Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bleached Vellum Emboss Resist (with markers & no bleach) {Flourished Dove} preview for Little Paper Shop

I think my brain holds goofy contests with itself to see how ridiculous it can make the names for the weird techniques I try sound. ;O) This one (the technique that I tried with the soon to be released* flourish from the {Flourished Dove} set) kind of gives a bleached or milk-paint look...and since it involves embossing on vellum, I thought we could call it...Bleached Vellum Emboss Resist (with markers & no bleach.) I'm such a stamp-dork, heeheehee.

The flourishes in this set are my new favourite flourish stamps, because I love their arabesque-ness. This stamp set is acrylic (of course, being from Little Paper Shop,) so although the flourish band I used here is originally a straight-lined flourish, you can curve it to suit your project. :O)

To make the curvy vellum piece I did this schtuff...

1)...Placed my vellum cardstock on top of the grey curved cardstock (as a guide to make the curve in the stamp.)
2)... Arranged the acrylic stamp in the curve.
3)...Removed the vellum from on top of the cardstock & stamped on it.

(It's stamped in silver with Basic Gray ink & then embossed with clear embossing powder):

The bleached part
couldn't be easier. Just go over the embossed vellum cardstock with a white marker (the one I used is from Close to my Heart.) It looks clear as it goes on, but turns a neat opaque white. It stays on the surface of the embossing a little so it gives you a white distressing like milk paint:

It's nifty 'cause you can rub as much of the white marker off of the embossing as you like or leave it for interesting texture.

Stuff about the flourish band (& other ideas) :

What I also love about this flourish is how it makes the perfect pattern for you to cut a unique scallop edge. I can't wait to use it straight too! It also has the cutest little circles (3 of 'em) that are the perfect size for gems/pearls/glitter to sit in.

I can just picture it...
  • ...stamped all around a circle
  • a straight scallop detail or
  • ...repeated in a curve like this to make a scallop for a 12 x 12 scrapbook page
  • ...done in a spectrum of colours
  • a lace edge (stamped & cut with little holes punched in it)
  • a wrought iron fence for a little garden scene
  • ...with the other flourishes in the set as a tiara with gems all over it.

Tinted Vellum

The plain gray scallop above was made by...

1)...Tracing the rounded edge of the card onto vellum.
2)...Cutting the curve & then using SU's slit punch to scallop,

...but the fun part was...

3) Tinting the vellum cardstock. All you have to do is rub it all over with ink (I just slopped a Basic Gray ink pad allover it and then wiped off the excess ink.) Et Voilà tinted vellum in any colour you like.

The Love Dove:

These doves comes in a mirrored pair. Which would be so cute on an anniversary or valentines card to have 'em smooching each other, no? I wanted them to kind of hold up the "Love Love Love" banner.

Copics over Triple Embossing:

I triple embossed 'em with pearlescent embossing powder. (Just add more layers of embossing powder while they're still hot.) Triple embossing makes them nice & thick but it obscures some of their cute detail, so I added details with Copic markers over the top of the e.p. (It's a fast way to tint your images with any colour you like too.) The white under the dove is just another dove embossed in white & cut out to give some dimension.

Other card materials: Papers: Basic Gray SU cardstock; patterned papers: Heidi grace Shimmer flocked paper (Moonlight Meadow/Flourish) & Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter Fate SCR-804. Grey embroidery thread.

Want some inspiration?

Check out cards with {Flourished Dove] on the LPS Blog:
and you could win this set there too! :O)

& check out the bloggin' by the Design Team is up to with this set:

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day! :O)
Hope your weekend is stamperific!

* Flourished Dove & 3 other new Little Paper Shop sets will be released on October 14th :O)


Allison Rankin said...

Another super creation...I just love that Heidi Grace DP you found!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Absolutely.....!!

Gwen said...

another fantastic post mel!! love the way you curved it! & the little doves on the ends....perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

hi mel very lovey dovey beautious lady

Ryann said...

This is just stunning! And your tree card *WOW*

Anonymous said...

Hi there Mel,
Awesome as always!!That design team is so very lucky to have you.

Erum Tasneem said...

honey, you are doing too good. seems this is your top most point in creativity or maybe there is an even higher point...aahh im sure you are not even close to the top! i know you have so much moreeeeee

Jami said...

Wow Mel - I love the monochromatic color combo and all that wonderful embossing - so elegant!! Those doves are so cool!
hugs, Jami

Jessica Diedrich said...

Another fantastic preview, Mel. Loving the Love, Love, Love!!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Wow girl you always go the extra mile or two. Fantastic.

Tiff said...

The post mentioned how you go that extra mile or two with all your creations... I say you go straight to space and back!!!! LOL! You rock!

Shirley said...

A really gorgeous project. I love vellum and you really know how to work with it.

kathleenh said...

Oh how beautiful!

Unknown said...

Oh, your creations are divine! You are SOOOOOOO talented!!

--Gracie at

email: said...

Absolutely positively splendid! Thanks a trillion for taking the time to post such details and great pics. LOVE IT@!! THANK YOU!

Elena said...

Oh, Mel! This card is so beautiful! Love your new technique! Doves look gorgeous! Thank you for your great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

as always a beautiful work

Maria said...

Wow, Mel. . .I love that vellum emboss resist technique. You always come up with such pretty things. . .I love that flourish and the elegant colors!! Also. . .that dove is so pretty! You're really working those Copics. Awesome, as always!!


Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Way cool Mel! How do you think this up? I'm amazed!

Tonniece said...

GASP....You did it again, thud....

Love visiting you to see all your creative endevours.
Mind you, my jaw is sore from all the dropping and drooling, and for sure I need to start putting pillows down to block my falling from the chair, but keep em coming.

Risa said...

Super cute card Mel and I'm in love with those doves!!!!

Deb Neerman said...

Whoa! You wrote, "love, love, love," on your cutie-patootie project and that's EXACTLY what I was gonna tell ya about it!?! Your psychic!

You mean everyone doesn't have goofy contests in their brain? I do ... I just assumed everyone else did too.

I have a whole pack of card stock quality vellum that I HAD to have ... and I don't know what the heck to do with it! Will you come to my house and show me? Please. Oh. If you come, bring cookies. And chocolate cake. Please.