Monday, June 30, 2008

Cuttlebug Crayon Rub & Direct to Paper Crayoning

Got crayons? All that fun foam in the Cuttlebug has me thinking of other things to do with embossing folders. I'm not sure if this is a new technique or not, but it was new to me so maybe it'll be new to you. :0) It couldn't be easier and you can use any embossing machines or tools or store-bought embossed cardstock.

Cuttlebug Crayon Rub:


  • Cuttlebug/other embossing machine
  • Cardstock
  • Crayons

1. Dry Emboss cardstock with cuttlebug/other embossing folder:

2. Keep embossed cardstock in folder but open the folder exposing the side you'd like to colour. (This supports the embossing so it doesn't cave in when you rub with the crayon in the next step, but you can rub the crayon without this step, if you want easier clean up)

3. Remove crayon wrapper:

4. Rub with the whole side of crayon (using medium pressure for light crayon coverage or very firm pressure for fuller crayon coverage):

5. You can heat-gun it to alter the gloss (gets rid of some shine.) Here's what it looks like in black:

Much tidier than inking it.
:0) You can use as is...or it's fun to mix colours...and I'm thinking of crayon resist variation for a kind of faux metal look:

I'll have a cuttlebug crayon resist tutorial for you next post :0)

Clean up:

You may remember from your colouring days as a kid those little bitty flakes of crayon. They're messy, but they clean off of your folders with a stiff brush (like a dish brush) and a little dish soap helps too.

Direct to paper crayoning:

The sentiment tab is done by writing directly on white paper with a white crayon & then adding turquoise reinker with a sponge. It's punched with a 1 3/8 circle punch, layered with a Nestabilities scallop (petite scallop large set.) Then I added a white scallop (SU!'s scallop punch.) (The slot was punched into the circle 1st then I stuck each layer on and used the first slot as a guide for the next.)

The orange cardstock I used as the orange mat & for the sentiment tab & Nestabilities scallop is actually just pumpkin pie with two different orange crayons rubbed on it (using the side of the crayon again.) I was thrilled at the texture it adds & can you just imagine the colour possibilities with all those crayons you can combine? :0)

Adhering things to cardstock with crayon: I used the heat gun on it to get rid of some of the crayon gloss and it makes the adhesive stick better (though you'll want to use good strong adhesive since the crayon makes it necessary.) Edited to add: to get crayon colour and texture on flat cardstock--without the water repellent and not so sticky nature--you could iron it inside paper towels.

Other Card details:

The bird image is punched with a Marvy giga scallop punch. The birds (from Simple Somethings) are coloured with watercolour pencil crayons. The tempting turquoise scallop is cut with Nestabilities. Brads are from Queen & Co. Dollar store ribbon & gem. The faux stitching is done with a Sakura white glaze pen. This uses the Perfect Paisley cuttlebug folder.

Hope this is inspiring to someone, I had a blast with it & I'm so excited about all of those colour possibilities is the crayon box! :0)

P.S. Card supplies at a glance here


Annapurna said...

Lovely card. Great idea not taking it out of the folder for rubbing. Cool sentiment too.

We seem to be on the same wavelengths. I made something today using crayons and rubbing on something. Can't say. Scheduled the post for tomorrow morning. Be sure to stop by after midnight central.

Yesterday's Tomorrow said...

OOOH!!! crayons!!! :D

what's the ol' saying?
"everything I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten!" ;)

great stuff... I can't WAIT to bust a move with my C'bug!

pescbrico said...

too cool! it could work with dry chalk too... I have to try it!! :)

azufelt said...

I just found your blog site, and I am in heaven! I used to be on SCS, I haven't stamped in ages. But all your templates are FANTASTIC for transferring to my electronic die cutter!

Seeing your blog makes me miss playing with my stamps... I might have to get them back out!

Oh yes, and I LOVE that you use SU! It's the only way to go!!

WandaG_CT said...

Love all your ideas, such a great blog!

Anonymous said...

So glad you used crayons! I've been wondering at the possibilities myself and now I will definitely try some stuff! Great card!
smiles, Deena

Anonymous said...

That is all very cool! I really like to look that the black crayon gives. I can't wait to see the crayon resist tutorial. That looks so much like vintage metal, you do that so well. I can't wait to see what kind of card you come up with!
Beth G

Maria said...

Wow, too cool, Mel! It must be a lot less messier than ink but you still achieve a similar result! Ingenious! Maybe you could brayer over it with ink like the resist technique. . .it probably would have a similar result, huh! I need to try this technique out! I bought crayons a few weeks ago for the resist technique. . .now I have something else I can use them for!!

Your card is too cute! I love the birdies and the different elements! Great job!


Monica-FC said...

great and a great idea with the crayons as i to have them and some small one also. this would be nifty to try out. thanks for the tutorial with the crayons. have to give this a whirl. :)

Janine said...

Great stuff Mel... you are a wizard with that Cuttlebug.

Anonymous said...

I bought my cuttlebug a year ago and never broke it out until you started these great posts. I can't wait to try this technique!

Petras-Creationen said...

Oh Mel, what a great idea. I must have a look, i think my son has got some crayons in his schoolbag:):)
Have a nice day.
Bye Petra from Germany

Teri said...

I'm so amazed at all of these cool techniques you're showing us with the cuttlebug emboss folders! This crayon rub is really great and your card samples turned out super cute!! TFS!! love it!!

StampMom said...

Fabulous idea, so clever -- thanks for all your tutorials!!

Lorraine said...

Great idea Mel, just going to raid the grandchildrens` colours, do you think they will notice!! you superwoman you.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Clever leaving it in the folder so that it doesn't cave in! Love it! You're amazing Mel! Beautiful card!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through SCS' list of Best Blogs. I'm so thrilled...loving all these tutorials that I can actually do pretty easily.

Thanks so much!

Shawn K.

Jen said...

Love love love this technique. Can't wait to try it. I'm wondering which folder you used for the tutorial photos. I don't have it and you know I gotta get it. Thanks.

Deb Neerman said...

Awww, crayons; my first love!!!!

Kewl trick there Melster; TFS!

And ... ummmmm ... you rock!


Joani McDonald said...

Mel! You amaze me. How do you come up with all these hints and tips! Your the awesome-est!!!

Kay Kalthoff said...

What a super idea!!! Thanks for posting your technique, I love coloring it while still in the folder - makes sense! (Which is why I never thought of it! lol!) happy stamping!

Allison Rankin said...

How do you keep up coming up with all these ideas? I think you might be on amphetamines (that's the only explanation!). Great the stamp you chose for implementing the crayon technique!

Michelle Pearson said...

fun look you got there! lovin' the ideas you're tossing out there!!

Did you get my card yet?!

Anonymous said...

Guess who threw a tin of crayons in the wastebin this morning? And who has now rummaged through to retrieve the tin?? No prizes, it was Me!!!! Thanks for the timely inspiration.

Marion, UK

Tonniece said...

Just bought some crayons for the grandkids....Hummmm, you think they would mind if I used a few? lol
Great idea again Mel. Love your card. There are endless ways to try this.


kathleenh said...

Adorable! You make stamping so much fun! It's like being a kid again.

CharityHand said...

Wow! I'm loving this crayon technique. I must go scrounge around in my kid's craft bags to find some crayons. I'm sure they're all broken with the paper peeled off of them, but hey they'll work. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I feel so special!

Erum Tasneem said...

Girl! I think somethings in the water that you drink! You are pouring ideas like WOW!

Chris Arlington said...

You are a clever lady! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried Be Creative tape for adhering? I know you live fairly close, well Pitt Meadows is close. right?

Esther Asbury said...

Featuring your posts on crayon rubbing on my "Walk Around Blog-Land" today!
Love your Blog!

Lady Bug Stampers said...

Wow Mel what a fantastic Idea love this and if you have chalk you could use that too. Love your blog and I am going to become a follower. Hope you will visit and follow me as well. I am going to use this technique for my next class. Thanks for sharing.
Linda K.