Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wee beaded black purse (template & tutorial)

This paper purse sat handle-less for quite some time, but I finally figured out a look for it. I'm thinking it'd make a neat little favour box for a wedding or a fancy smancy dinner...or gal's party... Maybe a fun way to give jewelery, lil' containers of scrapbooky goodness, or wee make-up prezzies? I fussed a bit about the placement of the black beads, but the handle was surprisingly speedy & easy to do.

Purse Making:

1) Print template & Shape box. 2) Glue on black beads. 3) Let dry.

Step # 1) Print the template & Shape the box:

I've used a white pencil crayon to trace this pattern (so it would show up on the black cardstock) & I've omitted the round paper handle part of the template; of course, you could leave 'em on if you want. (If you'd like a tutorial on box building basics please see my previous post.) [You could also print them directly on your paper & cut it out...] :0)

There are three sizes of templates:

1. Standard (aprx 2 inches)--the one I used here
2. 120% (aprx 2.5 inches)--not shown
3. 75% (aprx 1.5 inches)--not shown

Step # 2) Glue on the black seed beads:

Spread a fairly generous layer of Crystal Effects (or other liquid glass/laquer) over the area you want to cover. Add beads. (I used a pin to move 'em around.) The beading lends a nice weight to the box.

Step # 3)
Let dry:

Laying the purse box so that the beaded front is horizontal (pictured above) means those lil' beads or that glue won't slide. You could glue beads all over the purse, letting it dry in stages, if you wanted to.

et voila
, you have a petite beaded purse! :0)

Get a handle on it:

Supplies: 5mm Bugle Beads (or any you like) 22 gauge wire (or whatever fits), two pieces of cardstock, good adhesive

1) Cut the wire and test fit (This wire is more than 8 inches)

2) Stick adhesive on cardstock & adhere wire. Adhere more adhesive over top.

3) Straighten wire (if needed) to add beads & slide 'em on.

4) Twist a little loop into the wire end to hold beads & flatten it with pliers.

5) Add more c.s. & adhesive. Shape it & Stick it firmly in the purse.

Other handles ideas:
wire looped into eyelets (beaded or plain, ribbon tied into eyelets, brads with wire wrapped around, ribbon stuck to paper & stuck to the inside, braided or knotted cord/ribbon, beaded paper handle...

And here's the most clever pointer ever... (haha)
Don't try & pour beads in the bottom of the container! LOL! How s.m.r.t. am I, hey? I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't get in there! me need caffeine, heeheehee.

Thanks for visiting me! Hope your crafting is Crafty! :0)

P.S... Here's a paper (no beads) version of this purse & one with the paper handles

P.P.S... Like purses? 187 templates/tutorials here


Deb Neerman said...

OMIGOODNESS, Mel, you've done it again!!!!

These are just stunning; they look like beaded evening bags!

Hmm, maybe I'll make one for my next night at the opera ... LOLOLOLO, I kid (but only about the opera).

~B'ugs, Deb

Dianne said...

The boxes were really cute but these purse which I have seen befor but never with the beads they look,WOW, fan tas tic. More brilliant work my dear...

Yesterday's Tomorrow said...

OMG!! ROFLMBO-- here sweetie, have a cuppa 'jo! ;)

Kari said...

Love these - so cute! The bead issue sounds like something I would do. :) So funny.. Enjoy the sun today, eh?

Janine said...


Annapurna said...

Only one of those bags is made by you right? Even then, I can only imagine how much work went into this. Very beautiful!
Yep, I can see jewelery gift going into a purse like this. I might even make one, so my DD can lug it around. She likes pink. Typical girl.

Becky G said...

OMG, Mel! This is fabulous! You never cease to amaze me!

Stampin hugs, Becky:)

Elena said...

You are very-very creative! So many ideas! I love your evening bags! Fabulous work! Great idea!!!
Thank you for sharing!

thestampinglady said...

Fabulous, stunning, awesome, I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing your art with us. You are amazing. Darlene

Joani McDonald said...

They make me want to put on my heels and go out for the evening!
Super great job, as always!

kathleenh said...

Oh my! You really beaded the whole purse? It looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

These purses are fabulous. Where on earth did you get all the seed beads?
I want to use it as a purse. I bet some little girls would love playing dress up with this, although gluing all those beads on took too long for it to be a toy!
You made me chuckle with the bead container... only because I've done silly things like that too! ;-)
Nicely done, as always.
I'm hoping to get some purses made while I'm gone on holidays for Christmas presents. Thanks for the inspiration... also have to get to that gesso.
Beth Greco

Tonniece said...

I Love these, can you tell.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

My gosh, you really are good!! What beautiful purses! As always, you're amazing.

Risa said...

OMG.....Mel you are a genius for sure!!! I love your beaded purses, the are yummylicious!!!!

Maria said...

Oh my, your purse looks like a real purse! Awesome! You could actually use it to go out with! I love how you utilize different materials. I have a ton of stuff that needs to be used and they are all so neglected.

Thanks for sharing the template and tutorial! You have so much stuff that I can't keep up!! LOL!


Kim Etherington said...

Cute cute little purse! Would make a great stagette little gift purse for the ladies at a bridal shower/stagette.

Donna Baker said...

this is SO adorable! love it & I have all those supplies since I make jewelry!

Erica Bass said...

That is soooo cool! The beads make the bag!

Mandy said...

Wow, this is so gorgeous! I love the bead idea!! :)