Saturday, May 17, 2008

All kinds of bling! ( Powderless embossing, Freehand silver details & Embellishing gems,)

I've been craving rich red & bling lately. So here's both combined in a little gift box & card ensemble.

Techniques/Schtuff featured in this post:

  • Powderless embossing (glaze pen)
  • Moist Kissing for a...
  • ...1 layer 3D Fabulous Flower
  • Embellishing gems
  • Free hand Glue pen embossing
  • Painting with a Zig Painty
  • Using Vintage jewelery accents

This 3 inch gift box & the main card has both regular embossing & powderless embossing. The regular embossing is done with SU's Stitched background stamp tinted versamark pad & clear embossing powder, (but craft ink in tone on tone would work just as well.) Powderless embossing is a 10 times easier way to add texture and a little sheen. I was going to write a tutorial, but it's too easy. ..

You won't believe how basic Powderless embossing is:
  1. Stamp an image
  2. Colour (or go over) areas with a glaze pen
Laughably simple, huh? I've only tried the Sakura clear glaze pen for this (me lovesis it precious!) It adds a neat silk-like sheen that has a hint of shininess. Goes on super smoothly and dries quickly.

The flower is done by moist kissing Floral background onto Fabulous Flowers. Here's a tutorial on how to make this particular flower (moist kissing & how-to make it 3D with just one layer.) The flower is matted here with vellum cardstock that's edged with silver using a Zig Painty pen.

Bling Bling Baby:

Embellishing gems: I got these gems from Mary the marvelous. :0) I added three to this card, but I wanted to make them 'over the top.' I had my zigpainty out from doing the stem, so I drew a little silver flower around 'em. The petals on the flower are filled in with the gold end of the Zig Painty & then the whole flower is outlined with a Sakura glitter pen (clear.)

Free hand Glue pen embossing: The stem feels gem-ish to me too. It is just doodled on (the outline) with a glue pen and embossed in silver embossing powder. I was happy with the way the bumps from the embossed background showed through when I filled in the leaves with the Zip Painty pen. Click the pic above to see a close view of the bumpies. :0) (Glue pen embossing tutorial here.)

This vintage jewelery accent
is actually a shoe clip I've had for a long time. It is clipped onto a band of organza (that was white, but I wanted silver so I coloured it with a dollar-store marker.) The weight of the clip required a pop-up glue dot (holds perfectly.) I'm thinkin' this'd be a fun way to use old clip on earrings too. Garage sales here I come! :0)

Hope you have a happy day, :0)


Allison Rankin said...

Wow...more stunners! Love that color and those rhinestones are terrific in combination!

Sara Henton said...

Absolutely gorgeous and stunning! And the pictures you took are very rich

Maria said...

Wow, Mel! The flower really stands out beautifully, especially with the blings. It has a vintage feel to it! BEAUTIFUL!! I have the Sakura Souffle pens and they also give an embossed look. Your powderless embossing turned out beautifully!!


Crissy said...

Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful card and box. Great bling!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is gorgeous!!! Seriously! I love it!!!