Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Corner Pocket card (Lumiere Sheen & ways to faux stitch)

Hi Gals--Guys,

I've been missing & out of action lately, Sorry...I've been one huge walking migraine for a week or so. Ugh. Well here's a card to tide you over--Until I can stamp again. I may die if I don't, or at least suffer some kind of mental deficiency symptoms. Stampin' is my happy vitamin! :0) For this card, I wanted a new layout (You know me, so layout lazy!) This is inspired by the current Close to My Heart catalogue (on page 60) and I wanted to try a white on white kinda look.

To make it:

1....Stamp Doodle This flowers on Naturals White Cardstock in Versamark/White Craft ink & emboss with white e.p.
2....Paint flowers with a Mix of: River Rock ink, water, & Lumiere (You can add pearlex if you like, but Lumiere is nicve on its own too--that pearly sheen is subtle but pretty)
3...Dry with heat gun & cut out flowers. (Curl them with fingers--if desired)
4...Punch holes in 2 flowers & add center embellishment. I've used a rivet from Scrapbook Interiors. It just snaps right on
5...Make leaves (see bellow)
6...Cut card (6 inches square) & cut triangle pocket (from a second 6 inch square--Use the other half to cut the triangle mat for stamping) Cut remaining pieces for layers.
7...Add eyelets to triangle pocket (trace template for spacing OR mark placing with a pencil.)
8...Stamp on accent pieces (I've used Baroque motifs and River Rock ink.)
9) Create scallop along back of eyeleted triangle using a circle punch--(See this post for how)
10) Add the Twill tab to the slidey-out section (between layers)--& more eyelets too!
11) Stamp the layer for the back section of the card (I've used a piece of Naturals Ivory to contrast the Naturals White a little.)
12) Finally, adhere the works :0)

I've used three kinds of faux stitching on here--because I kept screwin' up using the guide so I lost my patience, lol:

I) On the scallop, freehand faux stitching with a white signo gel pen and
Using the S.U. piercing guide and paper piercer with black stitches and with white gel pen and finally
On the outer edge of the main card: using the perforating tool from the cutter kit with black ink (and the wheel guide to keep it straight)
A fourth way that I use is to just draw a pencil line or marker line and pierce by free hand. You can go over it with gel pen later if you like, or with glue pen to emboss it. I'm dyin' to try Tim Holtz's new designer ruler with a long piercing guide. Just have to find where they sell his stuff (though I'll be in trouble then!) Thanks to Alison for linking to Tim's great stuff! Kind of... lol ;0)

Here's a shot that shows more of the dimension of the flower and leaves.

To make leaves super easily:

A) Draw (or stamp) a leaf shape on River Rock cardstock.
B) Fold it over & cut out two at once.
C) Moisten the leaf with water & crumple it in your hand.
D) While wet, flatten a little and pat with the River Rock stamp pad. Dry with heat gun.
E) Draw a pencil line down the center (or score a line.) Add faux stitching with a paper piercer. Marker over the line, if you like.
F) Adhere in center & fold it up a little.

Thanks for looking,

P.S. I made a template for brad placement if anyone is interested in using it, just let me know and I'll scan and send!

ETA P.S.S. Here's a Fab Circle punch Scalloped Edge video ( & other scallop techniques too!)


Alhambra Club said...

This card is beautiful, I hope your headache goes away soon

Kim Etherington said...

This is so elegant and soft and sexy! Beautiful!

Kim Etherington said...
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Nancy said...


...feel better...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine..I hope it's on it's way out. It certainly didn't stop you from creating a work of art! Gorgeous, stunning...love your colours, wish I could see the sheen of the lumiere. Beautiful!

Becky G said...

Hiya Mel,

Sorry your feeling bad! Headaches are the worst IMO! Hope you feel better soon.
Your card is beautiful! I love the white tones!

Maria said...

Hi Mel! I'm sorry you are having a migraine. I hope you feel better soon!

Your pocket card is fabulous. I love all the stitching! Thanks for the instructions! It's very helpful!!


Beth Norman-Roberts said...

My heavens, Mel. This is one rock'n card! The colours are fab, the design is fab, the brads are fab. Can you tell I love everything about this one?

Kathy W said...

Thank you for the tutorial! Great card, and I really like the white on white.

Godchick said...

Migraines are terrible! I know, I've suffered from them myself. Get some meds for it if it's that bad...take care of yourself! Now, back to the good stuff...the card is so beautiful!

Michelle Pearson said...

Very pretty card...love the white tones! You mean I can actually *use* that Lumiere stuff?! huh!! ;) I have it sitting here....maybe you just gave me the push to open it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful I think I'll have to leave my comfort zone and give it a try :D Sorry to hear about this migraine that is trying to keep you down. I pray you'll feel better soon.
TFS your talent with us.


Pat S. said...

Your card is simply stunning!

I just started Topomax for my migraines...you might check with your doctor.

AnnMarie said...

Hey Mel! This is gorgeous!! Love the stitching and the detailed leaves! Soooo pretty! I sure hope you feel better soon! Mirgaines are the worst! Big hug!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful card Mel! I know those migraines can be a pass in the "starts with "a" and ends with "sssss"" not to mention head!!

Catherine said...

Mel, you are so my stamping hero! Another great project - I might have to case! You are a true inspiration!

Stephanie Hargis said...

This card is amazing! It would make a perfect wedding card which is something that I need to make soon! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

Crissy said...

This card is so beautiful. You are so creative. I would love to do more faux stiching, I just don't have the patience! Great colors as well!

Hope your headache has gone!

Kelly said...

Great ideas and directions on your blog - thanks for sharing! By the way, I got the Tim Holtz ruler on Ebay, shipped to my door for under $10 (if you're still looking for a place to buy it). Hope you're feeling better.

kathleenh said...

Mel, this is so beautiful and elegant! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful tips. I'm sorry to hear about your migraine. I hope you are feeling better now.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Headaches . . . so aggravating! I hope you are better! This card is gorgeous . . . it's so calming and beautiful! I love it!