Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teapot Box (from a Tiny Take out template)

POD tea set by melstampz

Hmmmm Creativi-tea, sounds good for low mojo...Not sure what happened to the me that could breathe easy and had copious amounts of crafting energy, but I sure miss that version of myself. Maybe some more tea will help??? (A little caffeine, anyone?) This little set made a wee pick-me-up gift for my BFF Kimmy who loves a London Fog (earl grey vanilla tea misto) & who also needed a boost. (LOVE ya Darlin'!)

1...the Caardvarks Challenge (windows!)
2...make a tea pot from a take-out box
3...make speedy vellum flowers
4...make a vellum layered tag

--The stamps used to make little set are from Purple Onion Design Stamps for the Caardvarks Challenge they're kindly sponsoring. (The stamps I played with for this are Antique Ledger Background & the flower from Celebitties.)

--The Creativi-tea mug looks like this inside (no affiliation with that store, just thought someone might like to see it inside) My mug was a Christmas gift from my sweet aunt & uncle. Cool, huh? Now I just hafta get one for Kim too! ;O)

...make a tea pot from a take-out box

Click to Download the
Box Template on SCS here

(or click these pics if you prefer the JPG versions):

This is a good ol' SU template for a tiny take out box,
but I needed a teapot. Beads to the rescue! :O)

ETA: The middle template is fixed now. It was wee, since I had added the small version of it here (the ones I use in the SCS post for the PDFs...) It's to scale now though. (so many details so little brain space, ynuk ynuk)

The decorative panel (the band) may only fit the template with no dotted lines, since that's the one I made it to scale with. I like to hide the dotted score lines on the inside, of course (adhered to the tea pot.) Hope it works nicely for you.

Step 1) Print cut & score tiny take out box

Step 2)
Pierce holes inside template circles for the handle

Step 3) Shape the handle out of wire & affix one end of the wire handle

Step 4) Bead wire handle

Step 5) Adhere feet onto the bottom

Altered beads: sounds fancy smancy, but these were some "ugly" dollar store beads with gold splatters on them; however, since they were plastic, it meant I could sand off the offending pattern. (<---That's me: cheap & sneaky. Ouuuu, does that sounds bad or what? LOL)

Step 6) Glue bead to the top of the tea pot (this is a large bead with a seed bead stuck in the hole to finish it off)

I stuck a pearly seed bead in the hole of the
large white bead to finish it off:

it makes a nice pull on the top :O)

Step 7) Print the decorative band template & cut it out. Stamp score & embellish it.

Step 8) Embellish the panel or band however you like. I added stamping & piercing & stitching. The stamp here is a funky Antique ledger background stamp from Purple Onion Designs. (It's embossed in clear e.p.) :O)

Step 9) Add crochet ribbon to the decorative panel

Step 10) Fold a piece of cardstock in half & cut a spout shape (mine kind of looks like an elephant trunk, but what do ya do?) ;o)

Step 11) Cut the spout in half

Step 12) Adhere the top half of the spout together (leaving the bottom free for adding to the box)

Step 13) Cut a slit for the spout in the side of the box that you'd like it.

Step 14) Slide tea spout into the slot in the box

Step 15) Fold end of the spout back and adhere it

Step 16) Assemble the box...

...then add some embellishment, if you like:

...make speedy vellum flowers:

  • Flower stamp from Purple Onion Designs (Celebitties)
  • Vellum Cardstock
  • White Craft (Pigment) ink
  • Winter White embossing powder
  • Copic marker Dark Bark E-49
  • Tombow Monomulti

Emboss POD flowers onto vellum cardstock (this is SU's Winter White embossing powder)

Cut flowers out & Colour backs of leaves with Copic.

(This is Dark Bark E-49) I like to cheat by colouring with Copics this way since it makes spreedy soft pretty colouring and I don't have to stay in the lines. ;O)

C) Cut some out without leaves.

D) Glue smaller flower on top.


...make the vellum layered tag:

The look of vellum over top of patterned paper was a happy surprise with this teabag tag. I never realized how nifty it looks. :O)

  • Basic Grey Porcelain paper
  • White twine from the "I want it white kit"
  • Birch tone Prism cardstock
  • Vellum Cardstock
  • Tombow Monomulti
Step 1) Punch a small tag from the Birch tone cardstock
Step 2) Punch a large tag around it (makes the thin frame)
Step 3) Punch a large tag of vellum, patterned paper, & Birch tone c.s.
Step 4) Glue them all together & add the vellum flower
Step 5) Pierce a hole & add the twine

and that's it...

and tomorrow....

Hope there was a little something in this
to revitalize your creativi-tea! :O)

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I love drinking tea and often wonder if there is anyone else out there. ;)

Thank you for posting this up. I've saved the templates and as soon as I get a chance I'll give it ago.

One question:
the hand made tea bag... what material was it? And did you put actual loose leaf tea inside or did you put popouri?

Anonymous said...

beau tea full...that's a very attractive photo of you,the one with nothing on your nose i haven't slept even with new meds, love lady

hippe www.bastel-blog.de said...

What a great idea! I love it.

greetings from germany

die hippe

Norine said...

love your tea set very pretty

Kim Costello said...

Beautiful gift Mel I'm definitely a tea drinker and do enjoy an Earl Grey too! May have to try a London Fog now LOL! I bet Kimmy loves it! TFS your great talent HuGs Kim :)

Angie said...

This is just what I needed! I'm making a little gift for a raffle for my friend's Relay for Life, and I told her I'd make a little box to hold tea in and this is even better than my original idea! (I was just gonna make a plain ole box-sheesh!) Thank you for the inspiration and templates right on time!!!

akagreenhouse said...

You never cease to amaze me! I enjoy reading your blog so much because of the fabulous creativity I find here! Thanks for sharing with us!

Elena said...

Wow! Brilliant idea, Mel! I love this cute little teapot! Thank you so much for sharing the template!
So glad you are back to crafting!

Melinda Ford said...

That was a great tut...I love the outcome! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work with the rest of us (and the templates too of course!)!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Donna Baker said...

I adore your take out tea pot! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

You are one amazing lady. If I could create like this I would never complain about no mojo! Love iT!!!!!

Cottage Panache said...

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing...~Maureen

Kathlene said...

Over the top darling set. I love your blog--not only do you share awesome projects, but you take the time to share how you create them, step-by-step. Thank you for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Such a great idea and project. It would have to be for someone/something VERY special for me to go to all the work you did. Even when I can't see myself taking the time and effort to do something you've already done all the hard work to put together for us, I greatly enjoy and appreciate each and every project. It's rare that I don't pick up a trick or two to file away in my brain for later use. Thanks for your continued willingness to share all your great ideas.

rozwillster@gmail.com said...

another fantastic project Mel!!
Thanks from Rozzie the Aussie.

Lacey said...

That tea pot is the most adorable thing! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

hi! i like the designs. check out the source of the template.
Thank you! i love it.
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