Friday, August 7, 2009

Distressed embossing-Hero Arts gift set

Hi Crafty People,

Sorry to be away so long. I've been nursing one of those evil marathon migraines & I have a really hard time being on the computer with them. I'll be sleeping it off for a little while longer, but for now here's a speedy little project. I hope to get those tutorials written up soon.

This little gift set was for the Caardvarks Hero Arts sponsorship. I really enjoyed working with their new background cling stamp "Antique Brocade" (I'm a background kind of gal at heart.) :O)

The embossing of the background was done in a weird way that might interest my fellow embossing fanatics for something a little different...

To get the speckled texture & the colours on the background piece, I did this stuff: 1) White embossing 2) Sprinkle embossing 3) Copic colouring

1) Embossed the Hero Arts background in white:

A) stamped the Antique brocade stamp in embossing ink
B) added white embossing powder
C) heat set it.

2) Added a sprinkled distress look to the embossing, by..

A) sprinkling white specks of embossing powder
B) heating from the back of the paper (the side with no e.p. on it
C) repeating the sprinkling & heating with silver embossing powder.

(You can actually get a lot of control with this sprinkled embossing, though the look is a random feel. Just keep adding specks of embossing powder until you like it) :o)

3) Finally, I coloured the embossing with Copic markers. (I used the broad tip or chisel end, since some of the white/silver embossing powder can come off onto the Copic tips & using the chisel end keeps the other fine brush end of the Copic clean for regular colouring.)

The flowers were coloured with Copic ink too. They were crocheted all in white by my sweet sweet Bam Bam (my Grandma) :O) The blue one is dyed with Copic refill (Frost Blue B00) It worked in seconds and with way less mess than regular ink refills--more evenly dying the colour too.

The sentiment says "a gift for you" (a Hero Arts acrylic stamp set aptly called "Holiday Sayings")

The bucket handbag template
can be found here...

Thank You for your patience while I'm out of commission.
I'm missing You!



Christy Farneth-Kerr said...

What a great project!!
Love the colors you chose.
You are so inspiring.
Thank You for sharing :)
Have a great day

Unknown said...

Very cool!! I wonder how some of you ladies think of these great little tips and tricks. Thanks! :)

Denise G said...

I love your projects. Very cool. You always have neat things to show off and I am so sorry that I haven't commented before.

I love your flowers... did you make them? I crochet one pattern of the flowers and love to do it but am always looking for a new pattern that I can actually do...

Have a great weekend.

Sue from Oregon said...

You make me laugh...not because you have a headache of course...but because your speedy little projects are so grand! Here's hoping you feel better soon!

Dawn said...

are you calling me a fanatic??!! bwahahaha....beautiful projects kiddo....hugs

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo using this template!

marciad said...

Beautiful art. Hope you feel better soon. Read of another blogger suffering from migrain. Maybe it's the weather.

Julia said...

Awesome project Mel. You're so full of inspiration!

Donna Baker said...

what a pretty card & box! your Bam Bam is so sweet to crochet you some flowers! love that you dyed it.

Kim Etherington said...

Love Bam Bam's dyed crocheted flowers! The blue tote looks great!!! Love that spa Save Your Soles line of products!!! said...

tastic project Mel...take care

Roz said...