Friday, May 30, 2008

PINWHEEL bow & 2 and 5/8 BOX (3 Templates & 25+ pin-wheel links)

I think I was a squirrel in another life. I'm obsessed with gathering things together. Or more likely I was a crow, 'cause most of them are bits of paper, ribbon, threads and sparkly things. Here's a gem of a video tutorial by the Artistic Avenger (found thanks to Awesome Allison.) It inspired this pinwheel collection:

  1. Working Pinwheel Tutorial
  2. Lori's gorgeous homemade pinwheel tutorial
  3. SU pinwheel by Jill template here
  4. Pin spinners by Jenny
  5. Origami pinwheel
  6. Pinwheel pattern
  7. Poinsettia Pinwheel (diagram instructions)
  8. Pinwheel instructions & lesson plan (teaching tool)
  9. Pinwheel with pattern (love Marilyn the ever-generous toymaker!)
  10. Paper pinwheel pattern
  11. Watercolour pinwheel tutorial by Margaret, found thanks to Melissa
  12. Pinwheels for peace (blog post here--scroll down)
  13. Pinwheel from Macy's & template posted by Home Canary
  14. Fabric Pinwheel tutorial from Chickpea Sewing Studio
  15. Pinwheel magnets
  16. Pinwheel here (p17) or here (instructions & template link on page 17)
  17. Pencil pinwheel tutorial
  18. on etsy spinning flower pinwheel (made from a popcan) How-to work with popcans here
  19. Pinwheel (from Crafts for kids) & foam 'n' paper pinwheel
  20. Pinwheel tutorial (with wire & dowel)
  21. Paper pinwheels (Martha et al)
  22. Clothes pin pinwheel (Martha)
  23. Pinwheel Napkin fold (a la Martha)
  24. ETA: pinwheel flower tut & template by Susan


  1. Flower pinwheel tutorial by Doodles & Dragonflies
  2. Pinwheel with SU star punch shared by Splendiferous Creations
  3. Pinwheel folds open from the Rubber School
  4. Pinwheel Quickie by Susanna

For paper piecing? (Or to stamp & use as image for card/scrapbookin' as photo mats maybe?):
  1. Pinwheel pattern (rounded) (from Renaissance Glass)
  2. Pinwheel pattern (from Blockhead Stamps)

I made these templates for this box & lid...

...(which looks BIG but is only 2 5/8 inches square!) It took me 83 million tries to get the lid the right size, but I think it's just right now. The best way to use this template may be to trace it onto c.s. or d.p. since there are teensy dots from the scanner; why!?! I don't know. Do you know? The paper I used is basic grey Gypsy & retired SU (in case you wanted to find some.) I've been seeing lots of neat projects with bright colours against white, so I left the gift box white...

The pinwheel template for this box topper is here (there are two sizes 50% and 100%)

Hope these pinwheel projects are useful to you, :0)


Allison Rankin said...

Did you ever know that you're my hero? (Sung like Bette Midler, of course!)

Kim Etherington said...

Nice box... you need to have my kids for a few days and then you'll get nothing done and I'll get something done. heehee.. wouldn't be anywhere as great as your work.

valita said...

Mel i dont think you mind ever rests and im so glad these are great!!!!!!!!!have a happy day...Luv Valita

kathleenh said...

The pinwheel on the box is gorgeous! What great presentation!

Tonniece said...

great box, and thanks so much for all the links.
You have an awesome blog.