Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How Environmental (cheap!) am I?

This is probably boring visually, since this looks like the other card I posted using the Snow Burst set. BUT it might be a good post creatively--At least if you are like me and you want loads of layers but you try to save as much designer paper & cardstock as possible. I have a new kind of recycling trick for paper saving. I was punching out punches from my layers of card stock mats because cutting squares from the middle is a pain, but I have all these punched shapes that I may never use now-(especially since I love to stamp & punch for evenness.) So, I thought--while making these circle mats--that I'd cut circles out of the hidden layers. It's sooooo easy with the Coluzzle (or Creative Memories cutter, which is my fave. Bad S.U. demo BAD!) ;-)

Anyhow, thought I'd share that in case anyone else is cheap. (Ooops, I mean environmentally concerned! hehehe.)

Later Crafty People,
:0) Mel


AnnMarie said...

Oooh! Me!! Me!! I am cheap too!! I mean environmentally concerned! Great tip! Thanks for sharing! : )