Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cuttlebuggin Card Set

Cuttlebuggin' gets you some speedy results, hey? My sweetie bought me a couple of cuttlebug folders. I just find those little dots heart-stoppingly cute don't you? I still can't get over how much fun it is to run the folders through that little green machine. I could do it all day everyday and never get tired of it. Too bad there's no job posting kicking around that reads like this:

One cuttlebugger who will crank out cards.

The cuttlebug texture
on these cards was made by:
  • Dry embossing whisper white cardstock (4 x 5 2/8 ")
  • Swiping raised areas with Silver Encore ink
  • Embossing the silver ink with clear e.p. for a little bit o' bling.
The text band is made by repeatedly stamping the "happy" definition from Define your life on Basic Gray cardstock with white craft ink (and heat-setting for no smudgin') I find "happy" a versitile sentiment: it can be perfect for b-day, wedding, congrats, thank-you...

All 5 cards were a set for my aunt Kat. I added a bunch of sentiments separately (round ones using Circle of friendship) so she could customize them for her needs. (You can use double-sided tape on the back, so the sentiment can be added on just like stickers.) :0)

For how to make these flowers please see this post :0)

To get the pink colour I've just used a watery wash of pink passion over the dry & heat embossed cuttlebug texture. The card stock curls a little from the water but you can flatten it by heat-gunning it gently--and putting it under a stack of books (after it cools) if necessary. Heat-gunning should be a verb, huh? ;0)

For how to make these butterflies please see this post. (Here, I've added a gemstone head and bar glitter on the body--adhering with Crystal Effects.) Makes 'em look furry and blingy at the same time, heehee. How apropos that this one says "the wind blew" and the tail end of the word "winged." Love those happy accidents.

Thanks for reading; Happy cuttlebuggin'!
the cuttlebugger

P.P.S. 53 things (and counting) that you can do with your cuttlebug here


Janine said...

Mel just a beautiful set of cards!! It is so nice to be able to make things like this for people in our lives.
Hope you have a great evening.

Dizzy Broad said...

You have taken "cuttlebuggin'" to the next level! I'm speechless...!

Alhambra Club said...

These are fantastic, love them all.

CarolD said...

Love these cards -- They are gorgeous!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooo what a clever twist - adding embossing powder to bling it up!

Must give that a try :)

Anonymous said...

I have several comments.
a) You always surprise me coming up with such different and beautiful ways to make a card! You're my creative fix for the day!
b) Oh no! I already have a long list of cs colours that I want and now I'm needing to add basic gray to the list! I love the classy combinations that you make with it. I especially love the gray, white and silver combo...with a little splash of colour. WOW!
c) I can figure out how to emboss the "cuttlebumps" when they're "up"; but how do you do it when they're "down"?
d) I also wanted to tell that I managed to start my own gallery all by myself on SCS (scrappin beth). I was waiting for my dd to help but she was out for a bike ride one Saturday in May and I thought to myself... I'll give it a try...and it was very easy... not sure why I didn't try that earlier! Anyway you'll see inspiration from Mel..Mel..Mel..someone else...Mel..Mel..Beth...Mel..Mel hehehe You get the idea! Thanks so much for all the time that you spend to share your passion.
I'm off to check if Kim has something new..(We swapped Bellas :-)!
Beth Greco

Tonniece said...

OOOOOOOOHHH, who do I want to make cards like when I grow up?
Amazeing Mel.... that's who.
These are (as usual) stunning. Love the new twist of adding all that sparkle to the cuttlebug embossing.

Yesterday's Tomorrow said...

Love LOVE lOvE it! :D

I've been in cuttlebuggin' heaven lately too!! I think I was overly ambitious thinking that SU was going to "reinvent" the cuttlebug wheel ... alas, they didn't :(
ah well! ;)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I am so with you about the large Cuttlebug embossing folders. I just LOVE them! However, you my friend, really know how to make even the wonderful Cuttlebugged card fronts look even better!! Wow, the inking, the glitter, etc. You are amazing!!

Maria said...

I really love the new cuttlebug folders which I still need to get for myself.

Your cards are beautiful! I really love the sparkle! They really stand out beautifully!! As always, you take the art to a new level!


Annapurna said...

I read your posts in reader and forget to stop by to comment. Sorry!

Love the pink and the shimmer on the cards.

You are one card making machine. I am sure some company is looking for one like that, but the question is will they pay you what you want?

Andrea said...


Just saw your comment on my blog (Crafty Engineering) and thought I would check out your blog. Awesome! I just got a cuttlebug (for Mother's Day) and still have not gotten it out of the daughter coming 3 weeks early had something to do with that, I think! Anyway, this is a cool technique that I will have to try!