Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catalogue Your Stamps Online (no stamp cleaning required!) & a Little House Box

Finally had a chance to stamp after making my website for school: an online stamp catalogue. I still have a lot to add to it, but it had to be a finished product for now, so I can hand it in. I've been wanting to make a paper stamp catalogue for ages, but was putting it off, because (to be honest) I really hate cleaning stamps. (Soooooo lazy, I know!) :0)

Advantages to Having Your Own Online Stamp Catalogue:

A) You have all of your stamps at a quick glance without having to clean stamps or use up paper and no storage issues! Plus it's 100% cost free.

B) Friends or stamp club members can look at it from home and borrow sets OR customers can choose images they like for ordering custom cards.

C) You can link to splitcoaststampers galleries for each card for customers or your own reference.

D) You can include a list of ways to use the stamps sets--as a service to your stamp club, as a stamp set selling tool, or as a reminder to yourself.

E) You can update it quickly as you sell stamps or get new ones--or you can sort by current or retired stamps. You can even use the photos (that you take to make your catalogue) to sell sets later--should you decide to.

F) You can use a gallery hosted for free online (like Picasa Web Albums) or use any web page builder--You don't have to write the html yourself--but you can if you want to customize it. You can sort by any category you like.

This little House:

I found this box template on the Stampin Up demo site and thought I'd make it. It's not actually a house box, but I thought it worked easily as one. I photographed it beside that standard-sized card to give you an idea of the box's size. I had it cut out and was feeling uninspired about it. That is until this week's s.c.s Ways to Use It challenge came to the rescue! The challenge was to use a window. This was my take on it. I got the stamp set (Sweet of You) from my sweet friend Kim.

To make this you just have to:

1...Print the template.

2...Cut out template and trace onto back of designer paper.

3...Cut along lines & score.

4... Stamp if desired (I constructed it first then just stuck on a piece of the same Holiday Joy Blue paper that had the window stamped and cut out.)

5...Stamp the window colour & cut. Mount a piece of d.p. behind it (I've used Basic Grey's Periphery Bordeaux PIP-910.) Stamp a second flower box, colour & cut out. Mount it on dimensionals.

6...Make roof by creating scallops with the slit punch (Paper is from Life's Journey Map Pad)

7...Layer them and adhere to the roof over top of a chimney.

8...Add a strip of grass.

9...Close at the back by punching holes and tie with a ribbon.

Thanks for looking and
if you'd like the box template just let me know.


Margaret McDonald said...

nice website. did you have a hard picking a topic?!

Alhambra Club said...

what a great house and love that stamp on your card. have a great weekend.

Catherine said...

The index is so awesome! I totally need that - I discovered this weekend that I bought the tab punch from SU! and then my sister bought me one as part of my b-day gift - but it took me almost a month to realize it! Yikes!
The card and house are so cute - I love the image on the card - too fun!

PS-Yes, I am totally addicted to copics now and just ordered a few more yesterday. There goes the budget again! LOL

Kim Etherington said...

Nice box. Cute roof and window.
You've changed your colours on your blog. I'll have to go check out your online stamp catty.

Anonymous said...

The catalog is so nice!! So this is a school project? The house is sooooo cute too. I really love it!!

Becky G said...

Love the box house and the stamp on the card! It's just too cute for words! Love your new site, too! What a terrific idea!

Lori said...

Love the stamp catalog site--what a fantastic idea!

Crissy said...

Great idea for the online catalog! I started a paper catalog, but I've fallen behind and have not had the desire to try to catch up! Love the card and the house box!

Julie S. said...

I would love to do an index, as you suggest -- but seeing an example would be a help. Are you open to sharing what yours looks like? Your ideas about hosting on a site like Flick-r or something of that nature is a great one, but I am not sure that I see how it would work...