Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spilling "Boo 2 U" Crystal Ball card (& DIY text paper)

Photoshop brushes & respective artists are here: Flourish & Skull

This spooky card is a matchbook card with a ribbon sentiment that falls out and scares ya! It was inspired by my best friend Kim. She said "You have to use that kewl skull set to make a pink & black girl card!" So here it is. :O)

I had fun making some really easy text cardstock for it, so that the sentiment could be a part of the design with out taking up room. It says "i see spooky in your future":

Do It Yourself Text Patterned Paper:

1) Type your phrase in a word document
2)Remove the margins (set 'em at zero)
3) Copy and paste your phrase again & again
4) Change the font & colour of the text to whatever
5) Print it out on cardstock or vellum...

if you'd like this word doc i can email it to you; just lemme know

This card started out as a plain 4 2/8 inch card; then when I had it laid out, Charles said "What's with the goofy ribbon?" (Ugh men! lol) Sooooh then I thought well it is kind of unbalanced...ribbon and i are not good friends at the best of times.

I didn't have room to add any ribbon on the outside to balance it out, so i had to make it a match book card & add more ribbon on the inside instead. Now, when you open it up, the rest of the sentiment (BOO 2 U) falls out at you. It's in big letters stuck to the ribbon which slides out. Like a can of snakes!...

...but slithery instead of sproingy. The sentiment even
makes a scaryhissysnake noise when
it falls out.
I actually scared myself with it
(more than once when measuring it for this tut!) rofl

now I'm afraid to open it and it's staring at me (really it is!) hahaha

The Fold:

I'm usually lazy with folds, but this matchbook is as easy as ABC to make:

A) Cut piece of cardstock cut to measure 4 2/8 inches by 10 inches.
B) Score it 2 times (at the 4 2/8 inch & 8 1/2 inch marks)
C) Stick something on it & Tuck the long piece behind the shorter flap

The Image:

Step 1) Place the skull from {Rock Star} in the center of the globe from {Global}

Step 2) Stamp it (I've used Black Craft ink embossed with clear embossing powder on Vellum cardstock 'cause ink smudges nicely on the vellum c.s.)

Step 3) Emboss the flourish from {Flourished Dove} in white craft ink & clear e.p.

Step 4) Rub a lil' black craft ink with your finger (or a sponge/dauber) over the crystal ball. Colour the base of the crystal ball with a black marker (I like the way Close to my Heart's black marker dries on the vellum.)

Step 5)
Glue a white circle to the back of the globe

Step 6)
Glue a scallop from Nestabilities on there too. Trim it at the bottom where it won't show

Step 7) Adhere a strip of ribbon 4.5 " long to the mat (2" x 4") & stick the mat to the match book card

Step 8) Stick the image on...

The Texture:

I love the image on the Skeleton Scroll Cuttlebug embossing folder so much that I wanted it to stand out from the text paper. So I did these things with it...

1) Emboss the cardstock in the folder
2) Apply Versamark to the raised areas
3) Add clear embossing powder & heat it
4) Brush on colour with the dark grey in Yasumtomo Pearlescent paints on a waterbrush.
5) Darken areas with a little black ink & water

The Sentiment:

Step 1) Stamp letters & dry emboss them
(this sentiment combines Headline Alphabet & Headline Numbers from Stampin' Up!) in black craft ink.

Step 2) Cut backs for them by holding the stamped letters onto a 2nd scrap of paper & cutting them out. (You can use removable adhesive to hold them, if you like.) Emboss the backs too.

Step 3) Measure how much ribbon you need by laying your letters out on it.

Step 4) Adhere the front & back to the ribbon with strong adhesive

Step 5) Distress with more grey Pearlescent paints on a waterbrush.

Step 6) Add the ribbon sentiment:

Cut a liner (or just use a punched shape) If using a liner, adhere the ribbon to the back of it.

This liner was the the same size & scoring as the card: 4 2/8 inches by 10 inches, scored at the 4 2/8 inch & 8 1/2 inch marks. (A liner has the advantage of hiding the backs of the decorative brads that you can see in the photo above.)

Here's the inside view...

And that's it! Happy BOO 2 U! :O)=


Stamps: 3 Little Paper Shop stamp sets {Global}, {Rock Star}, & {Flourished Dove}

Cardstock: Basic Black, Pink Pirouette, Vellum Cardstock, The Paper Company Black Paisley on Silver (P89204)
Black Craft ink embossed with clear embossing powder, White craft ink & clear e.p. Black marker. The dark grey in Yasumtomo Pearlescent paints on a waterbrush.
Accessories: Ribbon from Michael's, Tiny self-adhesive gems, Stickles Silver Ice. Dollar Store brads, Wire to embellish the bow.
Scalloped Nestability, Cuttlebug Skeleton Scroll embossing folder. Boho Blossoms Punch (SU)

Hope your day is stampalicious!

P.S. What's really spooky is how long my posts are getting.
I never know what details to leave out in case someone is a beginner.
Do you think my posts are getting too long?


Eve said...

Not at all! I LOVE all the details and pictures!
Thanks for always doing that!

Maria said...

Hey Mel. . .wow. . .such a spooky but pretty card at the same time. I love all the details and hey, what's wrong with the ribbon. Ahhh, men. . .they don't know!! LOL! I once made a card opening vertically like the matchbook type and when I showed it to my husband, he didn't even comment on the design. . .all he said was "oh, I like it but I think you should change how the card is opened"! Hello! What does he know!!

Love how you added the alphas on the ribbon. Too cool!! So creative!!I don't think your post are long. . .the words are large so it's not hard to follow.

There's times when I chit-chat too much on my blogs. . .I don't think people read them! That's okay. . .I like to ramble as you can tell with this comment!!LOL!


Cindy Haffner said...

So cool, I love matchbook cards.

Elena said...

Love your Spooky Halloween card! Awesome idea with the insert ribbon! Thank you for sharing, Mel!

Allison Rankin said...

You always have the coolest ideas...and this skull is spooky! Write as little or as much as you want...it's your blog!

Unknown said...

Please don't ever think your posts are too long,I for one enjoy reading every word. As always thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hi looks like a bootilicous amount of fun,love lady

Anonymous said...

Just keep them coming.Love all your work and always look forward to the next project which are easy to follow.

Suzanne C said...

Love the details... Keep them coming. Very spooky skull card...

Unknown said...

What a fabulously fun card!!!! Love the pink girly skull!!
hugs, Jami

Margaret McDonald said...

wow what detail. awesome toot I mean tut.
silly auntie

Janine said...

FABULOUS!!! Mel you are a genuis!!

Etha said...

oh that looks spooky delicious! great project :)
Hey, its your blog, make your posts as short or long as you like!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

OMGosh my son would FLIP over that card!!! That is AMAZING!

Curt in Indy said...

Such an amazingly cool card! Love the "feel" to this card. Great texture and surprise! NEVER think your blog posts are too long! I hang on every word! Really, I do! Best, Curt

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute idea!


Sharon in NE said...

You are very kind to be so informative. If you don't mind all the extra work that must be, I certainly don't mind reading and see it. Love your work!

Kim Etherington said...

Cool looking card! Gee, your friend has great ideas. Muhahahah!

Barb said...

This is so cool! Love the grunginess paired with the pink!

Annapurna said...

hehehe. LOL! I can't stop laughing at my own joke. A skull with a ribbon bow. Too cute.

Hmmm, what does as skull in a crystal ball represent? Something really bad is going to happen to the person looking at it.... or merely having some Halloween fun :-)

You creative thang you!

Anonymous said...

Love the card! Very Halloweenie! I also love the details and wouldn't want you to leave out a thing. Unless if it were too long that you wouldn't post then I'd rather have a shorter post than no post at all but I appreciate the details!
Beth Greco

Erum Tasneem said...

Dont ever think of your posts as TOO long or even LONG! You will get a beating if the posts are even a tiny bit shorter! LOL
The card is wicked! Seriously wicked!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

This is so amazing! Love the entire concept and execution! Can you truncate your post on Blogger? That's a great option to get the best of both worlds. I use type pad, so I can post the card and recipe then truncate the details so those who want to can click on "see the full tutorial" link and it takes them to another page. Those who just want to look at the pictures, can do that without so much scrolling. I need to use the feature more myself LOL!

Shirley said...

Well, its pretty spoooooooky wonderful, if you ask me!! Love the instructions and the final result too!

Anonymous said...

Super cool! I love that it's spooky yet girly - and the sentiment falling out of it- love it!

Melanie said...

that crystal ball is WICKED!!!!!!!!

Julia said...

Love the skull in the globe! very cool! Love every detail you include.

Anonymous said...

No, Mel, your tutorials are not too long. They are perfect for me. I'm a beginner and a visual person, so I love coming here to learn to make beautiful projects. My projects don't come out as beautiful as yours because I have nerve damage in my fingers due to Chemo, but I'm hoping it will go away and I can be as proud of them as you are of yours. Keep posting.