Friday, September 17, 2010

Cheap Nestabilities trick (and a quickie 5 minute card)

Why do we make cards?

(Simply spreading the Love

simple adayfordaisies etsy card (cut nesties label) by mel stampz

This card might be painfully simple, but I've been thinking a
great deal lately about making cards to give away
making cards just for the sake of making cards.

Do you give all of your cards away?

How long does it take you to make a card?

You guys may know that I used to spend an insane amount of time making each card, but what you might not know is that I gave a limited amount away. I never seemed to have the right envelope & the cards were often too cute or too specific for general occasions. I think I was more focused on tutorials and design team work and not living in the moment, ya know?

Soooooh... all that blahblahblah to say that lately, I'm making cards
after choosing the envelope (How basic, I know, but
I am truly dyslexic, so that's my excuse for not
figuring out this basic element sooner. LOL)

I'm also trying to make much quicker cards that are more "generic" so that
C and me can give many more cards to the people we know & love.

In that spirit, here's a quick card, with a quick & cheap trick.

(cutting nesties shapes)

It doesn't get any simpler than this:

Trim your die cut to get new shapes

(This one is Spellbinders' nestabilities label 9)

DETAIL simple adayfordaisies etsy card (cut nesties label) by mel stampz

Here's another "brand new" label shape made
Nestabilities Label 5:

The neat part is that you can make different shapes with one die cut,
so it's stretching your dollar nicely.

With your imaginations, I'm sure you can think of a million ways
to cut nesties

The digital image is Bird Blossom Digital Stamp
I bought it from adayfordaisies (a day for daisies) on etsy.
Her artwork is stunning and so unique.

embossing DETAIL simple adayfordaisies etsy card (cut nesties label) by mel stampz - Copy

To heat emboss this digital image:
(and make the card)
  1. Prep speckled cream cardstock (brayer on a thin layer of Matte Medium)
  2. Print bird image on standard setting
  3. Sprinkle on clear embossing powder as soon as it's out of the printer
  4. Heat set the embossing powder to melt
  5. Colour with Copics: BG10, B00, YG03, YG23, YG00, Y02, YR16, R35
  6. Cut with nesties label (use scotch tape to keep die centered) & trim sides
  7. Stick the "thanks" sticker from SRM Stickers onto black cardstock
  8. Adhere it all onto a plain black card (easy peasy!)
I'm so excited that SRM Stickers has white & brown now!!!

Thanks so much for readin'
Hope you're doing wonderously great.

P.S. This is not a "paid" blog post. I scrounged around for the birdy art and bought it out of pocket. ;0) BUT I was lucky enough to receive some of my fave SRM Stickers as a surprise gifty in the "happy mail" :-)


Holly Young said...

oh Mel, Mel, Mel. We need to talk! I make so many cards and I give ALL of them away! Do you know that you can go to stores that sell cards the day after a major holiday (Valentine's day, Mother's day, etc...) and the ladies come in to collect the unsold cards. But do you know what they do with the envelopes that go with those cards? They THROW THEM AWAY! If you can get there though and catch them, they will so happy to give you more envelopes than you can carry away with you! All sizes and colors! Then you go watch my video HERE and learn how to use those envelopes to make your own perfect fitting envelope without any templates or fancy patterns! By the way, you bird card is looking mighty cute and I love your tip on expanding the versatility of the nestabilities die!

Chelsea said...

wowo ... what a great idea!

Chris said...

Love your idea - and thanks for making me feel better about making quick cards...this looks super and will make some one very happy!

Emily said...

Very clever Mel. I love your cheap trick! What a cute birdie too:)) Lately, I've only been making cards to give away. I do have a bunch of cards stashed away from classes I've done though. Someday I would like to put plain white cardstock inside and give them away to one of our local retirement centers so the residents can enjoy giving them to each other.

Noreen said...

I think your Cheap Tricks is my favorite part of your site. I love the ways you come up with of doing a project that someone else would use an expensive tool to do. I admire creativity, and you have it in huge amounts. Thanks for sharing so generously.

Suzi said...

Always glad to see you posting. I feel like I'm visiting with an old friend, AND, hopefully, it means you aren't feeling too, too bad. Love your card, love your tips! Thank you!

CreativSpirit said...

It's so good to have you back Mel....and I do the same as you, always put way to much into cards, at least half of which are still here and never seem to have the right sentiment for the occasion. I agree that making simpler cards is a great idea and much easier to have enough to go around. Love your Nesties idea too thanks.

Danielle Daws said...

I have soooo many cards that I won't give away!! lol And there is nothing remotely "simple" about your card - it's elegant and sophisticated. I love it. And... I probably wouldn't give that one away either!! lol

Anonymous said...

Oh you sweet girl. It's SO good to have you back every now and then. Please don't over do it. Love the thrifty ideas to make additional shapes. I'm always amazed at your creativeness.... why did I never think of that?? Great tips!
Now confusions for your question. I have at least two boxes of cards made but there never seems to be the "right" one. The last little while it seems I've been busy so I've been making cards on a need to send basis. I like to have extras so that I can sell them at a local craft store but that hasn't happened for awhile. Oh well, like you said, it's good to live in the moment.
Seeing you in my inbox brings a smile to my face ;-)
Beth Greco

Yvonne Russell said...

Inspired idea. You are so creative and generous.

Ms. Jen said...

Oh my goodness, you are so right Mel! Thanks for the advice and tips.

Manasa said...

Oh the idea you have given :)

Alice said...

ah! you are so clever!!! thanks for the fabulous tips and your card is gorgeous! i do send some cards out to friends, but there are cards that i just can't not part with... LOL! hope it's not just me! =)

Mari said...

I, too, have tons of cards I've never given away. I think mostly it's because I only know a few people who would appreciate the time/energy/love that I put into them! :)
DH *says* he's going to sell some on EBay... but he's been saying that for (literally) years. I just go on making what I like, and let him do what he wants! :D

Becky said...

Mel the card is still beautiful, short time or long. :). I give most of my cards away, family, friends, I try to keep in mind when I do a challenge "who am I going to send this to?". A simple card takes me hours to do because after I color the image I have to figure out the papers then I also do the insides.

Merry said...

Beautiful card.. I find simple very hard but you do it so easily. I tend to create cards and then try to sell them in my store at markets from time to time and then what is left goes out to my nieces and friends around the world. They all enjoy the snail mail surprise.

Margreet said...

thanks for your inspiring idea......great card!
xxx Margreet

Dorcas said...

What a great idea! I have more than 75 un-sent cards, so I hear ya, girlfriend! lol I'm hoping to sell them in a store here in town but even then you feel like you're giving them away cos they're worth so much more than what you'll get for them.
Thanks for the tip.

Lawren said...

What a wonderful tip. Thank you. I am always looking for new things to do with my Nesties. LOL!

sunghee said...

I am so glad to see this post. But, even your simple card, you are putting a lot of time on photographing it, tutorial, etc. And, I do really appreciate all you do!
For me, most of the cards end up in the trash can. I make them for DT projects and don't really have any need for most of'em. Something I need to change.

Lorrinda said...

I spend the most time on the cards I am making for special people. But mostly I try to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) my cards, because they are cheaper to mail if they aren't heavily embellished, and many people just (gasp!) toss them anyway.

sheabella said...

Hey Mel,

Fantastic card. Nothing wrong with simple!! I always wondered how long it must have taken you to make those really, really intricate cards.
I have a basic question. What is the matte medium you mention about putting on the card stock before printing? Does it hurt copics? Is it so the embossing powder sticks better?

Tacey Perkins said...

Mel- Unforunatly , this is true for me too. I can spend hours on a card, and not even give it away. But, most of them I do. And envelopes are my least favorite thing to make. So, another reason some don't get used. But, I have figured out how to modify a greeting card size envelope to fit some of them. Let me tell you, that it is a real time saver. Maybe I will post how to do it on my blog. See you around!

Idle Hands said...

Mel, it usually takes me about 30 minutes to make a not too fussy card. It can take me a long time of trial and error before I get one I really like. I rarely replicate anything. BUT, I have been away from card making for a while. That has now changed since I heard about Operation Write Home - . I've decided that making limited multiples is just fine because of who I am making them for. My card making has been infused with a new purpose. I still plan on making card sets for family and friends for gifts, but am working on filling boxes with cards for those serving overseas. Only my very worst headaches prevent me from working at least a few hours a day. I'm having fun and hoping that my little cards will make someone happy.

Priscilla said...

Love your "cheap tricks" Mel. Thanks for the post. I generally take 2 hrs for a card but just because I can not make up my mind. I keep about half and give the rest away in bundles to friends.
Love your tips.

Warm n Wonderful said...

Good questions about our card making.

I usually give mine away, and I am constantly getting advice to sell them. I am too lazy to do that, because that might mean deadlines and all that!

I have often made cards specifically for fundraising. Last night I sold a bunch of my cards and all the proceeds went to the Food Bank. People gave what they could, and being a low income community they gave an average of $2. I collected $77.

I made a set of eight for a silent auction for breast cancer, they all had survival messages on them.

I also made a set of 6 for my school where I work for a fundraiser. No idea how much they went for, but I had lots of compliments about them.

It doesn't matter to me what I do with the cards, I just get lots of satisfaction from making them.

Warm n Wonderful said...

I just saw Sunghee's comment about her cards ending in the trash. How about sending them off to the troops of your country? I'm sure they will appreciate them.

Vina said...

Beautiful card Mel! Thanks for sharing your Nestie's's another one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" I'll be looking at my nestie's with a fresh set of eyes! Oh, I make more cards then I give away..I think I make cards more as a creative outlet & relaxation therapy. It helps take my mind off of the stresses around me. :)
Take care! Vina

Tee McNeil Art said...

OH Mel! I just want to hug you darling. It's amazing to have you back!

Simpler cards are still beautiful! Your work... your mind is an amazing thing and we are all just so glad that you share even a small part with us. That said, we don't want you to overdo either.

To answer your questions, I do have a LOT of cards, but I've been giving them away lately - in sets, as gifts even -- and it feels good to use them.

I don't always have the right size envie either, so I've been making them. It's pretty easy to do. I have the MS score board and with it I can make a professional looking envie in seconds.

Ana said...

Gracias por tu generosidad.

ileana said...

Hi Mel, this card is very pretty, my favorites are simple cards because I think they are like pizza: the less the better! (try pizza with only a bit of topping, you won´t regret it!)
Back to cards. When I started making cards on a regular basis the first thing I did was to look for the envelopes, I realize I´m too lazy to make my own to fit the cards (used to made them...), so that tricky point solved for me :-)
I tried to sell my cards on some stores around here a few times (I´m in Spain) but I was not lucky, they didn´t like my cards (I still think they are good!) but I sold some to my coworkers and to my fiance´s ones. And some of them I send them to family and friends :-) But I have this hobbie that is very therapeutic for me, so I don´t mind making cards and crafts and store them on my craft room. If I particularly like one I put it on display around the house! Have a great day! Hugs,

Jennifer Scull said...

oh how wonderful to 'see' you!
I just buy lots and lots of padded envies to mail my cards - that way I don't have to worry about embellies getting squashed or the wrong size. the padding keeps the cards nice and safe inside, like a little pillow. :) and I can buy them in bulk at the local office supply or Sam's. I don't mind spending the extra on postage because the person getting the card is pretty special anyhow!

Tammy is going to be thrilled you are using some of her beautiful art on your creations! I have been a fan of ADFD for a while now.

I have got to track down this matte medium you keep mentioning.....

have a most glorious day! and mail a card to someone special! you'll feel so good about it! :)

Michelle Quinno said...

I pretty much make cards to give them away. I have a small stash but I generally make them as I go.
I usually spent about an hour total on a card (if I'm coloring the image in).

Thanks for the cheap trick tip! Love your card!!

Kathy said...

Adorable! Love that little birdie! Thanks for the link to where you purchased the digi...I really like what I saw in the shop! Great idea on trimming up those die cuts!

Dawn said...

Hi Mel

I often stop by but this is the first time I have left a comment, your blog is very inpsiring and full of really great ideas. Your mind must be working overtime non stop!!
Well i found I was making cards for challenges and ended up with boxes of them i begun to feel it was all getting a bit pointless (very sad I know even though I loved making cards) but i felt I was doing nothing with them and spending so much money buying and buying stash, (Very addicitive)!
I have now found a small gift shop who has taken some of them but i don't hold out much hope that loads of them will sell.
I too sell them to work colleagues but mostly they go to family and friends or my mum who is always asking me to make cards for this occasion or that occasion!! LOl


Kelly said...

Hi Mel,
I usually spend hours on my cards, and I give them all away. I give them to my friends and family so they can then send them onto other people. I also tend to buy pre scored cards that come with matching envelopes or I try to make cards in varied shapes that will fit into a normal envelope. I really don't like the measuring part of the envelope making process. I'm defo going to try that envelope tip though. Watch out stores. I wonder if they do that in England??
Take it easy :)
Kel x

Lori Forester said...

Hi Mel
Glad to see you creating but remember to take care of yourself.
Love your bird card and the terrific tip on the nesties!
I make cards to fit envelops I can buy because I'm too lazy to make envelops so I look at envie sizes like premade canvas sizes and just work within them.
I give some of my cards away and keep some. About 50/50 I guess.

Gail said...

I''m just catching up on my blog reading....enjoy yours by the way.
I make & give away a lot of cards.
I sometimes send cards and not write on them so they can be 'paid forward'!
I do this with an aunt, thinking of you, birthday etc.!
I'm not sure how many she's given away, I know she displays them for a while!
Sometimes, I'll do it for my mom, but she already gets her cards to give away from me!