Monday, September 22, 2008

(12) Me & my Shadow: a Movable Skeleton card (Torturing poor Mr.Bones)

Guess what? The Halloween kits at Paper Garden Projects are all sold out! But hopefully this shadow technique is one you can use for other figures that you stamp. (Just stamp once & colour black to make a shadow & then add another figure on top.) Mr.Bones' arms & legs move on this card.

The tombstone template can be found here.
It makes a fun shape for any Halloween card. You could also use the shapes from these tombstone treat box templates as mats. :O)


These all come in the Paper Garden Projects "Happy Halloweenie!" kit:

Stamp: Mr. Bones the Dancing Skeleton stamp & "Happy Halloweenie!" sentiment


  • 1 sheet white cardstock (8 by 7 3/4 inches-folded in half for a 4 by 7 3/4 inch card)
  • 2 pieces of White cardstock (2 1/2 inches square) to stamp 2 skeletons on
  • Wicked Whimsy patterned paper (small-dotted side) Approximately 3 3/4 by 7 1/2 after tearing around edges
  • Wicked Whimsy patterned paper (green patterned side) 3 5/8 by 2.5 inches
  • Black textured cardstock for tombstone (4 3/4 by 3 1/2 inches)
  • Eat Drink & be Scary patterned paper (spider web side) 1 1/2 by 7 3/4 inches.
Embellishments: double-sided ribbon (square brown/olive)

Things from your supplies/Paper Garden Projects:

black ink & clear embossing powder
black marker or ink
Watercolour pencils & water brush to colour with, (Inks, markers, or other medium)
Paper piercer or fat needle
White Brads
Sakura Star dust Gelly Roll Pen
Oh so sticky tape
black marker

corner rounder


The Repositionable Skeleton:

Step 1. Emboss skeleton on a white piece of paper ( by inches)

Step 2. Colour with a black marker or black ink

Step 3. Colour & cut out a skeleton

Step 4. Cut skeleton's limbs off (poor Mr. Bones!) But he looks happy, no?

Step 5. Pierce holes in limbs (ouch!)

Step 6. Glitter the shadow (if you like) with a Sakura Star dust Gelly Roll Pen.

Step 7. Attach the body to let a bit of the shadow show. Use Oh so sticky tape or Crystal Lacquer.

Step 8. Place limbs on & pierce through the holes in them to create shadow layer too.

Step 9. Attach the limbs loosely with brads (they should be able to be moved) :o)

The Card:

Step 1.
Tear the edges of the Wicked Whimsy patterned paper (small-dotted side) to create a piece measuring approximately 3 3/4 by 7 1/2 after tearing around edges . Distress it with a black marker

Step 2. Distress those edges with a black marker.

Step 3. Stamp/emboss skeletons around the edges of it & mount it onto the card.

Step 4. Distress the edges of the green patterned Eat Drink & be Scary paper (3 5/8 by 2.5 inches) with black magic marker. Add it to the dotted paper (with the tearing & skeletons) so that it is 3 5/8 across.

The Sentiment & Ribbon:

Step 1. Stamp/emboss "Happy Halloweenie!" sentiment repeatedly across the Eat Drink & be Scary patterned paper (orange spider web). Mount it to the black mat (1 5/8 by 7 3/4 inches.)

Step 2. Add a strip of the double-sided green ribbon to it, tie another 2 strips into a bow around it & mount it on the card.

The Tombstone Mat:
  • Print the template, cut it out & trace it onto black cardstock with a white pencil crayon.
  • Cut out tombstone & add glitter details with a Sakura Star dust Gelly Roll Pen
  • Distress the edges of the white paper with the movable skeleton using a black marker & a water brush.
  • Mount the skeleton image onto the tombstone & add it to the card

Well, that's the last of the skelly cards--No more torturing Mr.Bones until next year! ;O) I've had a blast with these projects. Only one more Halloweenie project left to blog tomorrow (saved my fave for last!)

Happy stampin'! :O)

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Paula's ponderings said...

Have so loved your series with Mr Skelly and friends. I am sure we shall all miss them greatly. Looking forward to your final show piece which I am sure will be ultra special! So what is next for us to drool over I wonder??? Autumn? Christmas? Whatever...I await with baited breath (what EXACTLY does that mean??? Sounds a bit fishy to me...pass the peppermint!!)

Elena said...

Very cool! Brilliant idea! I wonder why this kit is all sold out! Mel you are great! Thank You for your wonderful tutorial!

K Hutchinson said...

WOWZERS these tutorials are awesome! I love all of these Halloween cards/projects! I could not pick a favorite if you hog tied me! SMILE!

Cathrine StClair said...

Hi Mel - love what you did with Mr Bones. It makes a person think of skelletons as cute!

The kit is sold out, but... I think you'll have fun with the next one too.

Janean Campbell said...

Yet another awesome halloween card...I love them all.

mudmaven said...

So cute! The tutorials have been just great - thanks! ~chris

Annapurna said...

They are sold out? That ought to teach them something. Not to hire super talented designers and then not make enough to go around. I am really upset :-))))))

All your creations with this kit are super cute. Is tomorrow the one where the witch is flying in the stars? I was wondering where that went?

Phew! We can go back to the flowery/pretty things after one more day? Not a big fan of Halloween to start with :-(

Deb Wood said...

This is so adorable, love that cute little moveable skeleton and the the DP that you stamped. Awesome card!

Barb said...

Another winner! I have had a great time checking out all of these wonderful halloweenie creations of yours... can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Sheila said...

Another WOW from me Mel.
I lurrrrrrrrve the green ribbon you have used on this project.

Allison Rankin said...

Oh my just doesn't scare you, does it? Awesome but I am just going to stick to being lazy!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. Thanks for all the pics. I see you say no to typing spam guard. You might not realize it, but when one moves to Wordpress, like I did, spam increases greatly. Last weekend, I got 250 spams, believe it or not. Through the week it can be up to 45 a day, so now I had a spam guard to be typed, as the other one installed wasn't helping.


Janine said...

MEL!!! You are amazing! I did find a few things to do in my fold class. Thank you so much...
Have a wonderful evening.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

This is so cute! Mel, how do you come up with these great ideas? You are amazing!

Shirley said...

How cute is this! You become too good and he may just move on his own. OOooooooouuuuh! On Halloween too! Love your creativity.

Deb Neerman said...

Totally flippin' awesome, Mel-a-Licious!!!

LOVE your shadowy skelly and all the spooky details!!

You go ghoul!


Anonymous said...

Love the way you did his shadow... it makes him look almost real! Great job!


Tiff said...

I've been dying to do this technique!

The Country Rose said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! And thank you for all the wonderful and 'very cool' tuts that you have on yours :D. I spent 'hours' on your blog a couple of days ago... until I found the faux tin tut... lol! Anywho- your blog is AWESOME :).

Godchick said...

So very cute & clever!

Savitri said...

The simple me can only say: WOW :)

Tonniece said...

Too funny, all sold out. LOL

Great as always Mel. You Rock