Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland Gatefold with Belly Band (Cuttlebug Challenge)

Firstly, thank you so much for your kind comments. You certainly
know how to make a gal blush over some ol' cereal box stuff!

and today's project...

This is an embossed gatefold card--
with a belly band that you slide off:

the inside has a pocket with a little sentiment

that says...

"The snow melts on the road
between friends' homes"

...and when you pull the card out of the pocket,
there's a snowy sky:

The sky is stitched with little embroidery knot snow.
i'm knot crazy! ;o)

& here's the steps that went into putting this jazz together...

1...Cuttlebug Challenge (Wednesday Inspiration #42: gatefold & digital)
2...Copics on white embossed image (with Digital/Stamped images) tricks: snowy scene with ripped Q-tip snow
4...gatefold construction (assembling bits & embellishments)

Cuttlebug Challenge Blog
Wednesday Inspiration #42 (Gatefold & Digital)

This was for the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog
Here's the challenge link

(#42 Gatefold for Friendship week)

It might seem strange that this was made for this week's the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog's Be Inspired Wednesday (#42) in honour of friendship week. "What?" You might ask; "isn't this a little frosty for friendship?" But my BFF Kimmy expressed a like for a card I made in these colours with this stamp, so winter it is! :O)

Hope you can play along with us!

Copic markers on white embossed digital image
(works on stamping too though!):O)

It uses a gorgeous digital frame created by Maggie (who is Mlamarre Designs). :o) The frame is embossed white--straight out of the printer-- and coloured with copics.

I know some of you stampers may be getting tired of digital image tricks, but please rest assured that this technique works with stamps & copics too! :O)

Step 1} Print & Emboss the frame. The metallic cardstock I used (Bronze Stardream cardstock from Paper Temptress) lets you emboss right out of the printer & white embossing powder shows up on the dark cardstock. It's like magic! giggle-giggle.

You could also emboss in silver or other colours, of course. I didn't worry about the dots of white embossing, since I knew I was cutting them away, but you could use an embossing buddy, if you're not lazy like me. :O)

Step 2} Colour the embossing with Copic markers (other alcohol markers might work too.)

--> Colour goes on surprisingly quickly (but avoid overworking so it doesn't muddy.) This might sound intricate, but it's super speedy. I'm just trying to share everything I can think of with ya...

--> Use your finger for speedy blending: smudge the copic marker with your finger right after applying a stroke of it. The ink will blend slightly and stay in nooks & crannies for a nice texture & softer lines.

--> Layer colours for shadows: Three turquoise shades were used on this to get shadows in the white embossing. To get shadows of the frame, I used a Dark Bark Copic right onto the bronze cardstock.

--> Please see the "disclaimer" below for ideas on how to preserve your Copic marker tips with this technique. :O)

Step 3} Cut the frame out. Use an exacto knife or hobby blade to cut the middle, if you like.

Step 4} Pierce it around the inside of the frame

Step 5}
Bead it (if you like)

(ways to preserve Copic tips)

-->Avoid colourless blender: It will smudge & muddy your white embossing powder. To pull colour or blend I use a lighter version of the colour I've applied (like a Frost Blue BOO to remove an Aqua BG15)

-->White embossing powder may come off on your Copic marker: To avoid wrecking your tips, you can use the chisel side (or broad tip) of the marker (which I hear many people never use anyhow.) :O)

-->My favourite alternative: If you have refills for your Copics, you can paint them right onto the embossing with a paint brush. I only have one refill--so far, hehehe.

...Snowy scene with ripped Q-tip glitter snow

  • Stamps (Winter Neighborhood)
  • A q-tip (cotton swab or cotton ball)
  • Adhesive (I like Crystal Lacquer)
  • Glitter
  • Sakura Quickie glue pen

Step 1} Stamp & colour a scene. This is Winter Neighborhood, by Eat Cake Graphics, from Paper Garden Projects. It's embossed with Chocolate Chip craft ink & clear embossing powder.

Step 2}
Add cotton & glitter:

A) rip the top of a Q-tip or cotton swab (or use a cotton ball) glue it onto the areas where you'd like snow. I used Crystal Lacquer for this.
B) sprinkle with glitter.

The cotton bits make fun chimney smoke too:

the gatefold construction:

This is basically two simple gatefold cards an outside one (white) and an inside one (blue) In other words, the blue one acts as a liner for the white one.) Lining it lets you stitch both of the parts & hide all the mess easily.

the outside gatefold:

To make the white outside gatefold card:

A) Cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 11 by 5-1/2
B) Score it at the 2 6/8 inch mark and the 8 2/8 inch mark & fold flaps in
C) Emboss each flap with a Cuttlebug embossing folder (this is Snow Dots)
D) Pierce along the outside of the 2 flaps & stitch it if you like

Since it's going to be lined you could add ribbon or other trim to the flaps:

I cut crochet trim in half & adhered it to the edges.

the inside gatefold (or liner):

Create a second gatefold to line the white one (scoring at the same spots--at the 2 6/8 inch mark and the 8 2/8 inch mark--and then dry fitting to see if it needs scoring again just beside your first score marks.)

Cut some patterned cardstock for the sky & sides. (The sky was cut with the cloud shape at the top & stitched with those embroidery thread knots for snow.)

the pocket:

The pocket was made by...

A) ...stamping the Winter Neighborhood on Neenah white & colouring it
B) ...cutting it out with a cloud shape at the top
C) ...adding some snow embroidery knots,
D) ...putting some quickie glue and glitter to the roofs etc.
E) ...sticking some lace on the bottom & stitching.

the sentiment:

The sentiment was...

A) ...printed the sentiment off the computer & cut up the words
B) ...stuck the words on some white paper & cut them out again (to make white frames)
C) ...stuck them on a card (with patterned paper & a curvy embossed white topper) (curvy template here)
D) ...stitched a bit (stitches on the curvy bit & at the top of the words)
E) ...backed it all with a plain piece of cardstock for writing on...

....then it can slide in the pocket:

the belly band:

To make the belly-band, I did this stuff:

A) Cut two strips of cardstock: the first measuring 2-2/8 x 11 inches (to fold around the card) and the second measuring 2-2/8 x 5-3/8 inches and as a panel on the front.

B) Scored the belly band at at the 2 6/8 inch mark and the 8 2/8 inch mark and again about 1/8 of an inch to the left & right of that-(makes room for the layers of the card) :O)

C) Cut a piece of BasicGrey Marrakech patterned paper to measure 2-2/8 x 5-3/8 inches, distressed the edges with a Dark Bark Copic marker, & adhered it to the front panel.

D) Adhered the image under the embossed frame & stuck it to the front of the belly-band.

E) Slid the belly band on over the finished card:

and that's it...

Hope all this chit chat had something useful for Ya! :O)


Dawn♥ said...

OMG Mel what a stunning card! WOWzer! I'm now officially following your blog. I just bought my very first copics and now I'll need to read up on this tutorial. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely day! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW....I'm completely floored!!! How do you even keep up with yourself ;) LOL! ROCK ON!

lisa808 said...

When I think you can't possibly out-do yourself, you do! Amazing card.

Dawn said...

pure genius once again me dear!!

Ingrid said...

Mel, your card/project is absolutely stunning!! You did an awesome job.

Vina said...

Wow Mel! Another stunning every detail of this card! I can't wait to try your techniques! Thanks again for your inspiration!

Karen said...

You rock Mel! This is absolutely stunning!! Great tutorial!!


Mary said...

It's no wonder you are tired and not feeling well often - you out-do yourself on these projects!!! WOWZERS! this is amazing! Go take a nap - you deserve it!

Becky said...

OMG!!! Girl it would take me a whole week to sit down to copy one of your cards :), this is fabulous. How long does it take you to do a card?

Elena said...

WOW! Fabulous! The frame on the band is gorgeous! You are genius, Mel!

Kim Etherington said...

Pretty. It's that time of year isn't it, to see Xmas cards and such. Love the inside of the card. Those houses are so adorable!!

Nicki said...

WOW this is amazing! so much work, but the finished effect is sooo worth it! its gorgeous!

Vixykins said...

You are one amazing lady!

Lyndall said...

what an awesome card

Beth said...

Wow Mel you definitely rocked this challenge GF you just never cease to amaze me love how you used Maggies frame awesome card.

Anonymous said...

`Mel` your card is
`stunningly Beautiful`
I love it!!!TFS:)
Have a great week..:)x

Sue from Oregon said...

okay...lah de dah...I am sitting at work trying to work and scroll through my google reader nonchalantly when URCHHHHH...I see this wonderful creation on the CB site...I knew it had to be a Mel original. This is just gorgeous...good thing I didn't scream out loud OH MY GOSH and give myself away LOL!

Shantaie said...

Mel you are amazing! i love your step by step tutorials...where do you find the energy after all that stamping?! You rock shantaie

ackstay said...

You are absolutely amazing. That is a beautiful card.

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

I honest to goodness do not know how you do it! well, I do know how because you gave WONDERFUL instructions ... but every project you make is so AMAZING and perfect ... time consuming .. but so worth it. I hope I one day am not too intimidated to try a project like this .. down to the knots! I LOVE this!!! I got a scor it today ... so I may try that project you made with the scored grid and beads.. maybe :) lol! Thanks for the constant inspiration, fun and such wonderfully detailed projects!!!

danni reid. said...

GOODNIGHT! you are simply blessed with unbelievable amounts of inspiration my friend! could NOT love your card/tut more ♥♥♥

Mari said...

Wow, Mel! That's amazing! Your patience must be legendary! And I just love, love, love all the little details you always add. You ROCK! :)

Hanneke van der Linde said...

This is so gorgeous, Mel!! Really beautiful!! You did an amazing job!


Margaret McDonald said...

you're knot?! r u sure?
Auntie -willing to share her AC
hoping you & C are keeping cool

Susan said...

WOW--Mel: you're amazing; the whole card looks like it's glittering; thanks my blogger friend, for sharing, what looks like a very time consuming card!

Unknown said...

Simply STUNNING!!!!

June Houck said...

Holy Moly, I am in awe of all the techniques that you know. Your card is AMAZING.

Peggy Maier said...

What a wonderful card - I'm at a loss to describe it! Great job!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow Mel!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! But then so is everything you make! Each of your creations should be framed like a tiny piece of art!!

(-: Heidi

Ann said...

Holy smokers! Saw this on the Cuttlebug blog, and just had to pop in and say WOW!!!! Totally fantastic, inside and out! I love every detail!!!!!

Erum Tasneem said...

i am officially in love with this card. this is just gorgeous, beautiful, out of this world Mel!