Saturday, December 15, 2007

Keeping the Flame Alive: romantic gift idea (WARNING: High SAPPY factor)

These are obviously not new candles; I thought I'd share them, though, in case anyone is searching for a gift idea. I made them for my sweetheart. They were inspired by our shared love of poetry. [We met publishing a creative writing journal that he founded at University--sighhhhhhh....] I know: Gack! And it gets better (or worse) LOL. He wrote me some heart-thumpin' poetry, and before we lived together, we passed an anthology of love poetry back and forth (underlining and writing notes to each other in it.) TMI huh?

Anywho, for our first Christmas together I stamped lines from a poem he wrote me and two from that anthology and put them on these candles. Maybe not a "manly" gift, but hey--the guy writes love poems (and I say Blechkt! to gender stereotyping!) ;0)

The process is really easy:

1. Stamp the lines on tissue paper (I used a retired Stampin Up set, but rough edges or any small alphabet set would do. I stamped in Stazon on white tissue. )

2. Place the tissue on the candle & wrap a piece of wax paper around the candle.

3. While holding it tightly heat the candle with your heat gun. (You can do touch ups with a lighter (carefully, of course.)

Here's a much better tutorial on the process.

A fresh take on this project (at least one I've never seen) would be to print out pictures on tissue (family photos or images from the net) for instance illustrations from a loved one's favourite artist or sentimental childhood book.

Thanks for listening to my drippy love story. :0) Happy gift making,

P.S. If you'd like to find your own silver-plated tray for candles check out Value Village, The Salvation Army or other thrift stores. They have them often.

ETA: Here's a thorough video tutorial by Sue that I found thanks to Alison (of "Stampin When I Can" fame.)