Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kelly Hermes Bag Template (WOW!)

If you come here regularly ;0) you know that I've recently posted a plethora of purse templates (103 and counting), but this one is so snifty that it deserves it's own pristine post:

There's a plain one as well as the one on the right with that sweet whimsical image & other zany styles. Love Love LOVE this: I think I'll carry it as my real purse!

You can find them in 3 posts on SCS here:

P.S. LINKAGE: I found this with much thanks to Papercraft Paradise in this post. It is offered in this blog post (apparently for a limited time only--if you have trouble finding it let me know...)

P.P.S. Mosaic1 (who ROCKS!!!) found 6 more styles that are STUNNING and left the link. SO kind of you, thank you! Here they are! You have to wait for the cute image and the icons to load, then click on the paper purse and oulala... You may need to enable popups for the download to work If you have any trouble I'm happy to help.


Margaret McDonald said...

so cute I want one too

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

That is so not the comment I left! Don't know what happened, but, by bloghopping and linking from this I found 6 more styles to die for. Go here:
On this intro page, wait and then click on the paper purse!! WOW!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Thank you Mosaic one. You're SO kind to leave the link. They're gorgeous!!! :0) mel