Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Your Own Card-Kit Elements for FAST Cards

Sometimes you just have to have a card yesterday! :0) I had all of the elements ready for these and I forgot how speedy you can be when you do that, so I thought I'd share some ideas:

--Precut & Altered Mats: I had these Tempting Turquoise mats cut & distressed & rubbed with the same colour ink pad. You can have pre-crimped mats, pre-stamped mats, doubled-up mats... I just added rub-ons to these & they were ready.

Pre-done images make it much easier to create note-card sets as a quick gift.

--Prestamped & Coloured Images: I have a lot of images pre-done. I like this so much, because sometimes I'm just in the mood to do one element: colouring or cutting or stamping and I'm not in a layout frame of mind. It's a great way to get inspired if you're stuck. You can also emboss scenic or critter stamps that you can watercolor & add to a card later. One major advantage is that you can stamp & emboss on one sheet of paper, then colour on that single sheet and cut apart later. (This saves mess & effort, but it also means you always get a perfectly centered image, since you cut to suit it.) You can cut ovals or circles too of course...

--Homemade Primas: Flowers are my favourite things to have all set to go. (I Have to make more colours though!) Here's an alternate idea of Dee Jackson's that's sheer brilliance: you just pre-stamp & Cut flowers, then you can colour when needed. If you do pre-paint a bunch of primas, it's handy to leave some sans embellishments so you can get variety.

I have Tupperware containers with pre-cut & folded cards in all of the colours. Very handy!

Precut cards: Some of these are pre-stitched like the cards I made this time. I also like to precut square cards & am thinking of doing circles too. One advantage to this is that your creative mind isn't limited by what colours you have out, since you have a plethora of hues at hand. (Heehee, plethora...) ;0)

Colour Themes & Storage: For images & mats, I find it's easiest to stay with a monochromatic look of your favourite colour (IF you like that look.) Then, you're sure to use the bits that you take the time to make. You can always mix the colours up later. They store well in ziplock baggies or a tupperware box. I like to pack them up by stamp set or theme.

Thanks so much for reading!

P.S. Other Card details: These Not Quite Navy cards were pre-folded, stitched on the sewing machine, and the line was drawn in with a white Signo gel pen. Stamps: Doodle This stamp (left) Delight in Life stamp (right); Cardstock: Not Quite Navy & Tempting Turquoise. Flowers are embossed on Naturals White in Chocolate Chip ink & clear e.p., painted with Turquoise & Not Quite Navy reinkers, & they have a Gem brad & beads for centers.


Libby Hickson said...

Wow - creative AND organized. I am really starting to hate you. LOL!

Alhambra Club said...

I thought I was organized but wow you are one organized lady, oh and yest VERY creative.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Not THAT organized ladies. ;0) I have boxes of scraps n stuff piled in my room--trust me! :0) Mel

ScrapMomOf2 said...

WOW! You are so organized! I'm totally impressed!

Cathrine StClair said...

Wow! Can you come over and organize me? I'm desperate!

Maria said...

Hey Mel! Are you my secret sistah? I recognized the stamped images and you mentioned the primas! If you are, WOW, I love the stuff you sent me and your cards are BEAUTIFUL in person! Thank you for all the wonderful goodies. I'll be posting them on my blog tomorrow! Again, thank you. . .I love everything you sent me. . .but if you're not my secret sistah!. . .ummm, forget my rambling!

I love your organization~ I do a lot of the same things especially coloring and cuttng my images in advance. When I'm filling lazy, I usually pull out one of the pre-stamped and colored images and create a card really quickly! I love all your ideas!

Your SBS2 sis,