Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Special-tea (Do it Yourself) teabag ;O)

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!

Since I'm a teetotaler lately, I'll raise a toast to
good ol' Canada with a local Canadian tea. :O)

Don't you wish there was such a thing as a Smeller-net connection? I sure do (since I wish you could smell the aroma of this Earl Grey Cream tea through your Internet connection!) teaheehee! ;O)

My favourite part about the teapot box set that I posted yesterday was the way the teabag perfumed the teapot:

Here are the details on the specialty tea & the cheese cloth teabag, in case you're curious: :O)

--The tea is Cream Earl Grey made by Winston's (a sweet gift from my marvelous MIL Esther.) It tastes just like a London Fog (or Vanilla Tea Misto)--which is a local Vancouver fave. I wanted Kim to try it & see if she likes it as much as I do. :O)

...make a DIY tea bag

  • cheese cloth
  • good sharp scissors
  • lose leaf tea
  • thread & needle
  • scrap of cardstock (as stitching guide)

Step 1) Cut cheese cloth pieces

A couple things about cheese cloth:
  • It's food safe
  • I like three layers--depending on the size of the weave and your lose tea
  • I cut it big enough to hold a generous serving size (with some room for steeping & to fold in half to save stitching)

Step 2) Cut a template for stitching from a scrap of cardstock & pin it on (if you'd like a guide)

Step 3) Stitch up the sides of your tea bag

Step 4) Fill with loose leaf tea (leaving room to stitch closed)

Step 5) Stitch the top closed. (I didn't worry about perfect stitching since it's going to be hucked out after it's made into tea, anyhow.) :O)

Stick it in a box (if you like):


Donna Baker said...

thanks for sharing!! what a FUN idea! I love tea

Kim Etherington said...

I'm the lucky gal who got this little gift! I have yet to try this little tea bag cuz it all looks so pretty up on my mantle. As usual, this looks way better in real life. Pics. don't do Mel's projects any justice. Thanks Mel for the lovely little tea craft and tea! Can't wait to see what you make me for my Bday. hee hee.

Donnas Den said...

You really do some great work. Thanks for the links as well, they'll be really useful.


Catherine said...

Great project, Mel!
Happy belated Canada Day!

pescbrico said...

What a wonderful idea! This is so cute also!!! Great gift idea!