Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fridge Flower: a magnetic garden

I miss my old garden (even in the middle of winter!) I am super lucky that my sweetheart keeps buying me lovely potted plants--like tulips and paper whites; eventually, though, they fade away. So, I've decided to make a garden of fade-proof fridge flowers. (Fortunately, I can't torture them the way I do house plants, lol.) I think I'll make a variety of colours so I can switch 'em out--from a bunch that are bright to all white maybe?

Want to make your own 3D flowers? Here's a tutorial.

:0) Mel


Bonnie said...

Hey Mel, just checked out your tutorial on these flowers and I am going to have to try one. They are BEAUTIFUL!! and thanks for FINALLY doing your tag.... I was beginning to think it was personal {sniff, sniff} :) LOL!

Alhambra Club said...

this is lovely, will have to go check out the tutorial.

Becky G said...

Love the bold colors on this! What a great idea for a fridge magnet!