Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BOOKMARKS (folder template & link list)

Do you have a hard time resizing those templates that say resize to 133% etc? It makes me squirrelly trying to resize templates, so I thought I'd resize this one for you and scan it. (It's from Stampin' Up!) It could also make a card with 4 triangular pockets too, or a gift tag card or folder.
I was hoping this was manly enough, 'cause I made it as a gift for my fella to celebrate his 3 job offers (after lots of hardwork looking.) He's a brainiac (He'd be so embarassed that I wrote that, but a girl's gotta brag a little, no? Gotta love a clever man.) Anywho, I thought this flower looked like a scallop, so I used it for a monogram look.

To make the little 'manly scallops' (flowers) ;0) I did this schtuff:
  • Stamped 8 scallop flowers from the Petal Pushers stamp set (in black craft ink embossed with clear e.p., on Naturals white c.s. which was Printed with text from my computer)
  • Watercoloured it with reinkers (Buckaroo Blue & Close to Cocoa & Black Craft ink)
  • I wanted the bookmarks to have a monogram on each side, so because the scallop is cut freehand (and they just don't line up immaculately) I coloured on the front edges & back of the scallops with a black marker (that way no white would show):

Stuff used to make the bookmark bottoms & folder:

Bookmark Bottoms: Basic Grey paper (Scarlet's letter Night SCR805) Folder: Basic Grey paper (Aged & Confused Vagabond VAG149); lined with River Rock cardstock, black embroidery thread

I paper pierced the folder, but it came apart a little; next time I'd reinforce the paper with masking tap on the back of the flap so it'd be strong enough to take the stitches.

Some great bookmark projects:
From Martha et al:
Kids (big or little!):
Book Plates:
Found with much thanks to this great site The Bookmark Collector:
...No point goin' on with this list 'cause Alan The Bookmark Collector has done such a gorgeous job collecting many "make your own bookmark" links! (There's several posts with links that have a make-your-own bookmark category) :0)

Thanks for stopping by! :0)


Janine said...

Thanks Mel.. One again just beautiful work!! Love all those links...

Margaret McDonald said...

a big Congratulations to Charles!! YTG Man!!
i even recognize that paper- love BG!
how is your job search going??!!

Carol P said...

Awww, and I thought you made them for me, they ARE my initials!


kathleenh said...

I love the look of the monograms stamped over the printed text. And it does look manly.

Anonymous said...

Mel, you're making such a great job and all your link lists!
I love to come here.
I haven't yet seen it all - still working on it ;-))


Jennifer Love said...

My you always have the best stuff on your blog! Great bookmarks! :)

cindy said...

Mel your stuff is awesome. Thanks for coming to Inkstains. Hope to see you there again, but then I always come here for great ideas!

Dizzy Broad said...

I can always count on seeing something new (to me), different, and unusual on your blog! Wow! What a great idea! Also, you must not sleep at all....I mean, your posts are always so full of information and links that it's like a one-stop-shopping store! Thank you, Mel!!

Joani McDonald said...

I love these. Thanks for the links too, I've been wanting to make something personal when I mail out my TAC orders.
Wonderful work, as always!