Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Inspiration: Free Templates, free Retro/Vintage Images & Project Ideas À la Martha et al

Very utilitarian post here....I've been in a rut lately from not feeling well. Caught that nasty flu everyone seems to have... winge winge... ;0) Anywho, I thought I'd share some inspiration in hopes that it's contagious, so here's some stuff:

Thanks to Allison, Lisa, and K. Rebecca whose blog posts helped me find much of this list (and of course to the rest of you ultra-talented and generous stampers/crafters!)

TEMPLATES: Strawberry box by Lauren---Onsie created by Lauren- Stampers Mall (wow!) --- Red Castle Freeware --- Chia's Rubber Stamp Art ---Melt my Heart ---Sweetest Things--- Easter egg basket by Mary & Easter egg basket template--Mini Pocket & Mini Envelope templates--- Splitcoast Stampers: templates gallery and anything but a card gallery and forum for template downloads--- Blank Box---Mirkwood Designs --- Victorine Originals--- ---Fran's new Beginnings ------ Tempting Templates ( --- ---Pll printables templates ---Mini Truck template-and other Crafty PC projects--Above the mark colour exercise template ---Follow me templates--- Candy box--- my crafts page--- Strathmore artist's papers templates--- tiny boxes from holiday cards (Kelly) ---Craft kids templates (grown-up kidstoo)---Belle's Printables---Treasures from DJ--Paperscraps templates--- Craftbits ---Brownie Point's truffle pyramid box--- packaging by pumpkin box)--- Washi Box tutorial--- Morningside design--- Crafty templates--- The Toymaker

By (or found thanks to) K. Rebecca:
A) Gorgeous star and star template B) Tall and slender treat box and its template (on post) C) Cardbox and pattern D) Card tote and template E) Square 4 1/4 " card box by Tracy F) 3x3 Square box by Melanie- G) Surprise box H) Paper Purse-I) Pillow box- J) Oragami boxes by Kristina Werner K) Pyramid box and template--- Beate's treatbox tutorial---Lauren's gorgeous gift box

IDEAS: Checkerboard cards StampOwl --- Free Standing pop up card (by Lori my SBS2 sis!) --- Baby Carriage Card (by Niki) --- Hearts overflowing from The Scrapbook Lounge Wee umbrellas(by April) --- Secret Letter box--- Birthday box by Paula

FREE vintage images (Above the Mark)

Free vintage image links at art-e-zine
Free vintage images at google
and LOTS more here.

Free RETRO images here
my fave Retro borders
and more links here

From marvelous Martha and her minions ;0):
Rabbits/Easter bunnies and template
Heart card and heart template
Townhouse gift box and template
Christmas cone tree and template
No-sew cross stitch on glass and template1 and template2
Decoupage animals and template
Classic Paperdoll shape and template
Pansy card and template
Paper Dragon and template
Scrapbooking templates
Turkey and template
Flowery notes and template
Batty bags and more with template
Halloween luminary invites
Moving announcements
Tea favour
Free-hand embroidery/animal/firetruck patterns
Card organizer and template
file folder village
envelope sachets

baby cards
beaded snowflakes
beaded flowers

P.S. my 6 envelope templates for anyone who missed them :0)


Alhambra Club said...

wow, you may not be feeling well but you have been busy. Thanks for all the information.

Gwen said...

You da bomb!! thanks so much for ALL that info!! so kind of you to share! hope you feel better real soon!!!

Lori said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Thanks again for sharing your awesome envelope templates.

L.A. said...

Thanks for the AWESOME resource post!

Lori SBS2