Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some Links for Ya: Nifty Nifty Tricks

Happy Wednesday! Here's a tree doodle I'm workin' on ... (just to give ya something to look at) ;0)
& Here's a few random links to nifty nifty things:

Use a Black Frame in your card designing found thanks to Kristina Werner

Velvet Stamping by Ellen

Capturing little hands by Nichole

Faux Watercolour with Copics by Kurtis

Faux wood by Gina K

Scallop detail by Jenn

Coffee Filter Roses by Cassie Chappell on Martha

Watercolour Wonder Crayon Resist by Patty & her paper-smart 4x4 cards & her markers B4 you ink spectrum pads & her grosgrain ribbon trick

Lego-ma-jig by Laura

Glow Vellum by Cindy

Basic Grey style paper tutorial by Sophie

Mini Weaving by Diane(?)

Sun Prints (Martha et al)

Martha's stamping tricks

Martha dotted patterns esp monograms

Video from the Paper Studio (Has interesting card folds)

Mini Books tutorial by Daria

Amazing inspiration from Heather Moore found thanks to Doodlage!

Crackle with Glue
by dsimthdesign

Misting with Markers by Beate (looks like watercolours)

The perfect tutorial for 3x6 cards by Sandy

Chore chart by Lolly Jane Boutique

Scalloped Rectangle slide by Nichole

24687 box basket by Nichole

Lauren's poppin acetate & Jillene's Embossing powder splash (Thanks to the fabulous Jennifer for linking these up; she always has awesome links.)

Distressed burnt edge by Monalisa & her tutorial & great resource technique talk on Cornish Heritage Farms

Tim Holtz's April technique: Emboss resist over layered designer papers. Great way to use up scraps and get textural interest happening.

Tricks with watercolour pencil crayons (TV Weekly video on The Scrapbook Lounge) (I am SO going to use an imitation Silpat baking sheet for a craft sheet--as soon as I figure out where the heck I put it, LOL.) Love her idea of tearing the paper edge and rubbing it in colour wash. Easy but slick! (Lil' Note: you can use Stazon instead of India ink)

Hope your week is going wonderfully, :0)


Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

WOWZA!!! I will have to go looksee on all of these. Hopefully find some inspiration .. but hen again I could just stay right here:) Thank you for the time you spent doing this!!

Martha Rose said...

Your blog is the first thing I read every morning. Thanks so much for all the terrific things here. It gets better every day. Your little trees made me smile.

Annapurna said...

Are those drawings for me to make stamps out of :-)

Thanks for the links. Visited a few of them. Will come back and visit more.

Jessica said...

Oooh, I love those tree doodles! So cute.

Deb Neerman said...

I love your cute li'l trees!!

Do you know how to vulcanize rubber? 'Cuz these babies should be turned into rubbah!

Do you know any Vulcan's? I mean, while we're on the subject ... and all.

~Major hugzzzz!

Joani McDonald said...

Every day I find myself coming back to your blog to look at something. I just love everything that you do!
On another note: I'm not sure if you have time but I just awarded you! See my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

good day sunshine
you must have a terricically comfortable compuker chair all the time you spend blogging
i went to bingo in pain last night just for the sake of getting money
i was 2 i's shy of 1500.00but i got the consolation so i can go out this weekend with val for her birthday she loved the spinach dip tray B.B.made for her as i was incapacitatedto do it myself
all my love ,lady

Unknown said...

Hey, Mel, thanks so much for the great links. I wasted, er, spent half the morning checking them out. As if your wonderful blog weren't enough all by itself, you give us even more inspiration. Huzzah!