Monday, June 29, 2009

Katie Cupcake Recipe Card (a.k.a. self-standing pocket card tutorial) :O)

Finally, that recipe card tutorial. (Sorry for the wait; I just couldn't get the energy up to get the photos done before going to the Island.)

I just LOVE a pocket card but want one that can stand up on its own
(so this one is self-standy-uppy.) :O) tricks: free standing recipe
2...create a recipe card pocket
3...add a vellum card insert (with hidden stitches) tricks: make sprinkles with beads
5...protect projects with Microglaze
6...glue pen emboss your handwriting (or trace fonts)

Stamps used are from the set {Katie Cupcake}

She's chillin' at the Little Paper Shop here.


(Free standing recipe card)

Me thinks I'll have to make more cards in this pocket style, since I really like the look of pocket cards but I want them to stand up on their own for display. It's super easy to do:
  1. Make a pocket bigger than your card (1/8" or 2/8" ideally)
  2. Assemble it by sliding only the front of the card into the pocket
  3. You can create a belly band to go over the pocket (or just embellish). :O)

This recipe card is on a folded card, so it stands up by itself. You can make cards really special by printing photos of the treats & having them on the front of the card. Recipe ingredients & directions are easy to print on the front & back.


...create a recipe card pocket

The stitching on this is optional, of course.
I just really love that the pocket will never fall apart.

  • Scor-Pal (or scoring method you like)
  • Double sided paper (this is "trendy" #AV192 Crate Avenue Collection (by Crate Paper)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Paper piercer & (plus Tim Holtz ruler and pins)
  • Needle & thread
  • Seed Beads
Step 1) Cut a piece of standard cardstock in half (to measure 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches)

Step 2) Score at 1/2 inch, 4 1/4 inch, & 8 inch marks.
(With the paper placed so that the long side (8 1/2 inch side) is along the top of the scor-pal)

Have a longer recipe? You can make this any size you want by just scoring in the middle & 1/2 inch in on either side.

Step 3) Fold the cardstock in half and fold the ends out so that they make flaps (perfect for showing off double-sided papers.)

Step 4) Pierce along the edge of the flaps & along the sides.

Step 5) Sew sides together (adhere & hide end under flap; then go through both layers)

Step 6) Stitch the sides (makes for a super hold on the pocket on top of being decorative.) Adhere the end of the thread under the flap, where the adhesive will be hidden.

Step 7) Stitch along the tops (hiding adhesive for thread ends under the flap.) Add beads if you like. :O)

Step 8) Adhere the flaps down.


...add a vellum card insert
(with hidden stitches)

Here's how I stuck the recipe into the card (more stitching) so it can stand up while you bake. (I didn't bake for y'all--cause I do not need to eat all those cupcakes, LOL.)

  • Cardstock for the recipe card base (Cool Caribbean SU retired)
  • Vellum cardstock for printing recipe
  • Needle & Thread
  • Tombow Monomulti

Step 1)
Make card, print vellum insert, & paper pierce both:

A-fold a card (4 and 2-8 by 5 inches)
B-Print Recipe on vellum & fold to fit card
C-pierce along the recipe fold to stitch it in

Step 2)
Hide your stitches: to stitch things in cards with a tidy finish, glue the thread ends on the inside fold (back of recipe) Tombow monomulti is speedy!

Step 3)
Knot when finished stitching

Step 4)
Hide the end of your last stitch after knotting: trim thread with scissors & adhere with more tombow (or glue of choice.)


(Beaded Cupcake Sprinkles)

Of course, you can glue the beads on, but I like the contrast of the coloured thread. Plus, they'll never fall off this way. To stitch beads on so they lie on their sides:

1-Pierce a hole & thread needle in from the back (adhering thread end to back of cardstock)
2-Add bead to the thread
3-Create another hole (with your needle) a little ways away from the one you came up &
4-Stitch with your needle back down that new hole... Volia you have beads that will lay flat:

If you want a variety (some beads flat on their side & some so the hole shows) then you only need one hole per bead. (In other words, you can thread your needle back down the same initial hole that you pierced to get the bead's hole to show.) It's really easy, I just make it sound tricksy, LOL. ;O)


(Mess-proof recipe cards)

Rub the whole recipe card with Microglaze to kitchen proof it (It makes it waterproof. Have never tested it with butter cream icing though.) ;o)


Glue pen embossing
(to emboss handwriting)

Gotta love that Quickie glue pen (by Sakura) You can write with it & sprinkle on embossing powder on your handwriting (then heat, of course). :O)

Hope this was useful to somebody :o)

P.S. Recipe & photo of cupcakes are both borrowed from the Repressed Pastry chef (what an amazing blog!) here: the mint chocolate cake & the buttercream icing


Debby said...

Clever and gorgeous of course!

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Oh my...too much work (hee hee). Each little creation is a piece of art!

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WOW! Mel I am at a loss for words when I visit your site : ) Love it!!!

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So, so, creative - your work is just amazing! ikki

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another clever, adorable project!! love it=)

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This is brilliant. What a clever idea.

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Once again, you amaze and inspire me Mel! Thanks for sharing!

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Fantastic project!! So beautiful and I love the colors you've used!! beautiful details!! :)

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Exactly how long does it take you to make your masterpieces? I'm lucky if I get 30 minutes to make a card and you sew and bead and everything! I just stamp em! I love your work, how much you share and how generous you are.

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Wow Mel, amazing card and super duper tutorial! Love it! Thanks so much!!!

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Mel, You are just the best. I think you should have a tutorial queen banner complete with tiara and sash. Awesome as usual!!