Monday, September 13, 2010

4 3/8" square envelope templates (with liners) & pointers for acrobat downloading

Happy Monday you wonderful blog buddies!

Thanks so much for your amazing response about the acrobat file-sharing.
You guys always blow me away with how sweet and thoughtful and helpful you are.
You Rock!!!

Methinks I have a plan...
In future, I'm going to add JPG images of the templates
(so you can view a preview of templates to see if you'd like them or not)
then I'll link those JPG images so you can quickly click the images to go download....

If you click a template image,
You should see a page like this:

Just click the green download button
in the upper left-hand corner to save that particular template:

(it should open a black box in the center
of the screen that says "Pick Location"
in green just click "Pick Location")

Then select the file you want to save it to
(or desktop) and click the save button...

...and hopefully that will do the trick for you...
(if not, just let me know) :o)

In future,
I will also provide the link(s) below the images, so that, I can offer you
a variety of file types: JPGs/PNGs/PDFs.

(Today's envelope templates are only in PDFs,
to ensure that they will stay the right size for a 4 1/4" card
[they measure exactly 4 3/8"])

If you'd like links to open in a new tab or window, simply:

A) Click on the image or link (left click on your mouse)
B) Then right click on your mouse (a menu should open up that includes the option to "open link in a new tab" (or window)
C) Select "open link in a new tab" and then you'll still have my blog page open, while you can open all the template links at once in new tabs, if you like.

I love this trick and end up with a gazillion tabs open--happy happy joy joy! ;O)

new envelope

Here are the 4 and 3/8" square envelope templates.
They are sized to fit 4 and 1/4" square cards.

Click the images to go download the PDFs:

square envelope with score lines:

PDF 4 and 3/8" square envelope (with score lines)

Pointers for use: Print template and score along dotted lines
Cut along solid lines, fold, and adhere.

square envelope with NO score lines:

PDF 4 and 3/8" square envelope (with NO score lines)

Pointers for use: Print template and score using the tick marks as a guide.
Cut along solid lines & fold.

For custom patterned envelopes:
1) print envelopes on the back of patterned paper
2) print a digital pattern on the other side of envelopes
3) fill envelope template in photoshop with patterns
(use edit>define pattern to make patterns)

liners for envelopes:

PDF LINERS for 4 and 3/8" square envelope

Pointers for liner use:
Print template and score along dotted line.
Adhere liners into top of envelopes before assembling them.

For custom patterned liners:

1) print liners on the back of patterned paper
2) print a digital pattern on the other side of the liners
3) fill liner templates in photoshop with patterns

Thanks again for being You!
Hope you can use these envelope templates...

P.S. sorry in advance for any typos. Migraine beastie is particularly persnickety this week (that evil nasty horrid creature!) ;o)

P.P.S. If you prefer PaperCraftPlanet downloads, the square 4 1/4 envelopes are available here
If you prefer SplitCoastStampers downloads,
they are also available here.


Axes DesigNs said...

Wow Mel.. this is so cool!! I love the envelopes and the way the acrobat works it is so easy!! Thanks so much..

Valarie (vampme3) said...

Thanks, Mel! You are awesome!!!

Noreen said...

Thanks for the envelope templates, Mel. So sweet of you to share them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks are always so cute! Sending hugs your way.

Dawn said...

you're just the bestest kiddo!

sorry you're dealing with the you-know-what =(


Kim said...

Thanks so much Mel for all the work you have done here. I have been fighting my migraine now for 2 days......not fun!!!!!!!!

Deebi27 said...

I am saving this blog to figure out tomorrow...My template doesn't print in its entirety. I guess I need to figure out why. Thanks for the are so generous!

Rufus said...

You are amazing Mel. Can't believe you can still do this while you are fighting the evil migraine monster! Hope that you've whipped his butt!

wwilloww said...

Thanks so much for the templates!!! I am sure I will love using them. Just wanted to let you know I will be gone for a couple of weeks so may not be able to get emails. Will catch up when I get back!!! I am so glad you are moving forward... you are the greatest!!!

Candy said...

Thank you Mel for being so thoughtful to add the Jpegs from now on :o)
Have you any thoughts about making 6' x 6" square envelopes and liners for those of us ( ME ) who make very large cards??
Sure hope by now your headache has lessoned.
Hugs, Candy

Elle said...

WOWZERS! I'm in LOVEEEE with the Acrobat download!!!! SO EASY!!!! Thanks so much for the share!

Danisha said...

Thanks so much for the templates! I have never really made anything other than an A2 card, because I don't have other envies, but now I do!!!

Cherry Blackwa said...

Thank you for sharing this Envelope Printing Tips. This is the first time i have seen something like that but i will definitely give it a try.