Thursday, May 15, 2008

Angels read my Blog

No, I'm not crazy (well not completely) ;0) I got this gorgeous RAK from Beth: who is surely an angel. It was a random surprise with Bella images to boot. She wrote the sweetest note. It came on a day when I was feeling crummy too. Thank you so much Beth. You're wonderful!



kathleenh said...

It's a beautiful card too. I'm so glad this came to you on a day when you really needed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mel,
Thanks for that sweet posting! I'm usually on every day but the last week has been a tough one with our son who has just turned 16! He purchased a car without telling us and was driving it though not legally. Long story short... Stamping is my therapy and you my friend, give me inspiration!
I love your blog! I've even started going here before SCS... gasp...