Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Journal covering in 5 minutes

I love to watch the cooking channel and jot down recipes (some I look up later online, but some aren't available, so it's great to have a little book right by the t.v.) I actually saw how to do this project on t.v. too.

This was SUPER quick & easy:

1. Just stick an chipboard piece (OR: die-cut/hand-cut/punched shape, paper ribbon, glue-dots, taped/hot-glued pattern...) on a book with double-sided tape.
2. Then, put aluminum tape over it (mine was from the dollar store, but hardware stores carry it too.)
3. Burnish tape with back of your fingernail or something smooth (spoon? rounded pen cap?) The tape may crack a little, so it's good to have a colour underneath that you don't mind showing.
4. Add embellishments. (I added gem brads from S.U. & a little sanded DYMO label--see this DYMO post for more.)
5. Add a ribbon page marker if you like. Mine is retired SU ribbon with a spoon charm. It is held on by knotting it and melting the ribbon with a lighter, so it won't come undone.

Here's a more artistic version of this technique:
This is by Beverly Seymour; for her directions click here.

Stay tuned if you're interested in more complicated journal cover projects, :0)


Tania said...

Wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous..i wish marc's computer was working so he could get some ideas..i'll show him your blog when he comes over next week wed for his birthday he'll be 24