Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eat Cake Polar Bear gets a Make-over

I've been working on improving previous card designs, because sometimes I get so wrapped up in the image that I neglect the final look of the card. Sometimes I'm also not in the mood to add details; I just wanna see it finished (laziness strikes again!)

So, I thought I'd share a few--in case any one else has the same tendency. Also, I have new photo software on my new com'puker' and how did I ever survive without it??? The new cards feature LOTS of square layouts. (You'll get sick of 'em for certain!) :0)

For the before card (and what I used to make it) click here.

Thanks for looking at this card AGAIN, ;0)


Michelle said...

He is so cute!! I love your card!

Anonymous said...

ribbons pull it all together nice, momp

Karrie Baker said...

Oh, this is soooo CUTE!! I love that bear! ;)