club Scrap product -- a sheet of UM rubber, Club Scrap exclusive projects, a POP (pound of paper), plus a whole lot more!

...from the sponsor:

We worked with the yummy kits from Club Scrap. What a joy to have someone else do all the hard work; the cutting & planning are all done for ya. I could get addicted to those kits in a big way.

I made just two changes to the fab instructions: the ribbon ties around the outside of the whole thing & slips off so that no one has to retie a bow. There's lots of ribbon in the kit, so that's lovely. And I added a curve in the files with this...


(for curve on file section)

I just...
  1. ...traced printed the curvy template
  2. ...cut out the 2nd curve down
  3. ...traced it (centered) onto one file section
  4. ...cut it out & used that file section piece as a template (they describe that process perfectly in the Club Scrap instructions...)

...make embroidered flowers

Homemade prima flowers...
Cheap as dirt to make, but lots of colour & texture...

To make the flower, i did this stuff:

Step 1) Printed text on a sheet of cardstock
Step 2) Embossed flowers (black ink, clear e.p.)
Step 3) Pierced holes in the center of all the flowers
Step 4) Embroidered them by making knots
Step 5) Coloured the flowers with Copic markers. I like how the colouring shaded the knots, but if you prefer you can colour first & sew later, of course.

I coloured them like this:

Red flowers:
  1. Made cool gray no.7 stripes around the center
  2. Filled in between the dark gray with Cool Gray no.3
  3. Added Red Lipstick R29 (striping it into the grays & leaving the outside white)
  4. Added hits of Cadmium Orange YR07
  5. Darkened the shadows with Cardinal R59 & blended it all with a colourless blender.
  6. Used the red that was picked up onto the colourless blender to colour the outside white edge of the red flowers (makes a pink wash)
"White" flowers:
  1. Added Cool Gray no.3 centers & shading to the white petals
  2. Used the red-tinted colourless blender to add some pale pink

Adding Microglaze over top of your colouring (Copics or an medium at all) makes the colour more intense; just smudge it on there with a fingertip.

-4- a beaded wire handle:

  • wire & wire cutters
  • beads (i used wooden beads from a dollar store years ago)
  • Butterfly (stamp is retired SU s.a.b. set Merci)
  • Gray embroidery thread
  • thin wire for antennae
I thought that the chipboard might be hard to make a hole in, since it's a nice sturdy thickness--and since I don't have a cropodile or the like--but it was actually a piece of cake. The paper piercer went through it like butter:

Step 1) Make a hole through the lid with paper piercer

Step 2) Pull wire through the hole.

Step 3) Add a bead to end of wire (on the inside of the lid) to secure it

Step 4) Bead the wire handle & finish off with another bead add butterfly on a wire, if you like

I made some 3x3 cards to go inside the file folder, but since it is 5x7 it's the perfect size for storing--or gifting--full sized cards...

note cards made with: white embossed flowers from Simply Said & text gaffer tape (7 Gypsies)

The note cards fit quite nicely in the file pockets...

I'm going to fill these 8 pockets with 3x3 cards, bookmarks, tags, cards and whatever else I can think of and give it to someone special for their birthday. :O) The neat thing about the file box is that it can be reused when all the goodies are gone (for recipes or receipts or whatever...) :O)

Other embellishment

Thank you so very much for stopping in,

P.P.S. If you're looking for Copics or other goodies, Paper Garden Projects is having a great deal on shipping (free in US $7.00 in Canada with 35.00+ order) & Copics are 20% off!


Bianca said...

this is such a sweet file box.. thanks for sharing.. it will be on my to-do-list!!!

thank you
xoxo bianca

Chris said...

Mel - please, please don't push yourself too hard! Your blogging fans can wait...and so can the emails. With posts like these you must feel exhausted. They take a lot of time and work!! Another amazing project as always.

Get well and rest!

Theresa said...

Wow, this is such a stunning project! Please take care!

Rhonda said...

This is the most beautiful file box ever! I would just put in on my stampin' desk and LOOK at it all day! Rhonda G., Spring, TX

Creations by Patti said...

Mel - you always completely blow me away each time you post something........I have to pick myself off the floor each time because you are are absolutely fabulous! Your are the QUEEN of Everything......OBTW: thank you for your comment on my blog - I am so honored, your majesty. I think your blog is such a great resource for everything that why I dub you QUEEN. I am sure everyone will agree with are so sharing to all and always so kind in your postings.....I just can't wait to try this....can I stare at it just a little longer first?.......XOXO

~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

This is a wonderfully made project Mel!! I love the chunky scallops!

Creations by Patti said...

I'm posting a comment again.......Mel? What? you don't have a crop-a-dile........are you kidding? I should send you one girlfriend! You must have everything else because you make such great projects! xoxo, Patti

Nathalia Castellon said...

You made a neat little project just absolutely delectably delicious! I LOVE all the personalized embellishments. Fantastic job girlie! I'm also sending some major HUGS your way, hang in there and take the time you need to rest!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh you better believe we're still here!! Awaiting with baited breath... hoping that you're feeling much better and getting lots of rest!!
Love what you've done with that dandy little caddy\file box!! It's another of your always amazing creations! Thanks for the inspiration!!
Beth Greco

Becky said...

This is amazing, but everything you do is amazing :).

lisa808 said...

Another beautiful creation.

Really hope you are feeling better soon. Take care.

Allison said...

Beauteous work as the drama of the red and black. Two things to watch for: a) you're preggers and b) MS. Something to think about (but now freak about, k?).

P.S. I literally have to write stuff down on post-it notes and leave 'em all over the house but I believe that to be the result of too much work, too little sleep and too many WJs!

Ann said...

oh Mel I didn't realise you had been ill. So sorry.

Don't do too much and make yourself worse again. This project is stunning - it must take you hours to do the write up and photos for these - you are so kind to share your skill with everyone, but don't let it make you ill.
Ann xxx

Nicki said...

WOW this is fantastic! and a brill tutorial too!

Vina said...

Glad to see you back! Hope you start feeling 100% better soon...take it easy! Thank you so much for sharing your terrific creations, tutorials & resources & for your inspiration!

Gabriele said...

Oh dear... I am really sorry to read that you are not well... sending you 50 million tons of "get-well-wishes"! And I agree with Chris: your blogging fans can wait... and they will, because imho everybody knows that there are serious reasons if there is any delay!
And I hope they`ll find the reason for your "senility" ;-) soon... maybe it is "just" stress...

Your box is wonderful!! Like always ;-)
Thanks for sharing this inspiration!!

Hugs from Germany...

Cazzy said...

That is an amazing card file box, and I hope I can find where to buy one like that, have never seen them.

As for fuzzy thinking, I have thyroid problems that cause mine - have you had that tested?

I hope you feel more like yourself again soon.

Cazzy x

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

OMG that is the cutest looking storage idea I ever seen! Would look fantastic sitting on the shelf and would make a great gift for a Scrapper!

Leigh said...

Wow...again! Mel, your never cease to amaze me. I hope you feel better very soon. It seems this has been going on far too long. Get better! Take care, we'll be waiting for you. Don't push yourself except to get better.

SSShasta said...

That is an amazing box!!!

Baukje said...

Everything you do is always outstanding Mel, and it must be so time consuming to do all your posts. Please don't worry about us not being here, we always will be because we love what you do. Getting yourself well is first and foremost.


Joani said...

OMGoodness Mel!! I love love love it! I can't wait to try this out. You are the super most awesome paper crafter! I wanna be like you when I grow up *Ü*
Thanks for all your inspiration!

Kathy said...

Just simply beauticiously gorgeous! Please take care of you and don't worry about blogging til you feel better--we'll be here waiting. Healing hugs, Kathy

SmilynStef said...

Wow ... I love getting to see all of the fabulous details of your project, especially the amazing hand-made flowers ... stunning!

Elena said...

Wow! This file box is gorgeous! I love the curved edge!!!
Hope everything will be all right with you, Mel! We miss you!

Whimsical Wendy said...

Ok - I've not even read all of this post yet Mel, but I had to leave a comment straight away to tell you how great this project is! I'm in AWE of your creative-ness!! Woowee! And your fuzzy head doesn't seem to be holding you back any ;0)

Don't push yourself too hard - your real fans will keep in touch and keep checking back to your blog, have no fear. Be a little easier on yourself hun! Wendy x

Dawn said...

awesome, awesome as usual!!
feel better soon!

Valfreya said...

Congratulations! :)
I really like your blog and your creations.

Greetings from Poland! :-))

Emily said...

So sorry to hear that you have been under the weather lately. I've certainly missed your posts, but take all the time you need to to get better, we'll all be waitin' for you when you are.

This project is simply stunning! I can't wait to try some of those flowers! Such a great tutorial for us. Thank you so much!

yvonne said...

this is just amazing, what a gorgeous file to have on your desk, thanks for taking the time to share all those instructions!

Chantell said...

Sorry to hear that you are still feeling poorly. Hope you will feel better soon. Thank you for a great blog. I like it when people share how they do things, it helps people like me who are not very crafty.
Get well soon.
Chantell - South Africa

Anonymous said...

Mel, I hate to hear that you've been so ill!! Take care of yourself and as much as you must hate to stay away from your blog and crafting, your health comes first! I hope you are feeling stronger soon!! This said, I'm sure you've just made a whole lot of bloggers happy with this wonderful project post! As always, you amaze me! Take care!!

E.T said...

Oh my GOD! You must be crazy to do so much work even when you know you r not well... but then i am forgetting that you are crazy! LOL Mel you always blow me away with your creations. Open up a shop!

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

Both of these are just incredible! I am always amazed by your creativity and special little touches. The file box may have been a kit, but you added Mel's magic to it.
Now, go take a breather and take care of Mel. Email can wait.

Keesh said...

WOW this is BEAUTIFUL Mel! Love all the detail and the colour combo is fabulous. Thanks for all the have me inspired! Love Keesh x

Maria said...

Hiya Mel! Gosh, I'm sorry I've been MIA on your blog for the past weeks. Arrggh! I've been so behind on life. . blurfing and commenting has become a luxury if I can find the time to do it.

Holy Moly! Your purse is AWESOME! It's funny because I just recently made a file box and I come and visit your site and wow, you made one too!

I wish I was more detailed like you are when it comes to crafting. Ugggh! I love the beads and the pretty flowers on your purse! I just love all the details to your projects. . .I'm in love with them!!

Hope you are feeling better. . .I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well and yes, I would be concerned too because it has lasted so long.

Take care, Mel!