Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Printing Old Maps (AlsoTinted vellum Technique & Easy inexpensive Embellishments)

Don't have just the right patterned paper for a project? You can print it! :0) This card was made with an old map of Maine that I found on the Net. I just printed it out and trimmed it. The background is the US Declaration. I printed it too. Beautiful isn't it? Here are some images that might be of use to you:

Some Tips for using Map/Other Images from Google:
  • To get the best image, I like to click on the top of the page of image searches where it says "see full-size image"
  • Of course, you can play with print settings to get the scale and quality that you like
  • Storage-wise: I also like to save maps or other images (numbered & to a folder for later. I keep a corresponding numbered word document of the image links. This means you can alter them (using photo software etc...) and still find the original later. You can also give credit to the source and/or link it up for other crafters. :0)
  • When saving links, you can click on the link at the top of the google search page that says "Below is the image in its original context on the page: the link for that page here" (This gives you a managable-sized link to save instead of a mile-long one.)
Also, please Note:
Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that the images won't have no copyrights
You might want to do fresh searches to see recent additions to the net/maps of a locale you love.

Some of my Faves:

Card details:

You wouldn't believe how easy this Tinted vellum tree is to do:
  • 1st- sand a piece of Vellum cardstock a little (to distress it)
  • 2nd- emboss the tree on (chocolate chip craft ink & clear e.p.)
  • 3rd- put some ink on your finger and rub it on (Chocolate Chip & Blue Bayou)
  • 4th- edge the vellum with a Chocolate Chip marker
  • 5th- adhere it with Dotto (It doesn't show, but holds vellum in place) The brads make it extra secure
The Easy inexpensive :0) Lacquered Embellishments are just made with paper; here's how:
  • 1st- print text on a piece of Naturals white cardstock
  • 2nd- punch different circles out of it
  • 3rd- Use a Chocolate Chip marker to edge them
  • 4th- Add them on with brads and Crystal Effects

Other schtuff used: Blue Bayou card & Not Quite Navy cardstock mat (edged with Chocolate Chip marker & distressed with a distressing tool. I also added more Crystal Effects over the largest circle embellishments (at corners of tree image)

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Alhambra Club said...

WOW, this is fantastic, thanks for the info.

Unknown said...

Abosolutely stunning!!!!

Penny said...

Fantastic tips, thank-you, I hadn't thought of printing off old maps!

kathleenh said...

You are amazing! I never would have thought to print out a map for a background. It looks great on your card!

Julia Aston said...

Wonderful idea - I love old maps - thanks for all your tips on finding them!!

Charlene said...

Great tips, thanks so much! I was wondering what type of printer you have? I only have a black laser jet printer and would like to purchase a colour printer but have no idea where to start.

Anonymous said...

WOW...totally overwhelmed with the ideas you have hear...I missed dropping in for a couple of days, and what WOW eye candy. Love all your creative to find the time to try them all!