Monday, September 29, 2008

Turn Rub-ons into Pastel Primas!

This started as a muck-up, but I'm likin' having a new 3D use for rub-ons. I failed at the rub-0ns trick from page 23 of the autumn/winter 2008 Close To My Heart Idea Book. I just love that catty; thank you lovely Anna DaGenerous! (So anywho, this was a technique where you add pastel to the rub-on & then rub it on. It gives a halo.) However, I flopped. I used Stampin' Up! rub-ons & pastels so maybe that's why it didn't work. But... it did turn into something else: homemade pastel primas out of rub-ons.

I didn't want to waste the rub-ons when they wouldn't stick, so I decided to add 'em to a project another way. It was really easy to cut them into flowers and curl them a little for shaped primas. Here's how-to:

Supplies for Pastel Rub-on Primas :
(I used Stampin' Up! supplies; I'm not sure how other brands perform.)

For the flowers:
  • Rub-ons (SU)
  • Pastels(SU)
  • Bone Folder
  • Gem Brads

Making the Flower:

  1. Cut a rub-on & remove its backing
  2. Dab pastel onto the sticky side of the rub-on ( I used 2 colours red & turquoise)
  3. Dust off excess pastel powder
  4. Trim around the shape with scissors
  5. Curl them (I used a foam mat under them & rubbed a bone-folder over them)
  6. Add a brad through it...

This is the back view of the rub-on. From the front, the white (or whatever colour rub-on you have) will show through with a halo of colour around the edges.)

Intricate rub-ons like these dotted ones from Stampin' Up! are good for this since the colour shows through the spaces inside the design. I can just picture the snowflakes from "Word Flurries" or the flowers in "Hidden Garden!" Ouuu dreamy! (For you Demos, it'd be a fun way to show customers another use for pastels & rub-ons.)

One way to use pastelled rub-ons...

I used these pastel rub-on flower thingies on this little notebook I made as a thank you for someone special. I'll post a notebook tutorial for you soon; it's SO easy! (Just pierce the card center & stitch some folded paper in the center.)

Schtuff for the notebook:
  • Close To My Heart Perfect Day paper
  • Hole punch (to distress the CTMH paper with holes)
  • Red Ridinghood In-colour cardstock (matches the CTMH paper perfectly)
  • Cardstock to form notebook (Naturals Ivory 12x12)
  • Paper for inside of book
  • Sakura Glitter pen or silver pen
  • White embroidery thread
  • Paper piercer, foam mat & needle
  • Metal frame thingy (Dollarama store in Ontario) :O)
  • Quickie Glue Pen
  • Silver embossing powder
  • Crystal Lacquer

To decorate this Notebook....
  1. Add rub-ons where you'd like them
  2. Doodle lines for stems or a flourish or something ( I use a silver or glitter pen so it's pretty if it shows under the stitching.)
  3. Pierce holes along the lines
  4. Stitch along the design
  5. Stick 3D pastel rub-ons on over top

The sentiment (A) is made by glue embossing a letter:
  1. Draw out the letter in Sakura Quickie Glue Pen
  2. Sprinkle with embossing powder
  3. Heat it & Punch out the letter
  4. Glue onto the back of the charm with Crystal Lacquer

Here's a quick look at the inside (I stitched some paper in the middle and added a little area at the back for notes. This gorgeous distress-look blue graph paper is also from Close to my Heart. (Thanks again Annapurna! You ROCK!)

Thanks for poppin in! :O)


Deb Neerman said...

WoWzA, what a wonderful l'il present for "A!!" I'll betch a set of SU rub-on's that "A" is gonna lurve this!

Yeah, I failed at page 23 too! What's up wid that? Who the heck did they get to come up with this idea, Martha Stewart? Us mere mortals can't pull it off!

Thanks for the kewl rub-on tips; you da bombetta!

PS: STILL laffin' over that joke you sent me ... I think it's clean enough for da blog ... do you READ my crazy jokes?!? See, there ya go!


Maria said...

Wow, such a fabulously pretty card. I love the grid background and you did a fabulous job with the rub-ons. Gotta try this trick one day. Hey, let's bring back pastels and make it popular again!! I so neglect my pastels and am trying to use it more often. Thanks for the fabulous idea!!


Mari said...

I messed up too... but I did discover that you can use fun stuff to color those white rub ons. Think alcohol ink, sharpies, copics, staz on (and I did use some twinkling H2O but they lost a lot of glimmer & then I didn't let them dry long enough and *sigh*). Anyhow, even regular ink did ok if you let it dry long enough, and it would still stick to paper if you didn't cover the outside edges. I never thought of using pastels... hmmmm. Wish I was home to pull out my stuff! Wahhhh! :D

Angie Tieman said...

Ooooh, this is soooo cute! How do you ever think of these things?! Love it! I have a bunch of those flowers left too, so this is perfect! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dang Mel, you are always WOWING me! This is gorgeous! A super wonderful idea. Look at that stitching! LOVE IT!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Gorgeous! Everything you create is just GORGEOUS!!

Annapurna said...

I have decided to send you all my craft supplies and retire. Can you stop by and pick them up? LOL!

This is gorgeous. I would have thrown a fit and thrown the rub-on in the trash and would have never done it again. You my dear know how to use them, even if they don't turn out the way you wanted. Love that paper and your embroidery and the flowers.

I will post on the boards to see if anyone has done that trick and how they get them to stick. I don't have any of theirs to try either. One more to add to my list of things to buy.

Lorraine said...

Love the colours used Mel, you also have me using my Scor Pal more. Adore the card.

Kimberly Crawford said...

Gorgeous!!!! Wow!!! Can I get inside your incredibly imaginative head for a while? :)

Tiff said...

I absolutely love this technique, but I'm not much of a flower kinda girl. You might just make me though!!!! Love your use of the perfect day paper with this too :)

Barb said...

clever, clever girl!

kathleenh said...

Talk about making lemons into lemonaid! This is gorgeous girl!

Robin L Greenslade said...

I can not wait to try this!
Thank you for sharing.

I always forget about my rub ons, and when I do use them, I think they are kind of plain.

Thank you for the rub on rescue!

Lori said...

What a cool technique! I'm not a big rub-on fan, but this might encourage me to use them a bit.

Elena said...

Mel, tell me the name of your craft Fairy! you are so inspirational! Wonderful idea and amazing tutorial! Love how you found a new way of using rub-ons!!!

Shirley said...

Mel, this is lovely. I have never used rub-ons and now this has me running to them to see what I can do you clever lady. What a gorgeous card.