Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sick of boxes yet? This is the easiest one in the (under)world, teehee!

You are gonna be tired of me ramblin' on about boxes, but I'm too excited not to share. (Yup, I'm a big stamp geek!) This is so easy! The pattern is just one big rectangle with rounded corners. If you'd like the pattern just lemme know. :0)

Rambling details about our bloodsucking friend and his bat buddies:

I have to admit it, I was feeling sooooooo lazy that I didn't want to get out all my reinkers etc. to water-colour Dracula. Then I wanted to make a moon, and my laziness paid off a little. I leave big messes wherever I go in the house...paper pieces and so on; well, there was a piece of Basic Grey paper and I thought "Hmmmm... that'd make a neat moon," so I used it. I was trying to figure out how to emboss the "River Rock," and I figured I'd use the versamark on the stamp first then the coloured ink. It worked. (Though, I hafta say I wish S.U. had craft pads in the in-colours---and markers and multiple accessories...) Anywho, there's clear e.p. over those inks. Dracula is embossed on the same pattern paper (Basic Grey, Stella Ruby collection "morning on the heath STE-726) with black craft and e.p. He has a dimensional under his noggin and his feet are glued on with crystal effects, so they don't get torn off.

The bats presented a challenge. I have no little bat stamp, so I freehanded with the versa marker. I was left with a bit of a messy looking bat. (The wing tips were rounded because of the thickness of the versamarker.) So I embossed first and then went in with a black stamp'n'write. They are on the patterned paper too, then shaded with a blender pen & black ink. (The moon and Dracula are also shaded with the blender pen and a touch of black ink.) Couldn't be easier :0)

Stamp sets: "Lovely as a Tree" (embossed with black e.p.) A moon stamp from ebay.

Cardstock: retired S.U. Halloween d.s.p. and inside the Basic Grey (listed above) glued on to give the S.U. paper some stiffness. The wire is from the brass one from the "Wire Works" kit.

Thanks for checkin' this out,

:0)= <---Vampire teeth!


Kay Kalthoff said...

Your moon really caught my eye! I love the face peering out at me. I also just can't believe those bats are free-hand! They look absolutley AWESOME!!! Love the purse-look card. Is it standard card size? I'll have to go back to your post and look for that info.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Hi Kay,

It's 4 inches by 4 & 2/8 inches. So it would be good for 4x4 square cards I'm thinkin'

Thanks for your question. I should put sizes in my rants :0) Mel

Leann said...

i absolutely love all these boxes & bags, mel ~ they're brilliant!

{& look ~ i actually started blogging!}

Michelle said...

Melissa, you're going to have to send me the pattern for this one too! This is awesome!

~* Tracy *~ said...

Sick of boxes???? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe I think this is so adorable!

Kim Etherington said...

Love this little dude. You did awesome on the freehand bats...must be because your a crazy old bat. hee hee.. love ya!

Shelley said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I will love to have this template. Would you be able to share it with me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel! I recently discovered your blog, and absolutely love it! I'm just beginning to experiment with bags and purses, and would love to have this template to try out!

Kind regards,