Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stocking Stuffer Boxes!

EDITED TO ADD: I've spent the whole day trying to rescan and email this double-template (with a migraine) I am goin' nuts! (I figure it's okay to vent about my own technical ineptness, no?) So, here is the source for the template. I hope it works for you ( I REALLY hope it works for you, LOL!): s.c.s. thread double template...

This is originally a carrot box from the Stampin Up demo website, but these are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree. My family has a tradition of putting Christmas cards on the tree and people search out their card; makes you feel like a kid again! With little name tags, these could be used the same way. You won't believe how easy these boxes are. You can whip one together in 10 minutes or less. These have lip-gloss in them, but would also fit mascara, candy or toys, jewelery and other baubles or trinkets...even money or paper gift cards rolled up for those hard to buy for people. I'm dying to do these in Stampin Up's "Wintergreen" Designer Series Papers, but I'm waiting to add that paper order to my friend Kim's card party. Oh the torture of waiting!!! LOL.

If you'd like the template, just leave me your contact info. (I've scanned it to fit two on one page, so it wastes much less designer paper; can't stand waisting that stuff, and I rarely use scraps--shame on me!) ;0)

To make your own:

All you need is patterned paper, a hole punch, some double-sided tape & ribbon.

1. Simply cut a piece of patterned paper to 8.5 width and run it through your printer (just be sure the 'inside' of the box is receiving the ink.) It looks great with double-sided paper.

2. Trim the outline, score the dotted lines and punch the holes (that are already marked on the pattern) and

3. Simply adhere one side and run the ribbon through so you have two strands at the front (like on a shoe lace.) Then, tie a standard bow. Use the two tails of the bow to make the hanger (tie a knot where the very top of the hanger would be and trim.) Easy Easy Easy! :0)

[The papers used here are Basic Grey (on the left it's Berry Branch from the Fruit Cake Collection--FRU-598) and (on the right is Tree Skirt from the Dasher Collection--DSH-630.) The middle (one in the back) is retired Stampin Up Christmas paper. Ribbons are all retired S.U. but any would look lovely.]

Just click if you'd like the double template: s.c.s. thread double template...

Here's a Halloween variation.

Thanks for Checkin' these out;


Kim Etherington said...

These are fabulous. Love the picture. I want to make these ones. Even a baggy of candy inside would work!!! Love the papers you used. I'd like the template please darling!

Leann said...

these are soooo sweet ~ pleeeeeeeaaase can i have the template mel?

Anonymous said...

Love these! May I please get the template? Thanks! Beth

Ginger said...

These are so cute. I'd love to have my students try their hands at making them. Will you please share your template with the two patterns on one page with me? This site is going in my favorites. Thanks! Ginger

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!!! I would love to have the template. Thanks!

~* Tracy *~ said...

I'd love the template tooooo! Love this idea! :-)

Margaret McDonald said...

so cute. I was at the creative needlework festival today & there sure is some gorgeous paper out there. Love BG!

AWG said...

I would love a copy of the template, please!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just found your blog and I love what I see. ;) My mother would like me to 16 of these for Christmas. Would it be possible to send me your template. It would be very much appriciated. (and I'm bookmarking your site right after I send this...) Thank you.