Thursday, December 13, 2007

Altered Card (photo) Box

Another family member kicked offa the blog! I'm just starting now to get the full rush of the excitement of Christmas. Well, I start late, don't I? Well, I needed some vacation time to start on my projects and with C and I being students money is so tight that I worry...blah, blah...(I'm blessed with a family who is not materialistic and is sweetly appreciative.) Like the person this is for: Marvellllous Margie!

This project has been particularly fun and I thought it might be a good one for all you cardmakers. These photo boxes are the perfect size for standard cards (4 and 2/8s inches x 5 1/2inches.) My aunt Margie loves to travel (and takes gorgeous pictures) so I thought once she uses these cards, she could still have the box for pictures.

I used Petals Plus to stamp the blooms and French Script for the details. The white strip in the box cover (with the blanket stitch of black embroidery thread down the side) and the pieces for the leaves was the most serendipitous find. I took apart a book that was falling apart to make this sketch book sandwich, and it was handwriting on the inside of the spine. (Practically killed me to glue it to the sketch book, but I photocopied it several times to use it in other projects.) It's sepia but I copied it in black & white for this.

The flowers on the cards are painted with black craft ink. I forgot how luxurious it is to paint with a high quality brush. (I'm ashamed to say that I have a deluxe easel & many brushes sitting neglected in my "studio.") However, not anymore...I'm using the brushes because they're tools not jewels. My very favourite brush is something you may want to put on your wish list: it's a number 4 round by Windsor and Newton. They go on sale quite often.

Funnily enough, this little detail (above) is my favourite part of the project. The bottom of the box said made in China. I sanded it off when I was distressing the finish (wrecked my metal nail file, 'cause I couldn't find my sandpaper. Yes, I am a freak.) I like the palimpsest it still shows the made in China, but overwrites that. Nothing wrong with China per se of course...I just wish I had the means to buy local artist's work all the time. One day... :0)

Thanks so much for reading; hope you have a great day,

P.S. Sorry for the crummy pix. I'm planning out a lighting agenda for picture taking after the holidays--All my lamps keep fitzing out on me (Don't buy Ikea lamps; trust me!)
P.P.S. For more on the ingredients please see this scs post.


paulssandy said...

WOW, Mel, you make black, white and gray look so elegant! I love this project and I am sure the recipient will too!!

Unknown said...

This is wonderful, where did you find this photo box, I sure would love to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

lucky margie very nice work mel...momp

Kim Etherington said...

WOW!! This is absolutely stunning, incredible and marvelous. Oh I forgot fabulous!!! I just love the look of it all. Lucky Margie!

Cathrine StClair said...

This is a wonderful gift! You have a great blog - so fun to see what you have been working on.

Michelle Pearson said...

Mel, these are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing with us! I'm lovin the color combo...and have to try your vellum neat!

Michelle said...

Oh, so, so pretty, Mel. Love the contrast. You do such neat stuff!!

kathleenh said...

This is a gorgeous project Mel! I'm sure your aunt will LOVE it! It makes me want to keep a look out for photo boxes. Where did you get yours?

Margaret McDonald said...

I did it! I didn't spoil the surprise.and man I camethiscloseacoupleoftimes!! There was a heavy box wedged between my doors after work yesterday. Inside were my lovely Kismas prezzies from my darlin' Mel. including this one. gorgeous, freakin' beautiful.
thanks so much M.M.M.M
Auntie Margie