Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog layout changes & Pinteresting style

Dear Friends,

You might have noticed a couple of
changes in the blog layout lately.
I've been trying to tidy it all up a bit.

There are new buttons for different parts of the blog:
home3..templates...subscribe..tutorials....about button

two new buttons:

"Subscribe" button


You've had some questions about how to subscribe (sorry that was a pain). But the new button is my attempt at solving the problem. Feedburner & Feedblitz still feel so maze-like to my noodle, but I hope it works for you. If not, please let me know.

Interested in email updates? You can just click the subscribe cloud button & it will take you to a form for FeedBlitz that looks like this:

Just enter your email (where you see my old one "") and prove your not a robot then you'll get an email asking you to confirm. Be sure to add the address to your contacts, if you don't want the spam folder to eat up your updates. ;O)

Then, full updates of the posts will be delivered to your inbox when they are up on the blog & you can click through if you want to visit me..........

If you prefer Feedburner,
please use the little box to the right-hand side
in the sidebar, on my blog, under the "subscribe" header
to add your email.II....
Not a fan of full email updates?
You can take your pick of services (Readers etc)
(also in sidebar to the right there, on my blog).

If you liked these old text-based buttons that were on the top of the page:

Fun stuff: 200+ CUTTLEBUG Ideas-FLOWERS-GESSO stuff! Templates:BOXES-Boxes 101-Envelopes-PURSES-Bags-3x3 boxes-HOUSEs-butterflies-CUPcakes-TREES-coffee/tea- -tagsBasics:Faux Sew-SEWING paper-BUTTONS-Distressing-BRADS-ribbon-ALCOHOL INKS -markers

You can still find them, but they're on the bottom. Sorry for the scrolling, but they were getting dated (and felt cluttered).

And last, but not least...

"Pins" Button
pin button
I love Pinterest
It has bumped up my (life)style

What: It's basically an online inspiration board slash filing cabinet. People save their favourite visuals from around the web by "pinning" them onto boards. It's sheer delight (though to be honest it is addictive & a bit of a time-suck).

Why: It's a visual smorgasbord. You can just browse & drool.

And if you used to like the link lists I made of crafts grouped by type, you might be a fan of Pinterest. My link lists are now visual ones. If you like making your own link lists or roundup posts, you'll love it, since it's SO much easier (no saving photos, uploading, or copying URLs...) :o)

Like the old Hot Crafty Flowers link-list post
which became my Pinterest
DIY flower craft & inspiration board:

pinterest pointers mel stampz
Focus photo credit: Emmaline Bride (here)

(You click on the photos you like & then they open up larger. If you click them again, you can go visit the original source. To make the browsing page for any board have larger or smaller thumbnails: hold the control key while you roll your mouse wheel up/down.)

To follow links on there, I believe you have to join the site, but it's free and very user friendly.

Oddly enough, it's really changed the way I do things daily: I've found better food & drink ideas, gardening, and am feeling like my craft-style has been recharged. (Can't wait to show you some of the things I've been working on based on inspiration from there! That teensy weensy letter at the top of this post is one of 'em).

Anywho, hope the changes are okay.
If you can think of anything you'd like to see,
please just let me know,


Holly said...

Love the new look Melissa. I don't have much patience to learn all the blog stuff so mine stays the same month after month. that pinterest is a lot like stumble upon - if you haven't tried it yet it's worth a look!

nancybabb said...

I am a Pinterest Junkie too! OH MY! THANK YOU so much for the re-sizing tip! Now I can scan faster...YAY!

Mari said...

Lookin' good, girl! :)
I've loved what I've seen at Pintrest. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and request to be a member. I'll look *you* up FIRST THING!

Cheryl said...

I am a Pinterest junkie.

Thank you for the scrolling tip.

E.T said...

Everyone's hooked on Pinterest! It is full of inspiration! Loving your changes... change is good :) can't wait to see what you will come up with! HURRYYYY!

Mary Leeson said...

Love the changes! Haven't visited you in a while but glad to find you again. I JUST started Pinterest and I'm loving it too! Thanks for the tip also. God bless ya!

thestampinglady said...

Everything you do is fabulous--so it just follows that your new lo is fab too.

Deebi27 said...

You are like the Eveready Bunny, when you get moving...look out changes are a coming...thanks for the resizing tip!! Lie sooo many others LOVE Pinterest too! I am checking your inspirational boards for some inspiration!

Can't wait for a Pinterest iPhone App! Got the iPad covered. The pad is my daughters :(