Saturday, October 18, 2008

Magic Pattern Silhouette tutorial (& fun with copics on embossing, wee!) ;O)

Here are those gesso-ed Ambrosia butterflies flyin' around. ;O) I've got more details on this gate-fold card to post, but I can't seem to get any decent photos lately. The days are rainy & dark so the light is meh. (Plus, I am up all night asleep in the day--I'm secretly a stampire: otherwise known as an embossfaratu Muhahaha!) You'd think with my sensitivity to sunlight that I'd have a good photo set up by now, but nope; it's the bane of my blogging existence, Argh! lol. I'm also tryin' to break posts up into more readable lengths.

Anywho, here's somethin' fun you might like to sink your teeth into:

It's a technique that's a combo of magic pattern & silhouette stamping (with outline stamps--just stamp in black & colour them in black.) :O) It's nifty to watch the patterns appear when you add the black marker to the embossed areas. (Reminds me of those old colouring books where you just add water & colours show up.)

Magic Pattern Silhouette


An outline stamp (I've used Victorian Rose Single)
Paper (this is the red from Basic Grey's Ambrosia)
Stazon (or other waterproof ink) black or coloured
Background stamp (this one is Stampin Up Paisley background)
Clear embossing powder
Black marker (or colour)

For optional embellishing:

Black permanent marker
Other designer papers (I've used the butterflies & the white paper (for the rose) from Basic Grey's Ambrosia)
Foam mounting tape (for dimension)
Emroidery thread (with paper piercer & needle)
Gesso to make butterflies stronger for cutting: tutorial here.
Copic Markers: (here: Lipstick Red R29, Warm Grey #1 w1, & Putty YG91.
(Copics are on sale here 20% off if you'd like some.)

The Basic Technique:

  • Step 1) Stamp image in Stazon
  • Step 2) Stamp over image with background & clear emboss it.
  • Step 3) Colour image (in non permanent black marker)
  • Step 4) Remove excess black marker (with a cotton swab)
  • Steps 5 to 9) Tweaking it ;O)

Step 1) Stamp an image in Stazon (or another waterproof ink)

Step 2) Stamp over that image with a background stamp in Versamark & emboss it with clear embossing powder. ( The 2nd picture is what it looks like after embossing.) This is Paisley Print by Stampin' Up!

Step 3) Colour your image in non permanent black marker. The longer you leave the marker the deeper the black, & some papers will absorb more/less ink giving different saturation. You can double colour in some areas too.

Step 4) Remove excess black marker (I likes me a q-tip for that) :O) You can use your image as-is or tweak it....

Tweaking the technique:

Step 5) Add permanent black marker details in spots. I used both a black Staedtler & a Sharpie. (I have to get my hands on some black Copics! Have you ever tried 'em?)

Step 6) Add a 3D element. This is the same Victorian Rose Single stamped on the white from Basic Grey's Ambrosia DP. It's mounted on Foam mounting tape for dimension.

Step 7) Add depth by shading with a Copic marker over embossing. (This is Lipstick Red R29.)

Step 8) If you're heavy handed like me, you may want to remove excess shading with light colour Copic marker or clear blender. (This is Warm Grey #1 w1)

Step 10) Detail flower with Lipstick Red Copic markers (in those tiny lines) & Shade flower with light colours (I picked up a bit of the Lipstick Red R29 with Warm Grey #1 w1 the and it made pinky shadows. I also added Putty YG91 to deepen the shadows.

and there you have it: a magic pattern silhouette. Its so hard to capture what it looks like on film but it looks glossy like this on one angle and then the flower stands out instead from other angles...

Hope this was useful to you & Happy Stampin'!

And thank you all so much for your sweet well-wishes. Can't shake this darn bug yet, but I feel much better thanks to your kindnesses,

Hugs :O)


Mari said...

ROFLMAO! You're killin' me here! I, too, am a stampire... don't do enough embossing to qualify for the embossferatu label (yet) but you are certainly going to be the reason for that! This looks so very *cool* - too bad it's time for all good little stampires to head to bed.
But tomorrow night....
Oh yes, my pretty! *cackles evilly*

Tiff said...

Love this ornate look! Must try...NOW! LOL, hope you get better soon!

Theresa Momber said...

Mel, this is fantastic! So beautiful and your tutorial is great. Hehe, I think I might be a embossferatu. Feel better!!!

Janine said...

Oh Mel!! This is just beautiful!!
Hope you have a fun weekend planned.

Anonymous said...

hi mel once you see how it's done the effect is not quite the same but it remains beautiful,love lady

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS this is just stunning! I love the ornate look to it! Hope you are feeling better ASAP!

Unknown said...

wow wow wow wow wow... that has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen...GORGEOUS!!
hugs, Jami

Jessica Diedrich said...

Your technique AND vocabulary (LOL) are definitely inspiring!!! I love the look of that card...awesome job!

Tonniece said...

OHHHH, I love that look Mel. So reminds me of my Mom.
Very elegant, soft and very pretty.

Have a great weekend

Tejal said...

This is awesome! I don't have any of the stuff to re-create this, but it doesn't mean that I can't drool over this creation (pardon me while I wipe the drool off my face!)
This is just fabulous!!

Thanks for another great inspiration!


Anonymous said...

"I'm secretly a stampire: otherwise known as an embossfaratu Muhahaha!)"

You are too funny!!! LOL

I love your card and awesome tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing!

Kim Etherington said...

Love the look of the red with the pattern in the bg. Very cool!

Cindy Haffner said...


Erum Tasneem said...

oh this is the gorgeous card where the butterflies landed! hahah
you rock!

Annapurna said...

Very nice! I may have to do an alteration of this technique, since I don't have copics.

Now that I acquired almost all CTMH markers, you move on to Copics. I am drawing the line here and not following your blog anymore ;-) I don't want to be broke :-(

Beautiful stamps and love what you did with them. Hugz. Anna

Leann said...

This is soooooo stunningly, beautifully, gorgeous Mel! {can ya tell I likes it?}

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a method that I have to try. I like the background embossed effect. Why can't you just use a permanent marker ie: Sharpie or Copic instead of using permanent and non-permanent markers? Wouldn't the finished effect on the foliage be the same? I appreciate you sharing your card creations. It's always a challenge when 'new' ideas are presented. MarilynY

Chris said...

A wonderful tutorial Mel and that background reminds me of some painted over wallpaper that was in my grandparents house many, many years ago, so thanks for bringing that back to me. I love the effect you created and the flower is stunning. Chris

Elena said...

Mel! Love it!!! Your tutorial is great!!! What a beautiful inspiration you gave us! Your new techniques are so clever! Love the french knots, the butterfly, gorgeous rose, embossed background and silhouette! Everything!

Shirley said...

Love this Mel~! I have done a technique similar to this one, but I think I like yours best. My nights are days too lately. It drives me nuts. Love your card and the image is gorgeous!

Stampin_Melissa said...

How lovely! Thanks for the tutorial!

Melanie said...

very cool I like this updated project!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Oh wow-wee!!! Speechless that's me! What an awesome piece of art!

Thanks for sharing!!!


Maria said...

Ha! Embossferatu! Too funny! I should stay up at night too. Many times, I can't craft during the day because I have so many distraction and I can't get anything done. Wish I could sleep during the day but arrghh, my daughter needs to be dropped off and picked up from school!

Wow, I love love love this technique. I can see all the embossing that you did from your picture. . .very pretty!!

Sorry, I've been sort of MIA with my blurfing and commenting . .I've been sort of feeling sort of, arrggh. . .bleh. Lately, whatever free time I have, I've been a couch potato watching TV rather than crafting. It's been rather distressing. I need to snap out of it!!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Mel!!


Curt in Indy said...

Laughed right out loud on the Stampire and Embossferatu! You are something else! Hope you are feeling better!

Crissy said...

Beautiful card, as usual!

I have to admit, background stamps are not my best friends. I can never get the whole image stamped the first time! But I do want to try this technique someday.

Julia said...

Stunning Mel!!

Whimsical Wendy said...

This card is DIVINE Mel, so ornate. I love using reds, it just brightens everything up and looks so gorgeous & rich! I want that background stamp!!!

And I totally get what you mean about the light and the weather - it's really hard to photograph properly at the mo! Boo! xxx

Anonymous said...

This card is a complete knock-out! What a wonderful technique - I love it!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, Mel! I'm sure it helps that I love red! :0)