Friday, February 1, 2008

Envelope Templates

I finished my webpage for the envelope templates; it's painfully simple, but I wrote the markup language myself--painfully, haha. I thought I'd never understand it, but I do--partly LOL! Here's the link, if you want a giggle:

my new envelope template webpage
ETA: sorry link is dead because it was a school project
BUT envelope templates can be found here:

1 Mini envelope templates:
3 templates for these 3 sizes:

A) 4 2-8 inch square card

B) mini long-note 4 2-8 x 2 1-2 " card (left over from the remnants of cutting the size above; wastes zero cardstock)

C) double template for mini note 3 inch square card (just a little larger than the one SU sells)

2 Standard and Large envelope templates:
3 templates for these 3 sizes:

A) Standard envelope (for a 4 2/8" x 5 1/2" card) with room for layers)

B) Envelope for 5 1/2" square card (print on legal paper or 12x12 cardstock cut to 8 1/2 x 12) Note: must PRINT ON BORDERLESS PRINTING

C) Envelope for 5 x 6 1-2 inch card (with plenty of room for layers on your card) Note: must PRINT ON BORDERLESS PRINTING

3 Mini Pockets & Square Mini Envelopes
1 template for these 6 sizes:

1 1/2 " wide mini pocket
2" wide mini pocket
1.5 x 1.5 " square envelope (squared flap)
1.5 x 1.5 " square envelope(rounded flap)
2 x 2 " square envelope (rounded flap)
2 x 2 " square envelope (squared flap with slit closure)

Pictures of Envelope sample projects:

I'm thinking of doing an online catalogue of my stamp collection (instead of having to clean all of the stamps after stamping a paper catalogue, I'll just photograph the sets and make a digital one. Then I'll be able to go online and see what I have and my stamp club will be able to see what's available to borrow...) What do you think?

:0) Mel

E.T.A: A video with some great envelope pointers


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these, what a find!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. The catalog things sounds like a good idea too.

Maria said...

Wow so cool Mel! You do so much for your readers! The template is great! Very useful!
The catalog idea is fabulous too!

Your SBS2 sis,

Crystal Ware said...

Wow, this is great Mel! Your so good to us!

L.A. said...

Hi Mel,
First, thanks for the awesome work you've done and shared. I think the idea of an online catalog of your stamps is a wonderful idea. I've been thinking of the same thing for awhile, although the online aspect is one I hadn't considered. I have a simple spreadsheet now but it doesn't show the images.

Lori SBS2

Cathrine StClair said...

Tanks for sharing the envelope templates. One of the things I like about homemade cards is that you can make them any sizeor shap you like. The templates are a great help. Your card samples with them are wonderful.