Wednesday, March 5, 2008

White Lotus Card (Wet wrinked cardstock) This 1's 4 U Shea!

To make this white lotus flower card, I combined this homemade 3D flower technique with the Mirkwood flower template by Ruthann Zaroff. This version of the 3D flower is much simpler than the one I did and linked there (with separate petals.) I'm thinking flowers like these would make unusual party or room decorations or a bow for a gift box... You could add lots of layers for a fuller one. Here's how to make it:

1) Print out and cut three templates from Mirkwood: large & small--I made a middle-sized template which I'll post here as soon as I get home to my beloved scanner (I'm house-sitting for my grandparents.)

ETA: Here's that middle-sized template:Faux Stitching template

The template above also includes a faux stitching guide and some leaves that I used to make these two cards: Faux-stitched Card & Card with Leaves.

2) Trace the three templates onto cardstock in pencil. (I used Naturals White, but any colour will work); cut them out and erase the pencil lines

3) Gently wet the cardstock flower. (No need to saturate, just a quick once over is good)

4) Pat the flower dry with a towel (Just to get most of the excess water off)

5) Crumple the flower (The aim of this step is to get it wrinkly) :0)

6) Gently uncrumple it, though, you might be surprised how durable cardstock is :0) (If there are not enough wrinkles for your taste just recrumple.) I've only tried this with SU cardstock, but most should work.

7) Lay the flower on a heatproof surface and heat gun it until almost dry. The heat will cause the petals to curl which gives them a natural shape. Note: You may need to guard against scorching the paper. You can leave the petals a wee bit damp to shape them by hand.

8) Adhere flowers to each other and a round card (or use it as a decoration or bow...)

9) To make the center: I used an S.U. scallop punch this way. I just do one thing differently than MJ so I don't lose the pieces (2nd step) 1st: punch one scallop the way you normally would, then 2nd: use a repositionable or light adhesive to attach it to a piece of printer paper and finally 3rd: line up the scallop punch over that paper so that it hits the middle of the scallops and will make pointy bits and punch.

Here's the inside of the card, I added a little cardstock for weight and you can see the cut out. (Wanted something kind of lotus leafy.)

Thanks for reading, :0)


Anonymous said...

This came out beautifully!!!

Doreen G said...

Thanks for showing this technique-now to give it a try.

Marilyn said...

This is a great technique!!! This is a fabulous flower - I need to make some of these!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

It's beautiful! Love it!

Lori said...

This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your technique for the flowers.

Tina said...

a great technique and a beautiful flower!

Marge said...

Oh, WOW, Mel, I'll surely have to try one of these one of these first days!!! TFS!!!

Thanks for your comments on rosette flower & gathered ribbon tut; I so appreciate them; was out of state at the time & had a lousy internet hookup, so wasn't successful in blogging or emailing much, but wanted to say I appreciated your thoughts!


Regina said...

Thanks for this great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. This is gorgeous!! I am definitely going to save this tutorial. I don't want to do a card but would love to have something like this for one of my scrapbook pages. Hmmm... which picture....