Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cuttlebug Label-Shaped Coredintations Box (new template) :O)

Excuse me please, if I make any extraordinarily silly typos in today's posts. I'm writing them with a whammy of a migraine and that makes me ultra stupid-o (not to mention, it makes it hard to see straight, LOL.) So, there may be more little boo-boos than usual for your reading pleasure.

1...Cuttlebug Be Inspired Wednesday Challenge label-shaped box template
3...making a lined label shaped box (with Coredinations)
4...embossing a digital sentiment
5...making a springy bird on a wire


Cuttlebug Challenge Be Inspired Wednesday


(new label-shaped box) :O)

Click this link to Download
the Label Box template

(or click the photos below for JPG versions)

I made the template by tracing a nifty vintage needle book
that had this nice shape and adding the middle section.

Measurements: 5 inches wide, 2-1/3"deep, and almost 3-1/2" tall.

Hope it's useful to You! :O)


...Make the Label-shaped Box
(with Coredintations Whitewash Cardstock)

Step 1} Make the box:

A) Print the label-shaped box template and cut it out along the solid lines.
B) Trace template onto Coredinations cardstock

Cut the box out

D) Score along the dotted score lines & crease the folds.

Step 2} Emboss the box:

A) Emboss the front & back of the box in an embossing folder

(This requires a little creative cuttling to get the whole of the shape embossed.) To avoid getting the lines from the folder when you emboss the second part (shown set up on the plates in the photo above), only emboss part way--to where you need it--and then back the embossing out of your machine. :O) A little gap in the embossing is okay, if you're embellishing, right?

If that gap really bothers you, you could trace the template to make back & front panels that would be separate and be easier to emboss by themselves.

B) Sand the Cordinations cardstock to reveal the core colour-Too fun! makes ya feel like a carpenter. :o)

Step 3} Make a liner:

A) Trace the box template a second time, onto patterned paper--omitting the sides for an easier fit.

B) I trimmed the patterned liner (so that bright gorgeous acid green of the box made from the Coredinations would show, because that's my new favourite colour! Turquoise finally has a friend! hehehe) It's the exact green of a Copic colour: New Leaf YG23!

C) Adhere the liner to the inside of the box (making sure it folds up nicely with no buckling of the liner)

If you trim in one piece.... you can be a cheap-o like me and use it as trim... ;O)

E) Pierce & stitch (if you like) hiding the stitches inside the box. Big stitches can be a really speedy way to get a stitched detail inside & outside the box. It took just 2 minutes & the little knot ends can be hidden at the inside bottom of the box.

Finally, assemble it by adhering the 4 tabs.


embossing digital sentiment
(on coredinations Whitewash)

The finish on Coredinations Whitewash cardstock lets you emboss it;
assuming you act fairly quickly. :O)

Emboss the medallion sentiment:

Step 1) Prepare all of your embossing supplies (powder & heat gun)

Step 2) Rub an anti-static bag over Coredinations Whitewash cardstock (or an old drier sheet

Step 3) Print the digital image (this is a sentiment medallion made by Maggie--Mlamarre Designs)

Step 4) Sprinkle on embossing powder as soon as the image is out of your printer & heat set it.

I also coloured it with Copic markers & stitched on little embroidery thread knots. The medallion is the perfect size for a Giga scallop (but you could resize it however you like, since it's digital!) :O)


... make a sproingy bird on a wire
(this one is from patterned pape)

Make the birdies:

A) Cut the birds from the BasicGrey Pheobe paper, adhere them to cardstock & trim.
B) Colour them & stitch them if you like.
C) Affix one bird to a wire spring (made by twining silver wire around a marker barrel.)
D) Add the birds to the label box (I added it by gluing it between the liner & the box.

...and there you have it...


Anesha said...

Stunning box. Love the shape and the colours. Thanks for sharing. Anesha

Kim Nath said...

This is such a wonderful box. So perfect to put the paper inside and the stitching and little bird on a wire are beautiful touches. Thanks so much for the template, you totally rock!

Krissy C said...

Wow this is so gorgeous!!I love your work and your tutorials are always awesome :D

Krissy xx

Rose-Anne said...

This is beautiful. I am going to have to try this one.
You look after yourself. i had one of those dreaded migraines a few weeks ago. Not good.Take care and big hugs going your way.

Dawn said...

adorable, adorable!! hope you feel better today!!!

BloomingPink said...

What a darling box....and I love the little bird extra!

Thanks for sharing!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Oooooh, another gorgeous Mel creation!! What a wonderful box, I love the colors and the shape is fabulous!

(-: Heidi

Kim Etherington said...

Very pretty box and cute Birdie! Love the green and blues! Nicely done!

Adela said...

Your project is just too awesome!

lisa808 said...

Great box. Thanks for the template.

June Houck said...

You have the best tutorials on your blog. You are a paper crafting technique goddess :)

Anonymous said...

The birdie on a spring....GENIUS! I am SOOOO using this template come Christmas time!

Beth said...

Did you ROCK this challenge or what GF you never cease to amaze me with your awesome work what a thrill to be on a DT with you.

Amy Sheffer said...

What a beautiful box!! Love the shape. Thanks for sharing!!

debinicol said...

absolutely darling! love it! great job!

Amber said...

Mel I adore your project! And what a great tutorial. Can't wait to download your template to make my own little box!!!!

DeeAnn said...

Mel- Your blog posts always make my day. You are never Stupid-O but you are terribly funny.

I am really frugal like you. I always think outside the box when I am crafting.

Did you know that you are enabler. I set down and read all of your blog in a week's time. Since then I have bought a Tim Holz ruler, TomBow glue, Tim Holtz Inks, all the SU marker's and reinkers. Last but not least Coordination's paper.

Thank you so much for you enabling. Honestly out of all the crafting purchases I made over the years those were the best next to my die cutter's.

I hated TomBow's glue and you taught me how to use it.

You get to feeling better. Your too sweet to be sick. :)

Hope Jacare said...

A very beautiful project - I love the colour! Cheers claire x

Vina said...

This is a beautiful shaped box! It kinda reminds me of a tulip. I'll have to try it soon. Thank you for another terrific tutorial, template & fun read!

Elena said...

Gorgeous box!!! Love the shape of it! Thank you Mel for sharing your gorgeous creativity with us!

Anonymous said...

Mel this is absolutly `gorgeous` I love it!!!TFS
Enjoy the rest of your week:)x

Katie Renz said...


Ana Márquez said...

I love it!! Thanks a lot for sharing!! :-)