Friday, May 2, 2008

Templates for Dress shaped cards (15 & counting)

Making that dress box template got me thinking about the other dress projects out there.
There were no other dress boxes-that I could find, but there were some brilliant templates for dress-shaped cards:

  1. Baby Dress
  2. Maria's gorgeous dress cards & the pattern for those Darling Dresses
  3. Dress for a card (with an apron template too)
  4. Dress & boot
  5. Ribbon Dress Card
  6. Apron Dress
  7. For a folded dress by Amber
  8. Looks great in vellum by Natasha & her template is here
  9. Little puffy sleeve dress
  10. Little black dress
  11. baby Kimono & template (would be easily adaptable into a t-shirt card)
  12. Dress card by Sandra (template in post)
  13. Dress templates & some gesso cardstock dresses
  14. Dress envelopes by Bonnie (template download on post)
  15. Funky Paper art doll dresses by Milliande
And for the fellas:
  1. Men's jacket & Template by Valita SO brilliant!
  2. Men's shirt
  3. T-shirt template
Dress cards/projects (sans templates)
edited to add: sweet dress embroidery patterns by 'a print a day' (great for digi or templates) :O)

:0) Happy Dress-making!

P.S. Is any one interested in the embellishment template that would turn my dress box into a little trouser-shaped box?


Allison Rankin said...

You rock...thanks for being such a font of new ideas!

Heather "Hev" said...

Thankyou for such inspiration :)

I have downloaded your dress templates and am already thinking of things to do with them :)

trulyblessed said...

Yes!Yes!Yes! I would love to see your trouser-shaped boxes...will be watching. And, I love the dresses Thanks

Maria said...

Ooh, love those dresses! They are all so pretty! I have to try them out and thanks for links . . .including mine. LOL!! I always drop by your site for new and interesting stuff!! Thanks for all that you share!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mel,
I certainly enjoy visiting your site and having it arrive in an email format is definitely ...worthwhile! I have especially appreciated viewing your compiled lists of templates ... right up my alley! Thanks for the super information! :-)

Crafty_Kitten said...

Fantastic templates! Thanks a million, They are soooooo cute!
xx Lynn xx

Lindsay Weirich said...

ks for the list!

Julie said...

Thanks heaps for the template. I had a play with making a baby dress card. It is posted on my blog.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It is rather interesting for me to read that post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

Meda said...

Mel, you are my star!
Everyone on the internet links here. I was looking for baby card sinspiration and I found a nice shape card only to find the template was located here. Thank you my friend and thank you for being my friend.