Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HALLOWEEN: Nolan's Goopy monster & "Tease or Treat" (plus over 100 Links & counting)

I just have to tease you about a treat I have comin' up for Halloween. I'm sitting on something Halloweenie that is so exciting it's SCARY! Nope, there's no goblin in my desk chair, hehehe... You'll just have to wait 'n' see... ;O)=

For now, a card with another great image drawn by Nolan (the ultra-artistic 10 year old son of the super-talented 'Fred' of Fred She Said!) & a gaggle of Halloween links to get you in a spoooooooky mood (many from Martha and her minions, that ghoulish group)...

Nolan's Monster:

This card features Nolan's second monster creation "Goopy"! I printed him on gesso cardstock & embossed him with clear embossing powder. Then, I coloured him with Close to my Heart markers. You can use an aqua painter (or wet brush) to goop the marker colouring up for a watercolour look. '

The red blood is embossed by drawing it in SU markers on the patterned gesso cardstock (which stays wet so you can just emboss it with clear embossing powder.) And the bluuuhdy embossing on the red cardstock is done with a marker. (Just marker heavily & it will pick up the clear e.p.)

The googlie-eyed flowers are punched with the Three for You flower punch & The spider web is from Web Wishes. The main card is Green Galore cardstock. The sentiment is embossed (doodled on with a black stamp'n'write marker; the marker & e.p. on gesso c.s. lets you get very fine embossing lines.)

(Here's Nolan's first monster.)

Links I Ghoulgled: heehee


  1. "Halloween box" search on SCS
  2. Halloween Treat Box by Sharon (aka notimetostamp)
  3. Ellen's witch's shoe box
  4. Cambria's Halloween boxes (with a Scor-Pal)
  5. Carolyn's Trick or treat candy holder
  6. Tall batty box from Plaid
  7. Triangle treat box by Sherrie & a template here (or a nifty variation here.)
  8. Bat Box (from DLTK's growing together) & Vampire box too
  9. Susie's acetate & sour cream boxes (found thanks to Debbie)
  10. Jenn's peekaboo box (template by the Über talented Qbee)
  11. Wanda's Halloween fry box & ghost lollipop
  12. Square Halloween Boxes by Sherri (one blank too)
  13. & more Halloween printables
  14. Lauren's monster mash make-up
  15. Nichole's CD candy case
by Martha et al
  1. Halloween treat boxes
  2. Skull box
  3. Spider on a box ornament (or wee treat box)
  4. Severed finger invites
  5. Pumpkin party favours (treat boxes)

Gift bag template by Cards by Karlum & lots of other templates too

by Martha et al
  1. treat bags (better homes & gardens)
  2. Michelle's caramel apple kit in a paint can
  3. By Martha: Batty Bags
  4. Pumpkin treat bags
  5. Stamped Muslin treat bags (video)
  6. Bat Bag
  7. Bat n Moon treat bags
  8. Trick or treat bags
  9. Pillow case trick or treat bags
  10. Pumpkin treat ball bags
  11. Witch's Broom Favours


"Halloween" search on SplitCoastStampers
Cami's halloween flap card
Michelle's peekaboo card tutorial
Taylor's Halloween shaker tutorial
Michele's criss cross card & treat bags
Dawn's file folder card

by Martha et al
  1. Halloween pop-ups
  2. Bat pop up card (better homes & gardens)
  3. Jack'o'lantern cards
  4. Halloween Luminary invites


Jackolantern paper lantern
3D Halloween figures
Jackolantern Luminary
Halloween Paper decorations

by Martha et al
  1. Halloween eyeball silverware
  2. Halloween party streamers
  3. Lampshade decorations
  4. Mummy Luminaries
  5. More halloween links (8 pages)
  6. Halloween table treats & tricks with stamps (video)
  7. Spider toothpicks
  8. Bewitching tree decoration
  9. Coffin table
  10. Pumpkin Lanterns
  11. Garbage bag ghost
Paper mache basics
& paper mache projects:
  1. Pumpkin lanterns
  2. Bat Pinata
  3. Black cat candy dispenser

  1. A whole group of great silhouettes
  2. Shocking Silhouettes
  3. Bat n other silhouettes
  4. Window decorations
  5. Flying witch
  6. Candle creatures
  7. Shivering Bats shade
  8. Clothes pin bats
  9. Batty mirror
  10. Bat garland and a bat template here

Pumpkin shape (papercrafts inspiration)
Halloween sky pumpkin

  1. Pumpkin carving Basics & "Boo!" pumpkin & template
  2. Glow in the dark funkins
  3. Glittered pumpkins
  4. Pumpkin incense burner
  5. Jack'o'lanterns templates
  6. Pumpkin punch bowl
  7. Pumpkin basket
  8. Pumpkin ideas
  9. Pumpkin Creatures
  10. More great pumpkins


Suzy's Halloween Hedgehog Balls
Coffin sandwiches (with template)
Spooky recipes

  1. Creepy treats
  2. creepy cupcakes
  3. Spiderweb eggs
  4. Swamp sips
  5. Eerie edibles
  6. Halloween cocktails
  7. Mummy spirits

OTHER ghoulie goodies:
  1. The altered House
  2. Toys from The Toymaker (love her!)
  3. Halloween Fonts
  4. The Toy Shop
  5. Wanda's Halloween picks
  6. Google image results for Halloween template
  7. Seriously scary Halloween ideas
  8. Cambria's Halloween Tins
  9. Martha Halloween Costumes
  10. Melissa's Halloween links
  11. This bat is too cute
  12. Airplane from a box costume
  13. Family Halloween search
  14. Halloween templates from activity village
  15. Witch crafts online TV show
  16. Halloween Treats from Creative Keepsakes
  17. Craftzine Halloween
  18. Halloween fun blog
  19. Links at
  20. All Crafts Halloween links
  21. Samantha's Pumpkin Toss (TOO cute!)
  22. Blank templates from for adapting to spooky craftiness
  23. Halloween feel box (I like to use beet roots for the rat tails & peeled grapes for eyeballs & mushy noodles for brains! Can you tell I like Halloween?)
  24. Canadian Living Halloween Links
  25. Making friends links
  26. Dark side of the net (links) by Carrie
  27. Enchanted Learning crafts
  28. HP halloween printables
  29. Cool halloween pop-ups Frankenstein, Bat, Witch...!

Happy BOOooo to yooooou! :O)=


Deb Neerman said...

So, now that's just an adorable card you've made here, Mel-a-Licious!

But, if I may, can we turn our attention back to what it is you're sittin' on? Yes? Good ... does it hurt? Is it large and furry? Small and furry? Is it frightening. Frightening and furry? Oh, just ignore me ...

Anywho, love all these Halloween links! Thank you!! I feel like I've gone straight to hell ('heaven' wouldn't be nearly so ghoulish, now would it?), with all the best craftin' tools available, including Ms. M.S.!

All brought to us by the talented, funny, spectacularly clever Ms. Mel A. Licious!

You da bombette!

~Hugs & thanks, Deb

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! I thought I was the only one thinking goblins already! I love halloween!!! Thanks for all these fantastic links! I love your blog!!!!!!

Annapurna said...

Too cute! He is one talented kid.

One thing I forget to ask you, how do you get the shimmer on your images? Is it the gesso that is doing that?

I have never made a Halloween card so far, but with all the links you gave, I may just have to try one or wait for someone to set a challenge :-)

You have been awarded the "Super Linker" award :-)

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

I love Goopy!!! He is just perfect for Halloween (Nolan's 1st ghoulie is adorable and sweet)...
I just linked you! You have the most brilliant ideas around - thnx for sharing everything - links and all!

ChrissyM said...

Your card is to cute. Thanks for all the great links also! Appreciate all the time and effort you put into providing us with amazing links. I enjoy your blog and always look forward to your next creation. You are very talented!

Carolyn King said...

that is adorable. I love the artwork. Wow..great list of eyecandy too...cannot wait to peruse some of them! (and honored to be included!)

Nettie said...

Adorable card Mel. Love the monster and THANK You for posting all the ghoulish links. It will keep me busy for awhile since I am playing around making Halloween cards. Take a peek have some on my blog.


Becky G said...

Mel, this is just too stinkin cute! I love your ghoulish card! That kid sure is talented! Thanks for all the links!

Hugaroos to you,

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

AHHHH !!!! ALL OF IT!!! AHHH!!! How cool are you?!?! I mean you totally rock! You always find the greatest stuff! I can't wait to browse around and see what ideas I can find:) YAY!!!!! And the card is just too too cute! I am w/ deb. Stumped on what you could be sitting on?? lol. Hmmm. ....

Teri said...

I just LOVE Halloween! And this monster is the cutest! Thank you for spoiling us with all of the links. You are the bestest.

Diane Davies said...

Great card and I love the google eyes in the flowers!! Thanks for all the links. That should keep me busy for a long time.

Shirley said...

Your monster is so green cute!...and those eyes are a winner for sure! You are always so creative with everything you do!

Janine said...

What a fab card Mel!!! And all those links!!! I need a million hours one day to get through all these...
Have a great one!!

Patty Williams said...

Adorable card!

wow...links and links! thanks!

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Mel, your Goopy is rockin! Nolan thought it was awesome and loved the blood and interesting background. Your linkage is also exceptional! You are the linkage QUEEN!

Maria said...

Oh, that Goopy monster is so darn goopy! LOL! I love it. Such a cute card, Mel!

Oh, my gosh. . .look at all those links. I'll be spending a good part of my blurfing going through your links. How fun! More ideas to inspire me!


Erum Tasneem said...

Thank you dozensssssssss for suuuccchhhhhh nice comments Mel! YOU ALWAYS CHEER ME UP!
I know you are just the sweetest thing! Send me your mailing address and I will send you my pathetic drawings :o)

Joani McDonald said...

oooh, thank you thank you!! Halloween is my most favorite holiday to make cards & decorate for ~ and these links are perfect!!
You are awesome Mel!!

Barb said...

The card is just great! Halloween is my absolutely favorite holiday and I can't wait to go through all of these links you were so kind enough to post! Thanks, so much!

Lavender stamper said...

Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your amazing creations
You make Blurffing a pleasure
Check out my blog I have left you a little award there.
Happy Crafting
Blurffing = blog surfing

Tonniece said...

Holy Crap, There are not enough hrs. in the day to keep up with you. Super creepy card, I LOVE IT Mel.
Thanks for all the great links

Have a super Day