Sunday, June 1, 2008

Etched Verdigris Embossing (& easy DIY embossing powder)

This alchemic embossing is so much fun. Mixin' and scratching away to reveal hints of colour...

In the theme of keeping designs simple, I used the technique to make these cards for a commission. I had never used this Stem Silhouettes set, but now I'm happy that I bought it. The simple clean lines of the stamp really let the etched embossing detail be the star of the show. If you click on this picture, you can see where the copper embossing (on the leaves) is scratched away in places to show some of the pale turquoise ink colour underneath:

The etched verdigris technique:
(sounds fancy, but it's easy)

  1. Stamp in the colour you want to show through. [I used a versamark pad that I tinted with turquoise ink and versamark reinker, but you could use craft ink or a double application, first versamark then classic ink (Thanks to Beth for the last tip, who doesn't blog but leaves brilliant pointers in comments!)]
  2. Emboss with powder of choice [I mixed pearlex & clear embossing powder to get copper e.p. See below for more] :0)
  3. Heat & let cool
  4. Scratch areas of the embossing away to reveal colour ( I just used the side of my scissors on an angle. If you blow the bits away as you etch, it'll keep them from marking up your cardstock.)

Do it Yourself Embossing Powder:

This leaves a residue of pearlex, which sounds bad, but it's GOOD! ;0) That residue wipes away to leave you with a gorgeous subtle glitter on your cardstock. How to:
  1. Add pearlex to clear embossing powder
  2. Mix until clumps are gone (I like to use a fork)
  3. Store (An empty embossing powder container is good (or a plastic rubbermade) It's good to write your recipe on the container, so you can remix a favourite combo or for publishing purposes...
  4. Have fun using it! :0)
A few tips:
  • The only real "trick" is to make sure that you have enough clear embossing powder or you will get flat shiny application (though if you like that, that's cool too...)
  • Penny had the brilliant idea to mix it with fine embossing powder for more detailed embossing.
  • You can even mix colours as though the powder is paint; I mixed up a batch of clear e.p. and "#682 duo green yellow" but it wasn't doin' it for me, so I added #686 turquoise:

This photo gives you a better idea of the sheen you get with pearlex...

...kind of pearly-go figure! lol

Hope this was useful & Thanks for readin'/lookin', :0)

P.S. CARD DETAILS: (Cardstock Naturals ivory, edged with Chocolate Chip marker & Chocolate Chip main card; d.p. by Basic Grey Aged & confused Phresh & Phunky Phlordilee PRE169 & Motifica070 Jade Pattern) Hardware: Doodlebug 'pool' brads (sanded to reveal brass); SU fresh favourites Not Quite Navy eyelets (sanded to reveal silver); Designer paper circles cut with Creative Memories cutters with Zigpainty detail on edges silver & gold; 3/4 inch circle punch for tabs.

P.S. Some other things you can do with pearlex by Diane


Sew This N That said...

Your cards look beautiful, I love how you have got that raised effect.
Can I ask though....what is pearlex? and where can I get some?
cheers, Heather x

Janine said...

Oh my GOD!!! Your site is FABULOUS!!! I have added you to my favorites and will look every morning. WOW!!!

Annapurna said...

They are beautiful. Great idea, mixing the embossing powder and pearlex. I am not sure I understood or can see in the picture which part of your creations are etched. Is it the main image panel or the base? Sorry, a complete illiterate talking.

Crissy said...

Absolutley gorgeous card, as always! I love embossing, I just never do it!

Becky G said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What a great technique! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! You rock, Mel!

Penny said...

2 more cool techniques, thanks very much! I think the pearl one is better than the one I bought as it's not fine enough for me so I am going to try this with my fine ep.

Did you see my cupcake I made with your template? :)

Tonniece said...

great card. I have pearlex and never used it really. thanks for the different technique.

Anonymous said...

Mel you are fabulous! Where do you get all your tips and tricks?? Fantastic ideas and thanks for sharing them with everyone! By the way, I've tagged you!
smiles, Deena

AnnMarie said...

Mel, you are truly amazing! Do you ever sleep?! : ) Can I come play at your house?!

Anonymous said...

This is sooo cool! Looks easy enough. Love it. I think I'll try this weekend.

Annapurna said...

I tried mixing clear embossing powder with perfect pearls and that did not work. All I got was perfect pearls on my versamark. I will have to try with pearlex.

Marie said...

I have just been given 3 tubs of Perfect Pearls today. I'm going to mix them with some embossing powder and have a play.

I love your blog and check it regularly. Thank you for the great tips and inspiration.