Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Office Set--an affordable gift idea

I've been wanting to make an office set to give to my marvelous m.i.l., Esther, for months. When I went to look for goodies to cover; though, I was not having much luck. So, I went a little bonkers: a kleenex box!?! Who the heck alters a kleenex box, you might ask. Well, it was a bit of a pain in the pain in the tuckus , lol-(I'm just all thumbs, 'cause that hole in the top was HARD!) but I think it'll be useful and it's prettier than some kleenex boxes. ;0)

I photocopied the BasicGrey paper (Jubilee/Spearmint FRU-609) I know, my bad--probably copyright infringement, but I'm not trying to avoid buying it--it's cheaper to buy the real paper than copy it--it's just that the thick stuff wouldn't Mod-Podge onto the kleenex box. Also this is just personal use and I used loads of the real stuff. Okay okay...plenty of justification going on here...Then, why do I still feel guilty?!? ;0)

The calendar is a Stamping Up Days to Remember calendar, but I cut it in half. I wanted it to leave a smaller desk footprint. (She's a busy lady with lots of schtuff on her desk.) When I halved it, I thought I was pretty clever--until I realized that this meant I had to put the other 6 months onto that spiral thingy. It is doable though, just takes a bit of patience.

I kept the months very simple. I just cut a piece of Snow fall Pear (BasicGrey Dasher DSH-637) to 12 x 8.5 inches and then made a word document and printed it out. I had to select (and print selection) to get the last two months properly spaced on the d.p. (and also turn the d.p. upside down to run it through the printer again) but it was worth it. I just can't stamp that evenly! I used dark blue Lucidia Handwriting font (28) with 8 point lines between. (Tabed over the the right and centered.) Then, I stamped the hummingbird on there in Not Quite Navy Craft ink & embossed it. (Esther loves hummingbirds.) This hummingbird is from the retired Drawing on Nature set. I bought it with her in mind eons ago.

MORE DETAILS: The pen-holder tin is a Victorian Epicure Selections tea tin. The tape dispenser is super easy to do: just pop it apart & trace the original card insert onto d.p. Then cut out & insert. The book is a lined journal (easily covered with double-sided tape and designer paper.) Here's the detail inside (I added the ribbon by punching circles of d.p. with lots of double-sided tape (and the ribbon) between the book and the circles:

I still want to add the days onto the blank calendar with a stamp'n'write marker, but I'm waiting 'til I have better handwriting (I have shaky caffeine hands now!) ;0) Just thought I'd get in one last post before we go away for our holidays.

Wishing you all love, light, and laughter for the Holidays and the New Year,
:0) Mel


Alhambra Club said...

Wow, what a great job, love the paper you used, these are fantastic.

Margaret McDonald said...

just gorgeous!! man can't wait to meet this lady. I feel a trip coming on!!!
I haven't peeked at my gift blog yet but its tempting!!!
I love BG paper & I now know a certain prezzie will be just perfect. I can tease 2 ya know!!!!

Crissy said...

Great job. I really like the calendar! And the Kleenex box was a great idea!

Michelle Pearson said...

this set turned out so well....what a fun desk she'll have!

sophia landry said...

This is beautiful! Such a great idea for a gift. I always find that gifts are more special when they are handmade.

Catherine said...

Mel, you just never cease to amaze me. This is a great project! I especially love the kleenex box and the tape dispenser - who would have thunk to do those?!? Very cool.

Tina said...

Happy Christmas and a happy New Year, siesta!

kathleenh said...

This is a beautiful ensemble! Such a personal gift too.

Maria said...

Wow Melissa!

Your office set is GORGEOUS! Your MIL will love them. I've altered a Kleenex box. . .hey, my view is if you can make something beautiful with a bit of altering, go for it!

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!

Your blog sister,

Bonnie said...

Love the paper....gorgeous creations you got there! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


I just want to drop in and wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Hope to get to know you better through SBS2!

Betsy said...

Great gift set. I would have never thought to alter a Kleenex box or tape!!! Great job.

Merry Christmas!

Becky G said...

What a fantastic gift set!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your siesta, Becky!