Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dream challenge (A palimpsest pendant)

Created byHand Challenge has a Dream challenge this week and I played along (not sure if I'm on time for it, but I had a blast!) I altered this necklace (with 7gypsies rub-ons.)

I started with this glass bead charm (that I got for &1.50 at a Salvation Army thrift store):

I have a BIG thing for words especially for definitions, so i added rub-on definitions
See the words dream, dreaming.... in there?

When I was done, I had words allover the front, allover the back...

and all over my fingers!

Those puppies really stick. They stick so well that I'm thinkin' I'll use them as a temporary tatoo! Told you I loved words, heehee. Actually they'd look super cool on fingernails! I scraped them eventually. The neat thing about their scrape-off-ability is that I can scrape them off of the necklace if I ever get tired of it and add something else. (Making it a true palimpsest!) :o)

Here are things I dream of buyin' and/or makin' one day:

Flower necklace

Literary necklace
Scrabble ring
Text earrings
pure lunacy t
Graphomania journal
Word bird
Bibliobangle (made that up heehee I'm a dork!)
Fridge magnets
One sentence booklet
Vintage dictionary blocks (I wanna make boxes)
Ouuu here's one! & another! I heart it!
Hand-stamped washer necklace

Happy Craftin'! :o)


Michelle Frae Cummings said...

very cool! don't you just love rub on's?

Anonymous said...

Nice pendant! I'm sure you will make every one of the things you listed (with your own cool twist)... and loads of other things the rest of us haven't even thought of yet.


Deb Neerman said...

WoWzA, Mel-A-Licious, I just love your palimpsest pendant, which typically is a manuscript of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible. But what do I know!

Love this!!! You a genius!!


Annapurna said...

That deb is a wealth of information. Very nice! Great job with the stamping, especially on your hands:-)

Now every one would want to come and read your pendant up close:-)

Risa said...

Your altered pendant looks fantastic Mel! I love the word theme and a few T-shirts like this would be cool too!!!*Just me dreaming again...:)*

Anonymous said...

So original, I love it! The colour is gorgeous!! I also love the items on your list. My favourites being the scrabble ring and the pure lunacy t!! Etsy is such a funky place. My DD & I went to Kensington Market in Toronto one Saturday and found all kinds of cool things including scrabble jewelry!
Your creativeness never ceases to amaze me!
Beth Greco

Erum Tasneem said...

Wow, you really love this colour dont you?! :P
Looks cool now, have you worn it yet?

Dianne said...

It is so cool, and your too funny.
Looks fab and don't you love those deals..

Maria said...

Wow, Mel. . .you are so versatile!! I love how you are so creative in so many different areas! I love your pendant! It's so pretty! I would never have guessed that the words were created with rub ons!

I think I would have a lot of fun crafting with you in real person!! I love the idea of doing different craft stuff. I used to design baskets, paint, swe, etc. . .now a days. . .I only paper craft!!


Elena said...

I love your pendant! Thank you for showing another use of rub-ons! Really liked the dreams on your list!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mel,
I'm back again ;-). I was thinking today. I just purchased a sigg water bottle, which is metal and I'd love to add some rub ons to it. Are there certain brands that you would recommend? And I think that I would need to put a protective coating over top so that I can wash it. Any thoughts?
Beth Greco

Tonniece said...

very nice Mel, and a one of a kind just like you.
I know you will have all of that list completed in no time, you crafting wizard.

Happy Thursday

Erin said...

this is AMAZING!!!! I'm totally in love with it.

K Hutchinson said...

This is so awesome! I love it! You rocked on this challenge!